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Grian One-Shots by V3nus_Plan3t_0f_Lov3
Grian One-Shotsby Venus
The title says it all! Read the first page for more info and enjoy! #2 in Griangst 1/20/2023
Gree-on~ Book 1 by Elle2Olivia1Beijar
Gree-on~ Book 1by Elle
You think you're safe when you're not. Staying on your toes is something Grian and Pearl have learned. When they finally think they are safe is when he hits. The fanart...
Zombie Fungus (Hermitcraft AU) by AmythistStarr
Zombie Fungus (Hermitcraft AU)by Abandoned Acccount
Scar has just been chosen as mayor of the Shopping District. But, when the true nature of the mycelium covering the island is revealed, the HEP has to work fast before t...
Hunted | A HermitCraft AU by seapebbless
Hunted | A HermitCraft AUby theo
Grian's tired of running. He's tired of letting that thing pursue, and he's tired of losing his friends. Maybe he'll find a place to rest under the protection of Xisum...
Griangst OneShots  by CreativeAce336
Griangst OneShots by CreativeAce
don't expect anything special just angsty one shots cause when your writing storys you can't make angst unless you want your readers to get made that there's not enough...
Hermitcraft one-shots (Old) by Poro_Raine
Hermitcraft one-shots (Old)by Poro
Welcome to the one-shot book. Most of these are old and i made a new one for better uploads. No more requests will be taken here.
The Memories Of Another | On hiatus by PersonIn_Earth
The Memories Of Another | On hiatusby PersonIn_Earth
So yeah. Hermitcraft thing. Dsmp x Hermitcraft blah blah. This is going along a completely different storyline than the others. hopefully. This takes place in hermitcraf...
Random Hermitcraft Things [COMPLETED, MOVED TO NEW BOOK] by RachelGreenery
Random Hermitcraft Things [ Rach
Oneshots, Incorrect quotes, headcannons, and more! *~-~*~-~*~-~* Fair warning, this book contains shipping(most are platonic, but may have a few romantic ones), may have...
A collection of a bunch of random ideas I have! There will mostly be angst and the upload schedule will be all over the place. If there is a ship included in any of the...
Sam's Back || Book 1 of 2 in the Sam's Back series by Xanthicat
Sam's Back || Book 1 of 2 in the Xanthicat
Grian was getting used to the safety of the Hermitcraft server quite well. He still had bad days in which all the memories of his high school life came back to him and a...
An Old Friend //Grian&Mumbo\\ (Hermitcraft 6 & YHS Crossover) by RexCorvus09
An Old Friend //Grian&Mumbo\\ ( Rex
Grian has escaped his horrible high school years, finally happy away from Sam in Hermitcraft. One day, Mumbo goes missing, and Grian finds out that an old friend of his...
A Change In The Horizon || The Lost One AU by SparklingWonderQueen
A Change In The Horizon || The Ruby
WARNING: This book is part 2 of a series. Please read Xelqua Rising first before reading this description as it contains spoilers. Finally settling into his new life as...
Missing (Third in An Old Friend Series) //Hermitcraft & Yhs Crossover\\ by RexCorvus09
Missing (Third in An Old Friend Rex
~~Third book in series like title says! Read first 2 first please!~~ Sam is dead, for real this time. And yet, some Hermits seem to be missing. Who could be responsible...
Karma (Sequel to An Old Friend)//Grumbo\\ by RexCorvus09
Karma (Sequel to An Old Friend)// Rex
~~Sequel to An Old Friend, read that first if you haven't already~~ Hermitcraft has been mostly peaceful for Grian and Mumbo since the incident with Sam. Both hermits wa...
Running from the past  | A Griangst story | Hiatus? by awssoot
Running from the past | A nico !
⚠️ Important info for readers! This will not be finished for a while, however i am planning on re-writing or finishing it at some point in the future. Until then, feel f...
My Writetober 2020 by LunaStarSeeker
My Writetober 2020by ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾Allycat☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
I've made my own spin on Writetober. The first 15 days will be whump, and the last 15 are just whatever I want to do. Prompts at the top of the chapter, came up with the...
Hidden Within (Discontinued, Check Rewrite) by EvolvedGlitch
Hidden Within (Discontinued, EvolvedGlitch
"Don't forget, it may seem like all hope is lost in the word. You my see your candle burn out, and think everything is gone. But remember, remember to look for the...
Monster //Hermitcraft\\ by RexCorvus09
Monster //Hermitcraft\\by Rex
What the Hermitcraft Server knew: Mumbo Jumbo was attacked by a stranger 6 months ago and came back from it a little distant and with 2 small, fang sized holes in his ne...
.-.-.-Blood and Petals-.-.-. by LunexIsLost
.-.-.-Blood and M 1 K 3 Y
Hanahaki go brrrrrr anyways, This is a ✨Scarian✨ story. (ScarxGrian) Basically Grian gets Hanahaki in this. I don't know, I can't explain things if my life depends on it-
Grian Centric Oneshots, Song Fics, Angst, Fluff, H/C, and Crossovers! by LuthTheWolf
Grian Centric Oneshots, Song Asexu-lotl!
A collection of Oneshots, song fics, angst and fluff all Hermitcraft related. Mostly Grian, as he was one of the first hermits I watched. (The very first was mumbo, in s...