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DOOMED by couchpotato1203
DOOMEDby couchpotato1203
"If you can't wake up from the nightmare, maybe you are not asleep." An incident in the past had affected Nicole's life like nothing had ever before. Her encou...
  • doomsday
  • graveyard
  • cemetery
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The Girl and The Graves | Short Story by skidkenslxoifne
The Girl and The Graves | Short stop
A girl leaves flowers at random people's graves +without a clue as to who they were. Really, the people were alive and looking out for her. It may also be a cheesy littl...
  • graveyard
  • gaurdian
  • love
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White Manor by Jamescrab
White Manorby James Crabtree
A young girl is pressured by her friends to enter a haunted house. Soon she finds herself trapped and stalked by indescribable creatures. Can Freida escape White Manor w...
  • school
  • night
  • scary
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Sepulcher by DaneAllen574
Sepulcherby Dane Allen
Two boys find themselves in a nightmarish situation after visiting a cemetery during twilight hours.
  • suspense
  • cemetery
  • shortstories
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One shots (alternative) by silentcurse123
One shots (alternative)by silentcurse123
What the title says.
  • darkness
  • death
  • graveyard
Witching Hour by StarScreamAlex
Witching Hourby StarScreamAlex
At night all kinds of creatures roam graveyards, and so too this extraordinary being.
  • short
  • witch
  • shortstory
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A buried Man by HisOceanBlueEyes
A buried Manby SecretEyes
  • visit
  • graveyard
  • mystery
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Halo Rush by Reynoldsb
Halo Rushby Biaunca Reynolds
Bonca and Zero go on fun adventures together but a demon name Heartbreaker who wants to ruin all fun and plunge the world into total darkness.
  • demon
  • forest
  • island
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The Graveyard Shift by CoffeBeans97
The Graveyard Shiftby R and L, 97
Harold is a widowed middle-aged man working in a cheap security firm so he can raise his daughter. Powel Abrams, the man who usually covered the nightshift at the nearby...
  • mystery
  • story
  • shortstory
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devilish by temnozoloto
devilishby temno (dark)
در اوج تاریکی روشنایی می روید... و در میان سردترین دل ها غنچه ی عظیم ترین عشق ها جوانه می زند ...! -تیمنو زولوتو(دارک گلد)
  • church
  • darkfantasy
  • sexyscary
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