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Burning Castles | ✓ by cheryl-is-not-here
Burning Castles | ✓by sher
∞ A Wattpad Featured Story on 17 January 2018 ∞ "There are two sides of the same coin." In a dystopian society where people are discriminated by their social...
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The Grim Reaper Effect by ariella-denise
The Grim Reaper Effectby Ari 🦇
Death is a funny thing. It's the ultimate step out of our comfort zones. You realize this world is the biggest comfort zone there is. Earth has always been a constant in...
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Death is Around the Corner by LastLightAlive
Death is Around the Cornerby LadyNebula
Transformers Prime x Grim Reaper! Female! Reader Cover made by @Kurokine ---------- It was just any normal day really.. Collecting souls and crossing out names in her bo...
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The Red Hunter by Belle_Books05
The Red Hunterby B e l l e
*A Little Red Riding Hood retelling* --- Rose LaRoux is not your delicate flower. At least not after witnessing he...
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Reapers - Thirteen Brothers by Tsubame
Reapers - Thirteen Brothersby Shim Simplina
(Reapers Chronicles Book I of III) (Watty Awards Paranormal Story of 2012) I know I'm supposed to be dead. But for some reason, I'm not. I am Aramis Rayne. Occupation:...
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Reapers -- The First Familiar (Reapers Chronicles Book II) by Tsubame
Reapers -- The First Familiar ( Shim Simplina
I am Aramis Rayne. Immortal. Full-time familiar. Short-term goal: Rescue my boss from total annihilation. And how to do that? I'm going to need a miracle.
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Ashes of the Fallen by DelaneyBlue
Ashes of the Fallenby Delaney Blue
Avery Devane just moved back to her small home town of Astoria with her father, after moving to the city for six months to seek treatment for her heart condition. Meeti...
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Reaper wolf by Evangeline3918
Reaper wolfby Evangeline Velez
*Roseline: I Can't believe your the GRIM REAPER! Cain: Well believe it Rose cause I am and you can't tell anyone not even your own parents Roseline: *sigh* I don't have...
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the grim reaper(twilight fanfiction) by wolfgirl140
the grim reaper(twilight wolfgirl140
There's a new guy in town.Leah imprints on him not knowing him but his name but as she finds out he's a grim reaper .he wants to marry her but what if the pack finds out.
Grim by PRINCESS2114
Grimby PRINCESS2114
Jason Grimwald is different. He's dark, gloomy, and scary. All his life he's isolated himself from everyone except his little brother, Mason and his guardian, Uncle Harr...
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Seekers | Book I of the Seekers Trilogy by liann_aixa
Seekers | Book I of the Seekers ~ l i a n n ~
Ever had that nightmare where you're falling from somewhere and then, just before you hit the ground, you wake up? Well, in that case, you're lucky because with me, I al...
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DRAGON BORN by CaptainAndrews
DRAGON BORNby Amanda Andrews
In an ancient world full of supernaturals war between royals was nothing new. That last war, was to eradicate all dragon born. Any who survived such a fate had been stri...
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Fairytale  by StAl2LiGhT
Fairytale by Brooke Butler
⚠️ warning: mature content, including gore, abuse, mental illness( small scale),sexual relations, and some beastial play between protagonist and the wendigo "Heed t...
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Fear of Flying ✓ by arcticstars
Fear of Flying ✓by arcticstars
A fear of flying is one thing. Being seated next to a Tetris-addict who claims to be the Reaper is quite another. "He pulled out a business card. Where his profes...
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The Reaper by arcticstars
The Reaperby arcticstars
As far as lazy roommates go, Death is probably as bad as they come. Rosa Delgada only wants a nice, ordinary weekend. When some guy claiming to be the Reaper comes knock...
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The Grim And His Reapers |j.m| by julie13
The Grim And His Reapers |j.m|by Julie
"because DEATH, they say, it demands to be FELT..." 2017
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Marrow Charm by krazydiamond
Marrow Charmby Kristin Jacques
****Taken down for publication with Parliament House Press in 2019*** ****Bonus Story Available: The House of Seven Smiles***** ***Wattys 2015 Winner!!!*** Magic runs bo...
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The Medium (Liminality #1) by MRGraham
The Medium (Liminality #1)by M.R. Graham
It begins with the breaking of a gentle monster. Lenny is a defective vampire. Shy, insecure, and literally unable to kill, he tries very hard to avoid notice until the...
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Grim Tales (Comic) by MelissaC293
Grim Tales (Comic)by MelissaC293
No more updates. Want to read the whole thing just go to the website. Grim Jr. The son of Mandy and Grim. And the brother of Minnie. Minnie had always loved he...
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The Reaper's Sister (A Black Butler Fan Fiction) (ON HOLD) by the2anime_fanatics
The Reaper's Sister (A Black Myranda
Scarlet Sutcliff is nothing like her brother, Grell Sutcliff. She's smart, pretty, and much more skilled with a scythe. Most say she is the best female reaper to ever li...
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