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Remarkable Scars Of Yours  by jasxxx_
Remarkable Scars Of Yours by J'ashiiieexx
Is it selfishness walking away from someone who hurt you the most? - Ylla Leigj Gonzales
Path to Greatness! (Currently being rewritten) by JoultzYT
Path to Greatness! (Currently Joultzy
This is the story of Izuku Midoriya. When he was four he finally obtained his quirk, which he called Flame Form. His quirk allowed him to light himself on fire, control...
Abundance of Life | Poetry by g-abriella
Abundance of Life | Poetryby G 🧚🏽‍♀️
The depths of the oceans can no longer hold me back. Through the valleys I have already travelled with profound joy in my heart and a skip in my step. I am present in t...
Greatness of Middle Earth by rog3ski
Greatness of Middle Earthby roge
Picture, Gifs, etc that show just how great Middle Earth is!! Sorry if there are any repeats of pictures, videos, etc. I might forget that I've already shown something...
Poeticcharmer by Tremar_Ivey
Poeticcharmerby Tremar Ivey
Expect The Unexpected
How to Dance with RainWings by Quasimagical
How to Dance with RainWingsby Bear
[Wings of Fire] [Fanfiction] [AU] Deathbringer had never anticipated the harsh reality of being pushed away by the love of his life. But when the RainWing queen presents...
The Alpha's Bloodline by LittleTrini1DGirl
The Alpha's Bloodlineby LittleTrini1DGirl
All her life, Emily Hanes just wanted to be loved. Was that too much to ask? Apparently, since all her father could do was beat the crap out of her and all her mother co...
Dancing Fireflies |Poetry Edition| by Nejis-wife
Dancing Fireflies |Poetry Edition|by Noni
The Picture for cover provided by pexel.
Success can be achieved by everybody. Greatness is not only reserved in certain people. Every single person out there you and me can be successful, but we have to be dis...
My One And Only Jaiden by YandereAnimeGirl667
My One And Only Jaidenby Simple_ArtisticPatato
This is a story of Jaiden and James and how they unexetedly fall in love. They want to be together, but somebody is in the way of there destenied relationship....
Temptations  by StrawberyProductions
Temptations by StrawberyProductions
Hii my name is yn my life is wat you say mid life but that all changes when i meet a boy named BLACK well that's what they call him.Ill hip you on more soon .ENJOY
A Blunt Blazing Situation by WeedMxn
A Blunt Blazing Situationby WeedMan
3 Best friends. 2 Are stoners ALL in one house chilling till suddenly they smoke this awesome weed by a mysterious man...later one of the 3 friends find a tape and ther...
I will always love you  by cheetah100704
I will always love you by The Great
Here is story of Diego and Shira in medieval times. Where Shira is warrior princess with all kind of privileges. Where Diego is average person then he makes someone happ...
The Challenges Of Being Undead by Nicolesthename
The Challenges Of Being Undeadby Nicolesthename
Have you ever had one of those days that start out perfectly, but then all of a sudden a vampire forces you to drink his blood, kills you and turns you into a vampire in...
In the lonely hour by MarvellousGreat
In the lonely hourby Marvellous Great
in the lonely hour, it's a set of 10 amateur poems written by me I hope you enjoy and help me improve.
God is Great by frustratediska
God is Greatby God is my Refuge
No one is powerful other than GOD.
Motherland by inturnity
Motherlandby 🇰🇪
Explore your fairy god muva.
Zanvis by OfficialMegaMocha
Zanvisby Mocha
Zane and Travis and both still single no girls want to date them soo they