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Life is Strange Group Chat. by leeskiii
Life is Strange Group skeeo 🍫
| c h a t m e s s a g e s | Max, Chloe, Rachel, Warren, Kate, Victoria and Nathan start a fun group chat. These are their messages. DUN DUN.
Grahamscott (WarrenxNathan) Smutshot by Rousie01
Grahamscott (WarrenxNathan) Maddie
Warren Graham and Nathan Prescott from Life is Strange... I ship them harder than a normal human should...
Teal Tales by RedRaccoon_
Teal Talesby RedRaccoon_
Pricefield oneshots based off of my favourite Life is strange pairing.
|| GrahamScott Oneshots || by TheyCallMeTheTaylor
|| GrahamScott Oneshots ||by TheyCallMeTheTaylor
Short stories I write of one of my favourite Life is Strange ships ~! **THERE WILL BE SWEARING** Cover art by BanyaBell on DeviantArt
The Butterfly Effect  [Grahamscott AU] by NeBuLaHoLiC
The Butterfly Effect [ NeBuLaHoLiC
Basically... Warren Graham is the science Nerd of Blackwell and has a high hatred for the vortex club, expect for one member. Nathan Prescott. Nathan Prescott was a spoi...
-GrahamScott- by upsidedownunicorn
-GrahamScott-by upsidedownunicorn
Life is strange fan art starring Warren Graham's un-official stalker, Nathan Prescott. Even powerful people can't control who they fall in love with. [The cover art belo...
Grahamscott one-shots  by lizard433
Grahamscott one-shots by Okay boomer
Because yes. Also, Warren is a bottom and that's on period.
Life Is Texting by CodyZynda
Life Is Textingby Cody Zynda
a text based... Life IS Strange adventure!
Life is Really Strange by lifeizstrange
Life is Really Strangeby now why dont you go fuck your...
all your favorite life is strange characters doing strange things its all you could wish for
Warren is Strange by CookiSparks
Warren is Strangeby CookiSparks
Warren Graham is without a doubt the strangest person Nathan Prescott has ever known. He was always happy, is obsessed with the weirdest things and basically survives on...
Grahamscott One shots by noturaveragetrash
Grahamscott One shotsby Charlie
A collection of Grahamscott one shots I have written. Don't expect regular uploads. Thanks for checking this out! Grahamscott, M x M, don't like; don't read. XxC
This Won't Work by CyanoticNightmare
This Won't Workby Kali CyanNightmare
He was addicted yet he tries to push me away, quit cold turkey with a flick of his wrist, but he wasn't like that at all. I knew him too well at this point.
❥   Sex, Money And Feelings by sleepyminii
❥ Sex, Money And Feelingsby Rose
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Nathan Prescott is the typical bad-boy jock at Blackwell academy. With a twisted childhood his family practically owns Arcadia Bay. With that, he...
Warm Days by CyanoticNightmare
Warm Daysby Kali CyanNightmare
The A/C in this place apparently broke and I of course like a sane person was a bit peeved off. Pretty sure the other attendants here are as well, one of my neighbors ha...
Stairs. by maxirrily
#16 max
Warren helps Nathan up the stairs. Thats it. (i'm sorry i'm such a sucker for grahamscott)
[ Sometimes I wanna die - Nathan Prescott ] by Leti_Lightwood
[ Sometimes I wanna die - Nathan Letizia
[ Trigger Warning: descrizioni di violenza grafica, abuso di sostanze stupefacenti, tendenze suicide. Siete stati avvisati! ]
Mads Mikittensen by CyanoticNightmare
Mads Mikittensenby Kali CyanNightmare
'He smiled, that smile was one that I have never seen before, not towards Brooke, Max, Kate, none of those bitches. This smile just seemed reserved for me. He smiled wit...
Drive-In's are Cheesy. [GrahamScott - LIS] by alexcantcook
Drive-In's are Cheesy. [ alexcantcook
Visiting Kate at the hospital had become a must-do thing. Especially after she texted Max, about seeing Nathan there. No one was sure what happened to him, but they had...
Nothing At All by CyanoticNightmare
Nothing At Allby Kali CyanNightmare
Bay over Bae ending - A few months after the death of Maxine's old best friend, Warren, of course, is confused as of why Max associates with Chloe's murderer but all he...