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Rejection on the Alpha #1 | COMPLETED | by BlondeDecember1
Rejection on the Alpha #1 | BlondeDecember1
A Reverse Harem. This wasn't a civilised understanding, people knew of what the Julius Alpha was, what he stood for, which wasn't anything but our strongest of clan lead...
Stranger Than Normal by whorefor24
Stranger Than Normalby whorefor24
{Will Byers X Female Reader} At the age of five 006 was sent to the upside down by Papa. The scientists left her there after she was chased by a demogorgen thinking she...
Strong For Too Long Trilogy ✔️ by darkblonde1
Strong For Too Long Trilogy ✔️by Darkblonde1
Excerpt: The sentence you are currently reading has the potential to undermine your capability in the knowledge of literature and your bland consciousness to understand...
U.A Prison ▪BNHA▪「Book 1」 by Sadistic_Karma
U.A Prison ▪BNHA▪「Book 1」by Sadistic_Karma
Approximately one percent of the world was developing superpowers called quirks. The government decided it was best to capture all the 'infected' and separate them from...
My Enemy's Tattoo by Fantasyreads23
My Enemy's Tattooby futureMILF
Left alone at the young age of six, Iris Bennett endured more than anyone she'd ever met. Weeks without seeing a single soul outside, starving to death as no one was aro...
Firebreak (Jackson's Hollow #2) by aemeredith
Firebreak (Jackson's Hollow #2)by A.E. Meredith
Jo Scott's life has been anything but normal since the day she sent a guy to the hospital with third degree burns using pyrokinetic abilities she didn't even know she ha...
Slipping Into The Future by peblezQ
Slipping Into The Futureby Pebs
Alexander Hamilton time-travels from the year 1794 to the year 2016 and meets the man who wrote a musical about him; Lin-Manuel Miranda. ~~~ Alexander Hamilton plans to...
Sky Children by OwenTyme
Sky Childrenby Owen Tyme
Zechariah Jacobs is a colonist aboard a star ship destined for the frontier, but disaster strikes and he's forced to scuttle the ship, on the captain's orders. Launching...
The Gifted by authorsirenaknight
The Giftedby Sirena Knight
Two groups of Gifted---people with superhuman powers, or Gifts---conflict. Loyalties are questioned. People fight. People die.
Kamiinari Synthesis: Saga of the wandering warrior  by Weebereh
Kamiinari Synthesis: Saga of the Hridyansh
Lexis was robbed of his life, with nothing but a mere 6 years to live and a power that holds no worth to the man, decides to spend his last years wandering and experienc...
Conspiracy Theories [COMPLETED] Watty's 2016 by aaveryelizabeth
Conspiracy Theories [COMPLETED] ♡•Avery Who?•♡
By no means are these real, they could be completely false, but I found them fascinating, and a little creepy. Some are scarier than others, but they all are weird in th...
The Trouble with Women by rdracine
The Trouble with Womenby Renee Racine-Kinnear
A woman suspects that her government-imposed birth control implant is controlling her. As reports of uncharacteristically violent female behaviour begin to surge, it bec...
Infection Runs Deep by goodness_graecus
Infection Runs Deepby alina gabriels
Dr. Elizabeth Hunter thought her life as second year resident could not get anymore frantic than her ER rotation. Crashing heart rates, bottoming out blood pressures, an...
The Chronicles of Ymir Book 1: The Edo by Katranaga
The Chronicles of Ymir Book 1: Katranaga
One day, a normal girl, living a normal life in a normal world, gets thrust into a conflict in another realm. (Side note: I'm probably not going to include any romance...
Beware The High by Dragonborn_Bard2004
Beware The Highby The Bard
My name is Orphen. While the world fights monsters and makes weapons and grows steadily more advanced, I'm still here in this orphanage waiting for my parents that will...
The Organization by KingzGaius
The Organizationby Kingz Stories Gaius Empire Of...
Meet Gaius. An orphan, who was raised and transformed mentally and otherwise by his billionaire uncle to avenge the death of his late father who was assassinated by few...
No Where To Go But Up... by Ink-fated
No Where To Go But Ink-fated
"You ready for this?" Stephan asked me with a smirk. "Do we have a fucking choice?" I said sarcastically as I watched Kyla step toward the door as sh...
DYSTOPIA  | BOOK 2 of Death of the Future Series by KrystalM
DYSTOPIA | BOOK 2 of Death of Krystal
Ricky has grown up in a war since he was five, but he did not expect to be The Uprising's next leader against World Government. In his uncertainty of his leadership, he...
Eyes That See by AStridGSmile12
Eyes That Seeby AStridGSmile12
An event transpired when he was young. One he still doesn't fully understand himself. He was found in the middle of the woods one morning without a name, without a lang...
Restart by Princess_P_Schnapps
Restartby Courtney
"I ONLY REGRET THAT I HAVE BUT ONE LIFE TO LOSE FOR MY COUNTRY." -Nathan Hale Now, in the year 2188, in the United Republic of America, you have but two lives...