Greywarden Stories

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The Dalish Warden (The Daughters of Thedas Book 1) by IceQueenofMitera
The Dalish Warden (The Daughters PT Lane
Realin Mahariel was one of the wandering peoples, the Dalish. Content with the life she was leading, a chance encounter with an ancient relic changes her life forever. R...
Dragon Age: Legacy by CM_Herndon
Dragon Age: Legacyby CM_Herndon
[[Incomplete]] Twenty four years have passed since the Inquisitor defeated Corypheus, changing Thedas forever. Growing up under the legacy of a true hero was never easy...
Found by IceQueenofMitera
Foundby PT Lane
Kiera Amell thought her life was set before her. A talented Spirit Healer, she assumed that she would spend her life in the Circle of Magi healing the sick and mentoring...
dragon age: oneshots  by neytirisbow
dragon age: oneshots by 𝑴𝒂𝒅𝒅𝒊𝒆
a various collection of some writings I've done for the beloved dragon age series over the years. enjoy!
All Hail Cousland || Dragon Age Origins by JijiGr
All Hail Cousland || Dragon Age J.G
For generations, House Cousland have stewered the lands of Highever, north of Ferelden. As a young scion of the Cousland family, the duty of carrying its banner eventu...
The Warden Of DXD. by DarkPrinceZeldris
The Warden Of Dark Prince Zeldris
You are apart of the church as the leader of the secret task force named the Grey Wardens.
Dragon Age: Origins | The story behind Cousland by SkullCandyy
Dragon Age: Origins | The story Dawn Summers
My name is Dawn Cousland. I had a normal life, a loving mother and a caring father. An annoying older brother that I loved. Until the night. Father send his army to Ost...
dragon age what happens next. by bredutton21
dragon age what happens bredutton21
What would have happened if Commander of the Wardens Duncan had a daughter. A grey warden born child. She was only 14 when the blight happened. When she received a lette...
King and Lionheart by IceQueenofMitera
King and Lionheartby PT Lane
Alistair thinks back on the relationship with his Lionheart and the challenges they have faced and will face in the future A Daughters of Thedas One Shot Dragon Age belo...
The Fade by elfmage17
The Fadeby elfmage17
Five strangers are chosen by fate to unite the shattered lands of Thedas and slay the Archdemon, mankind's ancient and deadly for. But to do so they must first join the...
the elven warden from the alienage. by bredutton21
the elven warden from the bredutton21
In War, Victory. In Peace, Vigilance. In Death, Sacrifice. those words rung in my head. I always heard great stories of there heriosm. I was conscripted after my cousin...
Beauty Among Despair by Millie_Astral
Beauty Among Despairby Millie_Astral
It has been five years since the Blight ended in Ferelden. Since then the hero, Tiflauna, aka Tifa, has returned to the alienage within Denerim (now free of seclusion an...
light in the dark (dragon age origins)(alistair theirin) by honnleath
light in the dark (dragon age Kay
"What use do the Grey Wardens have for a mage anyhow? I thought you lot were more along the lines of stabbing everything that dared cross your path. Seems more prac...
Tabris  by wafflelordmaguc
Tabris by wafflelordmaguc
Story of my beloved Grey Warden Commander Darrian Tabris. A man of splendor and courage, but of also dimwit. Being separated from his two siblings and living his teenage...
The World Shakes by KiraBlair
The World Shakesby KiraBlair
Luella Dering has spent her whole life wanting to be a hero just like her father. That was until he died. Pushing the small amount of people she had left away she lives...
On the Brink of Destruction by Deblightful
On the Brink of Destructionby Kassandra
A Dragon Age: Origins fanfiction featuring The Leiliana and Tabris pairing.
It's Oleta Sodding Aeducan by camthepug234
It's Oleta Sodding Aeducanby An Actual Nug
While replaying Dragon Age Origins for the fourth time (help me), I've decided to write some scenes down and get my creative juices flowing (ew). So yeah, this is just m...
In Death, Sacrifice by CastleHex
In Death, Sacrificeby CastleHex
Once again the darkspawn pour out the deep roads in an unstoppable tide of death and destruction. The Commander of the Grey, head of the Grey Wardens, an order created t...
Dragon Age: Adelaide Surana [ON- HOLD] by LadyHelicie
Dragon Age: Adelaide Surana [ON- Earlessa Phantomhive
Adelaide Surana was just a simple little elf girl. She served her whole life, with her father, serving nobleman. In particular Teryn and Teryna Tirani from Orlais, and t...