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Redemption [My Hero Oneshot] by IrregularYu
Redemption [My Hero Oneshot]by Linky
The original story with the same title was scrapped due to some members of my school peering into my personal life and being concerned about the theme of the story. So o...
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I Think He's My Bestfriend by beg0neth0t
I Think He's My Bestfriendby tasha
You've been bestfriends with him since grade 6. He was the person who helped cheered you up when you were down. Now you two are in grade 8 and are graduating. Now since...
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A Different Type of Love Story! by iluvelijah14
A Different Type of Love Story!by Anna
Drew is a seventeen year old boy and the schools football star and also the most popular boy in school. He has tons of friends, and his girlfriend is the most popular gi...
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She Will Be Just Fine - COMPLETED ✔ by SoDoneWithYourShirt
She Will Be Just Fine - COMPLETED ✔by Angela Black
Uche is 25 years old, with a degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Leeds, but nothing to show for it yet. The opinion of her Nigerian parents dominate...
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Famous But Cocky (ON HOLD) by ChokesOnTea24
Famous But Cocky (ON HOLD)by ChokesOnTea24
When Blair's house ignites in flames, she is left with almost nothing. Well, that's how it starts at least. When the famous Dylan walks into her life, he comes across as...
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Brown Skin by dessiree96
Brown Skinby Dessiree W
I decided to dedicate my front cover to someone who has been in my life for 4 years now. She is a perfect role - model. she is not only my best friend but she is my unbi...
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Gone and Back Again |~Katsudeku~| by _kiwichan__
Gone and Back Again |~Katsudeku~|by ゆきてんと
After the popular UA class, 1-A, graduate their short broccoli friend suddenly disappears. After 5 years of being in England on a sudden mission, also doing a very good...
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The little Aubrey Riding Hood 😍 by greife8047
The little Aubrey Riding Hood 😍by greife8047
Aubrey Riding Hood
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The Wizard's Evening by bookwyrm81
The Wizard's Eveningby bookwyrm81
Runa Koenig, a newly made wizard who specializes in stone magic, struggles through all of the trials that pop up as soon as her ceremony ends. Will she survive her first...
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So, you think you know me now? by RazzleDazzleFrazzle
So, you think you know me now?by Chelsey
Life isn't always as nice as it seems... Take a look in on my life and it's ups and downs.
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The Forbidden Trail by alexaidenross
The Forbidden Trailby Lissa Rose Dimitri
Its just a party they told. Just to celebrate graduation. Just to let loose for one night. For one occasion. And look where it got me. An ancient war brewing even befor...
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Loathing Ryan (original) by victorious
Loathing Ryan (original)by Victoria
Isolation. One cabin, two people. This is quite frankly, the end of my, Izabel Sander's, existence. Two and a half months with the boy who single handedly destroyed my l...
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Baby Blues by Taya_Gabe
Baby Bluesby Taya-anne Gabe
I had known him most of my life and I had seen him look so afraid ------ When Ana finds out that she is expecting, all she does is worry - how is her family going to re...
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What Friends Are For by tykeriia
What Friends Are Forby Ty’Keria
"In a rush?" A deep voice asks making my head snap up. I see Jacob hovering over me with a smirk on his face. "An apology would've been nice," I mumb...
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Fault In Our Stars || {Book 1} by Juliah_Bianca
Fault In Our Stars || {Book 1}by Juliah_Bianca
{Characters} Justin - || Kind, Loving, Sweet, Singer || Samantha (Sam) -|| Cute, kind, Loving, faithfull, sweet || laurence -|| Loving, sweet, Shy, kind, Positive |...
Adventure by mylittlesweets
Adventureby mylittlesweets
Sage Bray lives a boring life. She always has and probably always will. She has one friend, says in bed all day, and would rather watch a good romance movie then go out...
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The Road Trip by TreeOctopus7604
The Road Tripby Caitlin
Alice Moore is an 18 year old girl who just graduated and has dreams to chase. She's got a long list of things to do before she goes to college. One of the things is a r...
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You're Still The One (On Hold) by coolgirldontstalkme
You're Still The One (On Hold)by Jojo
A sad love story with a happy ending. I would be over the moon if you give me your opinion on this story. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
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