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The Heathers VS. The Plastics [Heathers x Mean girls] by no_user_1009
The Heathers VS. The Plastics [ Kira
A school in Evanston, Illinois is ruled by a clique of 4 girls called "The Plastics". Another school in Sherwood, Ohio is ruled by 3 girls who share the same n...
cadnis oneshots so i can get some f*cking sleep by maybeimamuppet
cadnis oneshots so i can get maybeimamuppet
[REQUESTS OPEN] basically exactly as it sounds. fluffy oneshots of cadnis, with a few bonus relationships/characters for flavor. it gets better as you go on. i don't rea...
Mean Girls Oneshots by thatsgayoops
Mean Girls Oneshotsby sam <3
Yeah, so once again I'm indulging myself and making yet another terrible story, yayyy. Honestly just request what you want and i'll probably do it, so yeah. Also, i'm no...
Heartburn  by SVproductions
Heartburn by ѕтєρнαηιє & ναℓєяιє
❝ and tell me why does my heartburn when I see your face? ❞ in which four high school cliques are forced to attend the same school in the mid-1960's. the outsiders x...
A Bunch of Cautionary Tales [The Heathers VS. The Plastics AU] by no_user_1009
A Bunch of Cautionary Tales [The Kira
A couple of one-shots set in the universe of my book, The Heathers VS. The Plastics Technically a sequel? Idk
the queen bee || regina george by cruellaheartbot
the queen bee || regina georgeby sylvie!
"you're cute too y'know? you look like you'd taste like cinnamon." ~ fem! reader !! Y/N L/N and Cady Heron somehow make it to Northshore at the same time. Sinc...
clueless | karen smith x reader by skullmisfit
clueless | karen smith x readerby wren
You and your sister, Janis, had always gotten along, and were almost inseparable. That was, until Regina George came along. After Janis dropped out of school when she wa...
Mythic Apex Predator by GirlWithTheGreenHair
Mythic Apex Predatorby GirlWithGreenHair
Mean girls x heathers x reader #3 meangirlsmusical - 7/1/2020 #1 aaronsamuels - 7/4/2020 #1 meangirlsmusical - 7/25/2020 #3 kurtkelly - 8/16/2020
25 days of cadnis :D by maybeimamuppet
25 days of cadnis :Dby maybeimamuppet
25 holiday themed cadnis oneshots, or, as i'm calling it, my cad-vent calendar :) come get y'all juice
little miss perfect - cady x janis (PAUSED) by apexpreddators
little miss perfect - cady x viona
in which the plastics, damian, cady and janis are now starting their senior year. some new friends show up and some of it might just cause some problems. • SEQUEL TO SH...
Mean Girls Preferences by EeshaFiction
Mean Girls Preferencesby EeshaFictionOfficial
Characters Include: Janis Sarkisian Damian Hubbard Cady Heron Regina George Gretchen Wieners Karen Smith Kevin Gnapoor Aaron Samuels
Mean Girls One-Shots (gxg) by borzoxx
Mean Girls One-Shots (gxg)by Borzo
Mean Girls x Y/N. Only fluff os.
Mean Girls Preferences and Oneshots! (gxg) by cruellaheartbot
Mean Girls Preferences and sylvie!
Mean Girls the musical x reader! I'll write for the girls only sorry,, also this is all gxg :^)
Cliques: Janis Sarkisian x Reader by _jealousmuch
Cliques: Janis Sarkisian x Readerby <3
(y/n) just moved from Florida to Illinois. Consequently, she switches schools to North Shore High, home of the lions, leaving her old life behind and starting over. As s...
she should've been mine - cady heron x janis sarkisian (EDITING) by apexpreddators
she should've been mine - cady viona
Art freak meets the homeschooled jungle freak. One catches feelings and the other is completely oblivious to the other having feelings.
poly plastics oneshots  by maybeimamuppet
poly plastics oneshots by maybeimamuppet
exactly as it sounds, cute oneshots of regina/gretchen/karen as a polycule :)
You're my dork (Tyler Kimble x OC) by thenewsiequeen
You're my dork (Tyler Kimble x OC)by Multiple_Fandoms<3
Meet the plastics, Teen Royalty That's Karen Smith, the dumbest person you with ever meet, and Gretchen Wieners, she knows everything about everyone that's why her hair...
Mean Girls: the High School Reunion pt. 1 by samanthaa_clifford
Mean Girls: the High School samanthaa_clifford
Cady Heron is ready to go to her 10 year High School Reunion. But after she comes across Regina George, tension rises from a fight that happened 10 years ago. Part 1 of...