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When Breathing Gets You Killed 1/3 by mRoseGoldsmith
When Breathing Gets You Killed 1/3by RoseGold
What if your world was taken over by mindless people who want to take away your ability to breathe? Australia has been taken over, invaded by it's own people. Nobody kn...
  • death
  • killer
  • virus
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I See You (complete) by krista_writes
I See You (complete)by krista_writes
Rachel Morgan and Cade Miller have known each other since kindergarten. They were even friends at one time, but something happened between Cade and her twin brother, Cra...
  • heartbreak
  • secret
  • hiddengem
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Children Of The Breathing 2/3 by mRoseGoldsmith
Children Of The Breathing 2/3by RoseGold
Sequel to RoseGold's When Breathing gets you Killed For nearly two decades the world has been ruled by a zombie like creature called anti breathers, whose goal is to ta...
  • killer
  • newadult
  • action
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The Space Between Us by krista_writes
The Space Between Usby krista_writes
He leaned in again and kissed the tip of my nose before giving me a quick kiss on the lips. And just when I thought we'd maybe have a chance at something, he went and op...
  • romance
  • crush
  • cancer
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Breathing gives us life 3/3 by mRoseGoldsmith
Breathing gives us life 3/3by RoseGold
The sequel to When Breathing gets you Killed and children of the Breathing. Neo and Angie have both survived deadly encounters. Neither of them had pleasant upbringings...
  • goodandevil
  • lasthumans
  • zombie
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Going Home by krista_writes
Going Homeby krista_writes
Nate Hill is a rising star in Hollywood and everyone wants a piece of him. He's enjoyed all the attention...until now. Feeling lost and alone, he sneaks away from his sl...
  • ranch
  • youngadult
  • contemporary
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Len's Reads | A Recommendations Book by IllenisThorn
Len's Reads | A Recommendations I.L. Thorn
Welcome to my book of recommendations. This is a list of books I've read and really enjoyed on Wattpad so far. Not every single book makes the cut, but these ones that d...
  • recommendations
  • goodbooks
  • good
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Being Butch Green by Hollie_Wilson
Being Butch Greenby Hollie Wilson
A file. A boy. A criminal. An illegal medical lab. All is not what it seems when young rebel, Butch, decides to make a run for it with his criminal file. There is just...
  • hiddengems
  • greatreads
  • mischief
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Hitchhiker //fillie\\ by rfurey14
Hitchhiker //fillie\\by rfurey14
Millie is trying to find a way to escape her world of her parents yelling at her to be better like her sister and her failing grades are forcing her to take summer schoo...
  • teen
  • greatreads
  • cute
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Shattered Mirror by Chrissy_013
Shattered Mirrorby Chrissy D
  • heartbreak
  • brokenpromise
  • sadpoems
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Books I suggest you read. by sunshine_and_smiling
Books I suggest you Sunshine&smiling
I love to read on here and I decided to pick a few of my favorite authors and put them in a recommendation book, hit them up!
  • love
  • bestauthors
  • greatreads
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Good As Gone by The3Fandoms
Good As Goneby The3Fandoms
I'm a hard working girl, learning to do a man's job. This disciplinary school is dangerous. Friends get hurt, and never return. Life is tough here. Jamie (Gumball) Pepp...
  • chapters
  • greatreads
  • mystery
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Good Enough by LorayAlexa
Good Enoughby Loray Alexa
JD is a kind and troubled guy. He has had a lack of direction and support in his life. Nathan has been the one person by his side. Once JD gets away from his home life;...
  • greatreads
  • betrayal
  • complicatedrelationships
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Defender by kaystories522
Defenderby kaystories522
  • goodbook
  • romance
  • greatreads
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Great Reads on Wattpad by edaling
Great Reads on Wattpadby EmmaRyaan
I update and post my favorite books and authors! This is all my opinion. (You will see many different books with the same type of general idea because I go through many...
  • funny
  • greatreads
  • books
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Abandoned by you by Bullet182
Abandoned by youby MiKayla Aguirre
Rayna's parents gave her up to an orphanage and it's up to her to find out what really happened to her
  • powerfullstory
  • grabyourklenexbox
  • tearjerker
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Best Of Wattpad by SapphireHeartz
Best Of Wattpadby SapphireHeartz
Stories that hook you up and make you an addict. Stories that steal your sleep away. Stories that pull you away from reality. From humor to thriller,romance to fantasy...
  • mind-blowing
  • suspense
  • romance
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Alisha by Sunshynewriter
Alishaby Sunshynewriter
Enter a strange wonderland in the demented mind of Alisha Storms as she battles to find herself.
  • gay
  • girls
  • deep
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THE CELLAR by SydneyDawnson
THE CELLARby SydneyDawnson
  • scary
  • need
  • unexspected
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Around the world in 80 days by raveyjane
Around the world in 80 daysby raveyjane
A young spy by he name of Reagan Marlay is in search of treasure and wants to follow her dream. She runs into trouble along the way that can cost her her very life. She...
  • adrenaline
  • spy
  • scary
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