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My Everything || Jack Duff by cloudyduff
My Everything || Jack Duffby ellie duff
"i only want you because you are my everything" jack duff a 18 year old fell in love with an 16 year old ellie grier. read to find out what happens :) started:...
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the grier sister  by gilinskayxoxo
the grier sister by Blake Katherine
Nash's little sister Sutton goes to magcon with him and Hayes and catches the eye of Jack Gilinsky who falls hard for her. Will their love end in a fairytale or will Sut...
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Adopted By Magcon by magcon_lover_052401
Adopted By Magconby magcon_lover_052401
6 year old Lily Grier has been through a lot during her life, being kidnapped at 3, being abused and raped by her kidnapper, escaping her kidnapper and headed to an orph...
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Different (Cameron Dallas fanfic) by you_tubeee_baeee
Different (Cameron Dallas fanfic)by you_tubeee_baeee
Jacelyn Seigerz aka Jace was living with her abusive mother all her life up until she was 16 .. Until she couldnt take being abused any longer and moved from new york to...
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Crazy In Love. by abigail13150
Crazy In abigail13150
"I never realized how much someone can impact you." "I found that someone, and it's you. I'm Crazy for you." "I'm Crazy in love"
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There Sister • scl by cuteXpen
There Sister • sclby 💭
What happens when friends fall in love | scl *•slow updates•*
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so i'm a grier?|og magcon| by stiloley
so i'm a grier?|og magcon|by stiloley
Emerson Sanders, aka Emma Shay on social media, was a raised by a single mom, never knowing her father. That all changes on the night of a terrible accident when the hos...
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G R I E R  S I S T E R by hi-luuke
G R I E R S I S T E Rby hi-luuke
read about my life as Nash and Hayess 17 year old sister, Ashley Gier. xoxox
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Being a Grier by pinkflowers13
Being a Grierby pinkflowers13
Hi:) I'm Madison Alexis Grier. Yes I know what your thinking, Nash and Hayes. My life may seem perfect but I want to tell you, it's not even close...
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Lost and found - Grier sister by izzyhancock
Lost and found - Grier sisterby Grier girl
Izzy was a normal girl who would have crushes on boys like everyone els but when she finds her real family will everything change
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Supernatural Griers by rhiannonreader
Supernatural Griersby rhiannonreader
WAZZUP?!? (The sky) I'm Rhiannon Grier. Yes I'm the sister of Hayes, Nash and Will Grier. IM THE ONLY GIRL IN THIS FAM. My parents got divorced and we all went to live w...
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The Grier Sister by toxicwebber
The Grier Sisterby toxicwebber
- "I'm not special, I'm just the runt and that's all I'll ever be," -
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Siblings??? by riannarm17
Siblings???by riannarm17
Hayes and Nash have always thought that their family was missing something. They never knew what it was until they found out a bout a mysterious new sister.
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Baby Grier by __sammij__
Baby Grierby Sammi
Sammi is a Grier. She is the only real Grier girl. No one really knows about her. She goes through a short struggle to decide who she really likes. She thinks she finds...
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Our Story (Matthew Espinosa fanfic) by espinosasbae101
Our Story (Matthew Espinosa fanfic)by espinosasbae101
My name is Mackenzie Rose Grier. Yes, I'm Nash Grier and Hayes Grier sister. Well I'm 25 right now, have 3 kids, and married to the one and only , Matthew Espinosa. It a...
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I fell in love with my brothers best friend by Devyn_the_BoredKhidd
I fell in love with my brothers DevynBoreddKhidd
I become close with my 21 year old brother Nash Grier's best friend and things get complicated
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Hayes's Twin Sister || On Hold by Trinity_Cogan01
Hayes's Twin Sister || On Holdby Trinity_Cogan01
Contains- Self harm, blood, bulling, hate, suicide attempt, name calling and beatings. P.s I don't feel this way towards MAGCON I love them very much. Kylie is Nash's...
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