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Resisting The Player - [Completed] by onethousandmistakes
Resisting The Player - [Completed]by jaeda
"Cassie," Aaron says. "I have detention. For two hours." My mouth drops open. "Fuck me," I groan. "Sorry," he smirks. "But y...
Sparks Fly by VIVKELLER23
Sparks Flyby Vivienn Keller
A Featured Wattpad Romance, Wattpad New Adult, and Wattpad Psychological Novel (triggering romance) **November 3, 2019: 1st place Winner of romance category for the Mont...
Love You Forever  by AranyaAgnihotri
Love You Forever by AranyaAgnihotri
Wang Yibo is a detective while Xiao Zhan is a renowned doctor. Xiao Zhan's father is Meng Yao who is CEO of Meng Company. But one day Wang Yibo kidnaps Xiao Zhan. So far...
Air Born by juniormint94
Air Bornby Cristina Macari
Seventeen-year-old Orion spent her entire life concealing the freakish abilities she was born with, making her feel like an outsider to the world. But after a near-death...
What Happens In August || ✔️ by Irisysal
What Happens In August || ✔️by desperate for escape
*Completed* Stranded in the backwater, hillbilly-infested town of O'Connell county, Georgia, 17 year old, August Alder, has only ever had one wish: to put his hometown i...
Kingdom of Lothoria - Book 1 by Crazy_People_410
Kingdom of Lothoria - Book 1by 𝐡𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐲 & 𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐢
King Robertus Auro has an iron grip on his kingdom of Lothoria. The people fear him, his laws and the Royal Guard. None more than his daughter, Rayn. She wants nothing m...
In the Shadow of the Lily by berkentinabelt
In the Shadow of the Lilyby James S Stetina
Henry Mullen had nightmares: scenes from his childhood, stick-like figures walking through the dust. He remembered the gaunt faces and swollen bellies, his own body, hi...
Fatal Attractions by AugustReverie
Fatal Attractionsby August Raine Reverie
Scientists have discovered how to transfer an animal's DNA into humans, leading to Miracle Juice; an injectable serum filled with heritable animal traits. The DNA strand...
Perfect Mistake✔ by Sparkling-Jem
Perfect Mistake✔by Nikky
Riley had a boyfriend, Brayden, who was a perfect escape from her family. She had never once imagined life without him but now she was living one. Her love life that w...
Don't Fear The Reaper || Sam Winchester by QueenMimi96
Don't Fear The Reaper || Sam 𝒮𝐻𝒜𝑅💮𝒩
I was death. He was life... Two polar opposites in a world gone chaotic with battles between the forces of good - Angels of the Lord - and the bad - the demons subject...
Sins Of A God | ✓  by fallenperidot
Sins Of A God | ✓ by ✨ a mess ✨
"He waits for you, dear child. The devil himself has you in his sights." Starting college should be a big deal, but to Persephone Remes, it wasn't. Not when he...
The Devil By The River by siarasaint
The Devil By The Riverby 𝐒𝐈𝐀𝐑𝐀
Natalia Samson, an eighteen-year-old woman, born of privilege happens to be peacefully studying in a prestigious university and living the life anyone could ever dream o...
She Got Away by TheaMayy
She Got Awayby Teodora
// featured // Magic runs through our veins, and Neelan Lee has an extra shot. Being an illusionist was a gift and a curse, just like beauty. It didn't bring her anythin...
Dancing with the Dead ✔ by ChristinaAnnRiley
Dancing with the Dead ✔by Christina Ann Riley
Alexis Howard can see the dead. And she loved it. At least until she was forced to move 600 miles away because of it. Now determined to turn over a new leaf, Alexis cuts...
Should I Believe What I Saw ? ✔ by NancyRauniar
Should I Believe What I Saw ? ✔by Nancy
#COMPLETED #1 in mystery-thriller #2 in horror-thriller #32 in paranormal #13 in scary #60 in mystery #50 in horror A short 15 minutes reading story. A girl named Bess...
The Masks That We Wear - Tormentum (Beyblade Burst x OC x ??) #Wattys 2019 by AshleshaBhagat
The Masks That We Wear - Ashlesha Bhagat
It's not unusual to find someone in a love triangle, but what if it's a love decagon that runs without your knowledge? A tormented soul. A tragic past. Cover-ups. Evil...
Walking the Gallows ✔️ by RogueSnow
Walking the Gallows ✔️by 𝕽σ𝖌υ𝖊 𝕾ɳ𝖔ɯ
2019 1st place winner of the AuroraAwards "MYSTERY/THRILLER" category 2019 2nd place winner of the #YouCanDoAnything Awards "THRILLER/MYSTERY" catego...
That of a Nostalgic Future by immatrytoread
That of a Nostalgic Futureby Justy
A barista by day, a writer by night. That is the life of Chester Downs - someone who pours coffee for the locals and offers beer to the drunken. And when no one was wat...
My Possessive Murderer by anoushka_2004
My Possessive Murdererby Anoushka🌻
"Why are you running away from me?" He pinned me to the wall, leaving no chance of my escape. I looked down at my feet, not being able to find the courage to t...
Like A Dream|✔️ by cynkruse26
Like A Dream|✔️by ꧁ꨄ𝔙𝔦𝔬𝔩𝔢𝔱ꨄ꧂
1st Place in Romance for the Coronation Awards! Seventeen-year-old Violet Peres is an insomniac who was traumatized by her parents' death. Only ever having one female f...