Lies in Green Eyes by AshleyPCole
Lies in Green Eyesby AshleyPCole
#2 in DV Fiction #319 in Mystery •~×◇×~• The child pays for the sins of the father. This is true and there is proof of it throughout time. A father may commit a great si...
  • hate
  • violence
  • greeneyes
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The Jock next door by Lujy_313
The Jock next doorby ~ surviver ~ ✨
Asher Cooper is your regular jock at school. Though he has problems in his real life he's good at hiding it and his emotions. Later on he starts hanging out with his ne...
  • highschoolexperience
  • guyfriend
  • friendship
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Scars by AshleyPCole
Scarsby AshleyPCole
#5 in DV *Feliks Vladimiromovich Khabarov* A man's sin is his own. For him to face judgement and justice for. However, there are times when the blood and sweat from his...
  • hate
  • general
  • wattys2018
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Thy Name is Destiny(Completed) (#Wattys2015) by JDHoward_Official
Thy Name is Destiny(Completed) ( J. D. Howard
Wolf pack laws are strict and always followed, no matter what the circumstance. Within these pack laws contains the most important pack law: If the offspring is born wit...
  • alpha
  • powerful
  • councils
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Love At First Fight by Momo3625
Love At First Fightby LilChocolateDonut
"My eyes snap up to his eyes at the same time his snap back to mine, and I'm once again staring into those green orbs. Knight is Trevor Kingston and that means... I...
  • romance
  • love
  • fighting
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Tom Hiddleston One Shots by CreepyLilMonster
Tom Hiddleston One Shotsby Mrs. Reid <3
Disclaimer: many of these imagines are imagines I wrote when I was much younger and fairly new at writing. I have tried editing a few of my early imagines, but I ended u...
  • tom
  • english-accent
  • loki
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Paper Hearts ✓ by impracticals
Paper Hearts ✓by nicole
❝it hurts when you have someone in your heart but you can't have them in your arms❞ highest ranking || SS13 || CL178
  • aesclub
  • smolbeanarmy
  • nerd
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The Billionaire's Baby (On Hold)  by holdmoonlight
The Billionaire's Baby (On Hold) by holdmoonlight
Theo Jackson. To simplify things, he's a filthy rich billionaire. A tough, unsociable, very attractive, billionaire. Those piercing green eyes were enough to make anyone...
  • billionare
  • pregnancy
  • drama
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Bill/Pennywise/Roman Godfrey Imagines ~{SMUT}~😅👅💧 by graybutton
Bill/Pennywise/Roman Godfrey She's crazy!
Basically just a bunch of smut...sometimes just cute little/long ones without smut. But I'll try to not let you down 😅😅
  • youllfloattoo
  • tallasf
  • greeneyes
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The Messiah [Book 1] [COMPLETED] by Christine_Carter
The Messiah [Book 1] [COMPLETED]by Christine C.
Athena has no one. Orphaned at the tender age of twelve, she doesn't want anything to do with the Color War; a decades long war being waged between the vicious King of t...
  • friendship
  • power
  • funny
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Cashier Boy // Jack Duff ✔ by ryanbeaumont
Cashier Boy // Jack Duff ✔by (:
❝Love requires two people with mutual feelings. Our relationship was one person in love, and one person who was too nice to refuse it. & I was the lover.❞
  • cashier
  • imagine
  • boy
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Check Mate #Wattys by Bookscomefirst
Check Mate #Wattysby Sarah Tran
"Running away from me is like a game to me, Princess." my heart beat frantically in my chest with his words getting closer to my hiding spot. I held my breath...
  • protector
  • longstory
  • asher
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Change Me by sweetcurlycreature
Change Meby H
"You can't change me Styles" "Want to bet?"
  • alcholism
  • harryedwardstyles
  • annetwist
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Him - Book #1 by TheSpawn
Him - Book #1by T.
No one knew his name. No one spoke to him. But I was about to change that. Him - Book #1 Her - Book #2 The Flour Babies - Book #3
  • cupcakes
  • random
  • cute
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green eyes by AltoKid03
green eyesby Kendra Villacorta
writings about someone that I couldn't stop thinking about, so I started a whole book about them
  • random
  • crush
  • sad
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The Blue Senju | NaruAoi ✅ by _Empress_Mavis_
The Blue Senju | NaruAoi ✅by ^_^ Empress Mavis
Aoi Senju is a young Senju...But nobody Knows about her... She was bullied for her Blue hair, calling her a 'Demon'... Then she meets Naruto Uzumaki, a Boy with the same...
  • bluehair
  • senju
  • naruto
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The Eyes of Emerald by MirkwoodLounge
The Eyes of Emeraldby Meredith Harmon
"The Eyes of Emerald will unbind fate, and will lead the heirs of Durin once away from the gates." Dawn has been chased and tormented by orcs for her entire li...
  • prophecy
  • bofur
  • wattys2018
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Tired Days by strawbxbbykisses
Tired Daysby strawbxbbykisses
"When I am with you, sleepless nights and tired days are all a distant memory" 2nd book to Sleepless Night (K.L)
  • bluehair
  • tired
  • sleepless
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Between Two Fires by aqua55577
Between Two Firesby aqua55577
Cyan Celeste is an average 20 year old girl. She has lived in the UK in a small town called Ballintoy and has only left her small town life a couple of times to visit he...
  • teenfiction
  • drama
  • happyending
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Call Out My Name -Lauren/you- by Callmecaptain119
Call Out My Name -Lauren/you-by 🌹love is vivid🌹
Y/n's failing marriage leads her to a drunken night at a bar. What happens when she meets someone there? Someone who puts her on top? Someone who makes her feel special...
  • hernández
  • jauregui
  • allyhernandez
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