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Rise From The Ashes (Divergent Trilogy Fan Fiction) by readerx7000
Rise From The Ashes (Divergent Annette A
Tris is dead. Tobias is alive. After months of barely existing, he decides that it's time to move on and go beyond what he can see. He can feel that there's something...
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Alive by lovelymccall
Aliveby idek
in which a girl writes letters to her passed away lover. . dear mason, i wish you were still here love hadley . lowercase intended
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The school of butterflies  by Resmyla
The school of butterflies by crayons
A colourful school story of fun, friendship, love , grieve , vengeance, honour, friends , enemies and teachers .
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The Musician's Ring by AldoSValo
The Musician's Ringby Aldo S. Valo
Grief comes in different ways... It all depends on the story the people had between them. What happens in a musician's romance?
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Flesh by thesupernaturalTeen
Fleshby the supernatural Teenwolf Mer...
Isiah Matthews finally comes back to Mystic Falls to visit his best friend. But what happens when he finds out his best friend is in more trouble than he could ever imag...
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Pyaar Dosti Hai by shelly2321
Pyaar Dosti Haiby Smriti
If they are destined to meet their stars will cross someday !!!
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A Book Of Poems by dizzy_angel
A Book Of Poemsby Angel
Poems base on how I feel
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dearest, i miss you by magnolia_draws
dearest, i miss youby owo
Dearest Vanessa,
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Love Deserves a Second Chance (On Hold ) by shelly2321
Love Deserves a Second Chance ( Smriti
He was a famous business tycoon but even after 3 years of Bani's death , he still couldn't get over his past. Will Pragati be able to make Raghbir move on in his life??
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Gold Wire Frames by Iamskybear
Gold Wire Framesby Skye
Some poetry I wrote the other day. It's from the perspective of someone who's coming to terms with losing a loved one.
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Things I'll never say by BeautifulMess14
Things I'll never sayby BeautifulMess14
Random thoughts, situations, opinions, poems... All random...
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The Grim and I. by sootclown
The Grim and Konnor
You've died, and the Grim Reaper has come to take your soul to the afterlife. what happens, no one may know.
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Carley Keighston - Layers And Layers Of Regret by islandnerd05
Carley Keighston - Layers And De Lianna
"Car-" Luke shouts. "No! Don't 'Carley' me!" I cut him off. "You thought I wouldn't find out. You thought that what you did could be forgiven...
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Above White by rejaleniacaws
Above Whiteby G. V. Arkanski
Bruises and belts were normal things for Claire, so were scars and the knives that drew them on her skin. She knew life could only get worse the longer she lived. To pro...
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stories out of words by utferdstrang
stories out of wordsby RAVENEL YOUNG
at the beginning I just wanted to copy the 'six words story' thing but I know there are stories inside of us which only need one word sometimes.
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With Great Loss, Comes great pain by background-character
With Great Loss, Comes great painby background-character
What's done is done. The name mocks heroines, not even you can save me now.
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The fall by Filippa2003
The fallby Filippa Olander
ENGLISH VERSION Last year, Daniella's life was all normal. She had love, family, happiness. Everything. This year is different. She has nothing. Who would have thought t...
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Letters From Heaven by sweetJlyn
Letters From Heavenby sweetJlyn
Dear Lucas, I'm sorry... -Heaven
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Besties at the Island by Letsplay21
Besties at the Islandby Paddy 👻👻👻
We're pranking too much until we all trapped to an island, but Me, Mousse and Akari still hating Evil Robby, at the Island, we're trying to find way out while Evil Robby...
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Grateful by Rhaina_prada
Gratefulby RHAINA❤❤❤
Bad things happen...we grieve...we move on...we live.
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