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Green Skin by Itsmarcantoine
Green Skinby Itsmarcantoine
A man betrayed by a comrade, he dies a wretched death as a third rate swordsman. His existence, his life, his emotions are all a nuisance in the eyes of society. But wai...
Warhammer x rwby: the son of Emperor  by Tophatarmyboy
Warhammer x rwby: the son of captain boreale
Y/n the Son of Karl Franz he is not ready to become an Emperor
Blood Raven of remnants by Tophatarmyboy
Blood Raven of remnantsby captain boreale
y/n Captain of the blood raven y/n have a secret world y/n found he will show this secret to his chapter master
Blood ravens Force commander of remnant by Tophatarmyboy
Blood ravens Force commander of captain boreale
Y/n younger force commander and his squad want on a mission explore the unknown world and a unknown distress beacon
Green Skin by Idony8
Green Skinby Willow Marie Sage
Shout out too @kerfuffled_ for this amazing cover. Your amazing Kerfuffled_! "Headstrong prince that's beyond feeling Let this help you with your ailing ...
The Legend Of The Murbra (murdoc bra) by ainsleyallison
The Legend Of The Murbra (murdoc ainsleyallison
a fateful encounter at the gorillaz concert leads to sexy times, furries, and large inverted cross dildos.
The man in the mirror by nomnomcake18
The man in the mirrorby Ginge
A young woman love life is changed when she meets the number one ogre...
Snakes of Sorrow by 50_words_for_murder
Snakes of Sorrowby Jennifer Watson
The story of Medusa, from her point of view. Inspired and created with Lily of the Valley
The Wandering Greenskin by GJWiese
The Wandering Greenskinby G. J. Wiese
A brief collection of sightings and stories of Kahn the Dragonslayer, legendary folk hero. --- Based on a character created for the "Storm King's Thunder" Dung...
The Greenlanders by Romeryn
The Greenlandersby Arminda Romeryn Resevoire
Just off the tip of the mainland lies a little island, Cohnlin Island is known for it's "home away from home" aura , with it's crashing waterfalls and rolling...
Emperor of Remnant discontinued by Tophatarmyboy
Emperor of Remnant discontinuedby captain boreale
New beginning of the empire of men the new world to conquer or make allies