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[饾敻 饾晽饾晵饾暈饾暁饾暆饾暘 饾暊饾晽 饾暐饾暀饾暎饾晼饾晼]~~{饾晜饾暁饾暎饾暁饾晸饾晵饾暅饾暒} by TooMinty
[饾敻 饾晽饾晵饾暈饾暁饾暆饾暘 饾暊饾晽 饾暐饾暀饾暎饾晼饾晼] Min~
While Bakugou and Kirishima were out patrolling they had encountered a villain. The villain's quirk was baby make and Bakugou and Kirishima took the villain down with ea...
My nurse (pregnant with Bakugo X OC) by MaddyJ1902
My nurse (pregnant with Bakugo X madaline jones
When pro hero Bakugo is in a deadly accident on patrol after a fight he's ushered to UA where he's saved by a new nurse who is training to be the new nurse at UA. With h...
expl_de {Bakugo Katsuki x Reader} by JadedFantasies231
expl_de {Bakugo Katsuki x Reader}by Jade
"oh my god, you're--" "don't you dare say it" "bakugo, i-- we're actually--" "if you finish that sentence, i am going to fucking explo...
A hero's daughter by izu__Bunny
A hero's daughterby Dream鈥檚 mushroom
(Y/n) has no father,she was bullied and abused by her mother she ...what happens when the number one hero comes along to save the day
馃挜 bakugou x reader oneshots  by KimKuro
馃挜 bakugou x reader oneshots by on IG @jollie_rie
read the story! a collection of scenarios and imagines of Bakugou Katsuki from My Hero Academia not proof-read, grammar errors since English isn't my first language鉁岋笍馃様 ...
Gay Denki Oneshots by Denki-Kaminari12
Gay Denki Oneshotsby Denki
This is just Kaminari Oneshots yeah There might be a sorta straight one like Mina x Kaminari , but that's a maybe, Might make it a Male Mina X Kaminari
饾殝饾殜饾殧饾殲饾殟饾殠饾殧饾殲 饾殬饾殫饾殠 饾殰饾殤饾殬饾殱饾殰 . by knichoo
饾殝饾殜饾殧饾殲饾殟饾殠饾殧饾殲 饾殬饾殫饾殠 饾殰饾殤饾殬饾殱饾殰 nich.oo
It's in the title honey 馃槒 I do not own any art shown ~ credit to all the artists I also do not own any of the character mentioned ~ they belong to Horikoshi Kohei ; the...
The Quirkless Cop by AverageCitizen
The Quirkless Copby Simon saint
"O-OFFICER! HELP!" Izuku whipped his whole body around to spot a girl with orange hair pulled up in a pony tail crying as she tried to hold up a unconscious pu...
Abracadabra screw you! by Chimera_Regarion
Abracadabra screw you!by Chimera_Regarion
Quirkless is a condition that is worse then hell. Izuku knew that one better than anyone else. Not only did he get a reality check about his dream but he also got a live...
Black hearted (Villain deku x Child reader) by izu__Bunny
Black hearted (Villain deku x Dream鈥檚 mushroom
A dream always has some sort of meaning, Wether it's a warning or a sign of good luck. For two partial people it meant something rare and different
Love's Repent by valvalvalvv
Love's Repentby weirdo
Bakugo's impulse causes Midoriya to become deaf. Filled with regret, Bakugo starts to worry about Midoriya, and slowly starts to develop deeper feelings for him. A BakuD...
Backseat Bunny \ A BakuDeku Story \ MPREG by Itsjustmoi07
Backseat Bunny \ A BakuDeku 鉁潚潛婐潚葛潛饾搸 饾挏饾搳饾搲饾捊饾憸饾搰鉁
Izuku Midoriya : Male Omega. Katsuki Bakugou: Male Alpha. Izuku Midoriya: In Heat Katsuki Bakugou: Stuck in a car with Izuku Midoriya. What will happen?? (I suck at d...
todobaku ( smut) by PIXXYSTICK_GOTH
todobaku ( smut)by Cherry Tea
todoroki and bakugou are moving into there dorm room, that they share one.
Mind Fuck by lyssophobiaa
Mind Fuckby lyssophobiaa
Bakugo Katsuki and the twin sister of Shinso Hitoshi. Crazy right? . . 漏 Boku No Hero Academia/ My hero academia and its characters belong to K艒hei Horikoshi
Shy Flames.. (A Bakugou x Reader) by vberuma
Shy Flames.. (A Bakugou x Reader)by V馃
Born quirkless, (Y/N)'s villainous parents wanted nothing to do with a children not bearing a quirk. After being sold to a villain scientist on her eighth birthday, tha...
Soft Bakugou x Deku (Plain BkDk Fluff <3) by kcizku
Soft Bakugou x Deku (Plain BkDk 鈸樷摡鈸氣摛
Katsuki and Izuku grew up together with a strong bond. Katsuki never bullied Izuku in middle school, and was always so nice to him. Both of them got into UA High and did...
The Haunted House {TodoBakuDeku} by OfficialCinnamonRoll
The Haunted House {TodoBakuDeku}by 馃挆馃尯Cinny馃尯馃挆
It's spooooky season! So I thought I would honor the holiday with a TodoBakuDeku fanfic! 鉂わ笍馃挍馃挌
BNHA Fan Pics (Discontinued) by panda_kai025
BNHA Fan Pics (Discontinued)by Panda Kai
This book has been discontinued but you may still view and read as you please :)
Take a chance (Katsuki X Ochaco) by cherryBomb379
Take a chance (Katsuki X Ochaco)by cherryBomb379
--On Hiatus-- Katsuki Bakugou is a loud-mouthed, arrogant idiot. Ochaco Uraraka is a peppy, spirited little-angel. But what happens when they start to see each other as...
The Wedding {TodoBakuDeku} by OfficialCinnamonRoll
The Wedding {TodoBakuDeku}by 馃挆馃尯Cinny馃尯馃挆
A fanfic about the wedding of Todoroki, Bakugou, and Izuku! Proposals, dress fittings, etc. They will all be aged up, to age 21 and up. I hope you enjoy this story! ^^