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Cirque de Tromperie  (bill cipher x reader) by anadelrey_
Cirque de Tromperie (bill anastasia
"Tell me," He ran his fingers through her hair, holding her tresses gently as he regarded her like a critic. "Do you find it rewarding, too?" She sho...
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Trust Me - Bill Cipher x Reader (discontinued) by King_Tordzie
Trust Me - Bill Cipher x Reader ( Felicity
Y/N has moved to Gravity falls with your cousin, while there you met the deviously handsome Bill Cipher. What may happen when he tries to take over the world? Trust me ...
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Returning To Gravity Falls || Sequel || Dipper X Reader by Crazy_For_Christmas
Returning To Gravity Falls || Melody
If you haven't read my first book I would suggest doing so in order to understand this one :) I'm...
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The Falls *Gravity Falls Various X Reader* by Basic_Fwend
The Falls *Gravity Falls Various Spooky Fwend
When you wake up in an unknown area, what will you do? Will you find love? Will you be interested in what the falls have to offer? Will I stop questioning myself? Wi...
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Amnesiac (Gravity Falls x Reader) by 12DawnLight21
Amnesiac (Gravity Falls x Reader)by Dragonite the Youtuber
You are (Y/N), a mysterious, short female who has found her way into the small town of Gravity Falls. After the marketing for a tourist trap catches you attention, you m...
CloverField (Bill Cipher x Reader) by ironamerics
CloverField (Bill Cipher x Reader)by jordan
(This is a Gravity Falls/Stranger Things crossover. More details inside, re: Tread Lightly.) Best friends since childhood, Y/n L/n and Matthew Pines haven't seen each ot...
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|Trust No One| (Dipper Pines X Reader) by losersquadunite
|Trust No One| (Dipper Pines X LoserSquadUnite
_________________________________________ "Maybe if you hadn't been such a little Jerk throughout the year I wouldn't feel the need to send you away during the Summ...
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As Weird As It Gets [Dipper Pines x Reader] *Temporary Hiatus* by BandGeek4Life8
As Weird As It Gets [Dipper Cat
She bounced around the system from years and met all sorts of oddities. From aliens in Bellwood to ghosts in Amity Park, she's seen some amazing things. But nothing woul...
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Gravity Falls x Reader Oneshots and Imagines by adrianx_trashhh
Gravity Falls x Reader Oneshots Adri-is-Trash uwu
Exactly what the title says! Just some X reader short stories about the characters of Gravity Falls!
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Lies - Bill Cipher x Reader by kikiwhipXOXO
Lies - Bill Cipher x Readerby kikiwhipXOXO
Was making a deal with this dream demon a good idea? Or a bad one? Highest Ranks: 1. #61. gravityfallsxreader 2. #224. billcipherxreader 3. #253. woods 4. #767. gf Art b...
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Gravity Falls One Shots by Sun_Garnet
Gravity Falls One Shotsby Soleil Starlight
《Requests open》 This is a character x character or character x reader. It can be any ships. You may request stuff. just no lemons plz. Also slow updates art and songs u...
Glitching Visions (Bill X Reader X Dipper) by Rey_Shikawa
Glitching Visions (Bill X Reader Rey-chan
We all know those stories where readers have always wished to be with their fictional idols, being fans of the character. Wanting either their idols to come to real life...
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Gravity Falls (reader insert) by Tcaosssss
Gravity Falls (reader insert)by Tcaosssss
As a 15 yr old in high school, everyone thought that you were an angsty bastard who hated everyone and everything. That's only half true. You enjoy mechanics and enginee...
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▲ proximity || • [ bill x reader ] ▲ by DayDreamingCipher
▲ proximity || • [ bill x reader ] Striped Freak
❝ᴛᴀᴋᴇ ᴍʏ ʜᴀɴᴅ, ᴅᴏʟʟ.❞ --- • Proximity • Nearness in space, time or relationship. --- You have a special characteristic: the potential to absorb other people's magic abil...
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Human bill cipher x reader  by LuluTheEyeless
Human bill cipher x reader by Drink Me Senpai
You make a deal with a devilishly handsome demon and make friends with the pine twins. Will you be able to stop then from finding out about your deal with bill? Or will...
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The lock and the key||Dipper x Reader by MochaViper
The lock and the key||Dipper x •_Zhantal_•
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First Impressions Matter (Gravity Falls x Reader) by FireFlier
First Impressions Matter ( ~Firefli~
You wake up 3 years after Weirdmaggedon, finding yourself alone. In 3 years so much can happen, and you missed all of it. The Pines help you catch up, but you are hiding...
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Unsafe (Bill Cipher x Reader) by xxx_phoenix_xxx
Unsafe (Bill Cipher x Reader)by P h o e n i x
You and your best friends Mable and Dipper go on adventures quite often! You guys seem to always have fun and always discover supernatural beings and things! One advent...
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Gravity Falls The Musical by IHumanInUnderground
Gravity Falls The Musicalby Totally a Human
Gravity Falls x reader! It's a musical of songs I like!
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The Universe Is a Big Place. ( Bill Cipher x Reader ) by iceicebaby10001
The Universe Is a Big Place. ( iceicebaby10001
Y/n was visiting gravity falls with her younger siblings/twins, while they have been here before this is her first time.... what's the worst that could happen? ( P.S thi...
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