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Melting Gray [Gratsu] by hanlovespasta
Melting Gray [Gratsu]by han!! ☆
Senior year can mean lots of things for people. For Natsu, it simply means turning over a new leaf - not letting his past define his happiness, actually attempting to ge...
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Deafened  by aaliyahchan
Deafened by Writernxtdoor
He reads lips to know what they are saying if he can't hear them. He has a problem, so he wears his hearing aid.
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Graytsu🔥❄One-shots☂️🌦☂️May Include Other Fairytail Ship☂️🌦☂️ by TearDrop0Caprisun
Graytsu🔥❄One-shots☂️🌦☂️May 🍸🌻Hımãwãrı-Võdkã🌻🍸
Here are a bunch of one shots of my favorite fairy tail ship; ❄💙Gray×Natsu❤🔥 And some others: ⭐💛Sting×Rogue🖤👤 ⚡💛Laxus×Freed💚☘ 🔅the cover is made by me.🔅 🌟I ta...
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{DISCONTINUED} Gratsu One-Shots! by Soleeme
{DISCONTINUED} Gratsu One-Shots!by Nari
Gratsu is my OTP so it was only a matter of time before I made one of these. I'll even do some requests if you guys want! ~~~~ DISCLAIMER: None of the characters belong...
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Something more than a friends- Gratsu fanfic by Zyrgon
Something more than a friends- Zyrgon
That moment when your best friend says he's in love with you... while he is drunk. Is Natsu just joking or is it real? Gray is starting to loose a control of his life.
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Fairy tail one-shots by AmeliaTheCherry
Fairy tail one-shotsby ItsAlexisBitchez
Short but unique fairy tail one-shots. I would love for people to tell me which characters they would like to see together. Be warned some one-shots may not belong to me.
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Graynat:2 thằng gay by lolcutelol
Graynat:2 thằng gayby lolcutelol
Wtf?!? Lucy and juvia?!? Gray and natsue?!? Híc đừng chửi tui nha
{DISCONTINUED} Day to Day by Soleeme
{DISCONTINUED} Day to Dayby Nari
Most people have never had to live with their rival/best friend. Those who have know that it's less than magical, especially when those to rivals happen to be complete o...
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Gray x Natsu by user59639745
Gray x Natsuby Shyfluffybunny
(This fanfic is dedicated to Diunoo) I was on a job request and when I got back I couldn't stop thinking about a salamander and I got horny I forgot he was suppose to d...
{DISCONTINUED} The Dragon's Prince by Soleeme
{DISCONTINUED} The Dragon's Princeby Nari
I'm sure you've all heard the story about how the princess fell in love with the dragon, but have you ever heard of the prince falling in love with the dragon? My name's...
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