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NOLI ME TANGERE by pawii_0116
Buod ng bawat kabanata
Short stories - English GCSE by Ali647
Short stories - English GCSEby Alice
I'm going to upload any short stories that I have to write for my English GCSE, because why not?! I loved writing them and I might as well share them - it would be a sha...
More Than Friends by beautifulandvulgar
More Than Friendsby ☾︎Rʏʟᴇɪɢʜ Jᴏsᴇᴘʜɪɴᴇ☽︎
*EXTENDED DESCRIPTION INSIDE* 8th grade. The year that Jackson and Ramona have officially become the ship of the school. Their friends Alex, Ben, Sky, and Arianna have...
Drowning ~The Healing Powers of Dude Fanfic~ by TheYellowKoala
Drowning ~The Healing Powers of TheYellowKoala
Noah Ferris has Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) and has been slowly getting better since his first appearance at a public school. Now 14, he is starting Highschool. Everyo...
New Freshman! by fictionsexual
New Freshman!by Paige ಠ_ಠ
Mia is a 14-year-old girl, going into freshman year in a NEW school! She's a bit nervous, because she has stayed in her last school for 6 whole years, and now, she has t...
High School Survival Guide by xmegn_
High School Survival Guideby Megan
The sequel(?) to Middle School Survival Guide, and a collection of stories and advice from the most chaotic four years of your life. I am going into my senior so I think...
The Glitch by acesepacio2
The Glitchby acesepacio2
We all experience a glitch, where everything is working as planned, until problems showed up, so you have to improvise a new plan.
if im being honest. by sassykat1323
if im being hope somerville
this is a story about my journals, it has some deep content i will be updating it daily!!!!!!!!
my poems by selenabramos
my poemsby Selena Ramos
a book full of my poems that I've created this year. some of them will just be stories
Aladdin Script (by JFour Menda) 2020 by TheCool_Fhour
Aladdin Script (by JFour Menda) macb
Nếu có thể quay trở về lúc đó? by PhuongIsMe
Nếu có thể quay trở về lúc đó?by PhuongIsMe
Túm cái quần lại thì đây là 1 autobiography của tớ. Cậu nào không thích thì kemecau vì đây là quá khứ của tớ. Cậu nào nói tớ xạo loz thì cũng kemecau. Tớ viết để tớ nhẹ...
my choice  by kmusic15e
my choice by k
as long as brelana remembers she lived in russia she grew up there she never wanted to leave. but when she was 14 she was told she would be moving to Canada. she was sca...
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Math - Grade 9 by YourMathAssistant
Math - Grade 9by Your Math Assistant
It's a supplementary material for Grade 9 Mathematics subject which provide parallel examples to the activities and quizzes on Grade 9 Math module in the Philippines.
The class murder by DEDoncaster
The class murderby ThatCrappyBookWriter
A mass murder of 10 grade 9's but no one was caught. Throughout the days the last 14 grade 9's left were being picked off. No one knows who is making there life a living...
EXTRA! EXTRA! by Thematrixmeme
EXTRA! EXTRA!by Thematrixmeme
Please give credits to me and my account if you're gonna reuse this. Thanks
Why me? by BenjaminEllwood
Why me?by Benjamin Ellwood
Sam is gay. He and his best friend Zoey work their way through grade 8, going through so much on the way.
The girl with the scar by writingworldofme
The girl with the scarby writingworldofme
This is a story about a girl who goes to a new school in a new town. There she meets a girl she has met before, not in real life, but in a dream. Gradually she starts to...
how to be perfect for him by Sophiabcs
how to be perfect for himby Sophia Rose
Olivia, or liv as her friends call her, is just about an average girl. Except the fact her family is absolutely mad, she has a abnormally huge crush on a boy in her scie...