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Love at first sight❤️ by shannon_tripp
Love at first sight❤️by shannon_tripp
Your a 16 year old model who bumps into Grayson Dolan at a milkshake bar. He instantly falls in love with you and tries his best to get to know you. He surprisingly take...
  • sexy
  • romance
  • love
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Untitled Story by Rose12Xo
Untitled Storyby Rose12Xo
  • dolantwins
  • greysonlovestory
  • graysondolan
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His Queen My King by shibainu69
His Queen My Kingby shibainu69
Spade has been from foster home to foster home and can't trust anyone until she met him
  • greysonlovestory
You by ImThatBitch69
Youby RestingBitchFace
Kacey William always had a childhood crush on the hottest boy in school Ethan Dolan. But there's a problem he is you best friends brother...
  • loren
  • crazy
  • teen
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"Regret It" A Greyson Chance Fanfiction. by -happylittlephil-
"Regret It" A Greyson Chance no ღ
  • enchancers
  • greysonchancefanfiction
  • greysonchance
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Beautiful Sunrise // chance by ildarnx
Beautiful Sunrise // chanceby Я
Greyson Short Story . Bahasa Indonesia
  • fanfiction
  • greyson
  • oneshoot
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SHADOW by EnochSarfo
SHADOWby Enoch Sarfo
  • amapounds19
  • eunramaradeyna
  • pamie360
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[ BOOK 2 ] - D I V E | Greyson Chance by merianti_
[ BOOK 2 ] - D I V E | Greyson merri
D I V E - SERIES [ BOOK 2 ] . #13 in GreysonChance . March 3rd 2019, #2 in greysonlovestory . Kebenaran telah terungkap pada Merri Dian. Menjadi seorang promor sebuah ac...
  • comedy
  • chloegracemoretz
  • teenfiction
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Gym Class by abbyhey123
Gym Classby abbyhey123
These are all Grayson Dolan related fan fictions
  • dolantwins
  • graysondolan
  • greysonlovestory
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Difficult Love by CaramelChances
Difficult Loveby CaramelChances
it's difficult to love someone who always ignore you.
  • greysonchance
  • greysonlovestory
  • greysonsadstory
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Rude - Grayson Dolan by chelseliz
Rude - Grayson Dolanby chelseliz
A school camping trip.. Didn't go as planned. Dakota Diaz isn't as excited to go on this overnight school trip when she's told her new roomies are the so called Dolan tw...
  • graysondolan
  • greysonlovestory
Do you know what forever feels like? by kristynmattox
Do you know what forever feels kristynmattox
I don't have a paragraph for this one so just have to read it to find out what happens in the book
  • 4ou
  • graysondolan
  • greysonlovestory
Best Friends Brother G.D by Independent_dolan
Best Friends Brother G.Dby Independent_dolan
Your best friend moves in with her step mother sister and 2 brother. You wouldn't believe who they were that's right the Dolans.
  • graysondolan
  • greysonlovestory
Me by cumondolan
Meby cumondolan
Not a story just me introducing myself. Im Eli just call me that give me nane so i can use it for other fanfics
  • kianlawley
  • readmyotherstories
  • ethandolan
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Will You Stay? by Ethanmynizzle
Will You Stay?by Ethan D. my nizzle
Gabriella has every fans dream to get to be with The Dolan Twins in action. In this book the crazy toss and turn will make you see what twin she falls in love with and w...
  • love
  • ethanlovestory
  • dolan
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[ BOOK 1 ] - D I V E | Greyson Chance by merianti_
[ BOOK 1 ] - D I V E | Greyson merri
D I V E - SERIES [ BOOK 1 ] . #7 in GreysonChance . March 3rd 2019, #1 in greysonlovestory . Bagi Merri Dian mendatangkan Greyson Chance ke Jakarta akan menaikkan citra...
  • romance
  • greysonchance
  • fanfiction
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