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Gourmet From Another World by TiruMitsu031
Gourmet From Another Worldby
Story about a passion And Expressionless chef from earth who Going to Achieve God Tier Cooking In another world with the System Guide.
古董下山 (ENGLISH: Old Fogey Goes Down The Mountain) by MaybeCabbage
古董下山 (ENGLISH: Old Fogey Goes Down...by MaybeCabbage
We are fan translators! Please be nice in comments for the community :) Original Author: 缘何故 Yuán hégù In the great and mighty and advanced 21st century, an old fogey w...
In to the Gourmet World (Toriko) by reganmf
In to the Gourmet World (Toriko)by rayofsunshine
Heavenly Kings x OC Mariposa, or Mari, was just a regular young adult, who just so happend to love anime. Her latest obsession was the Toriko anime, she loved everything...
အချက်အပြုတ် နတ္ဘုရား Book-2(MMtrans)(Unicode) by Y-This-Summer
အချက်အပြုတ် နတ္ဘုရား Book-2(MMtran...by Y-D-Nway
Original Title -Gourmet Of Another World Original Author -Li Hongtian Translator - Y-This-summer Zawgyi version ကို @white-sky-immortal acc မြာ ဝင္ေရာက္ဖတ္ရႉနိုင္ပါတယ္
A Twisted World by ghoulsEgg
A Twisted Worldby ghoulsEgg
Most teenagers only have to worry about school and drama. But what happens if you add being a ghoul to the mix? Tanaka Kat only wanted a normal life, but obviously that...
Cole Sprouse X Gordon Ramsay  by FatSock69
Cole Sprouse X Gordon Ramsay by Moist bussy
Cole Sprouse enters the top chef competition where he meets his true love Gordon. Love blossoms and rises just like Gordon's pp. disclaimer: this is a joke.
Basically A 'Food' Battle by Fallen_Music
Basically A 'Food' Battleby Bubble_Master
"Yo, Komatsu." "Rei-chan!" Catching food, battling food and bad guys, and meeting new friends sure takes a toll on both mind and soul. The body is fi...
White, Red or Dead, Madam? - 50 Shades of Fables by valentine1007
White, Red or Dead, Madam? - 50 Sh...by Rebecca Valentine
"50 Shades" inspired food erotica begins this collection of modern-day fables to excite new beginnings and provoke new approaches. Each has been written indepe...
DEVOUR | Tokyo Ghoul | One Shot ✔️ by Sloth02
DEVOUR | Tokyo Ghoul | One Shot ✔️by —rin*
To eat or to be eaten? --- "It has nothing to do with whether I like or dislike humans. Rather, as an old human yourself, did you take pleasure in watching the way...
Kiss The Cook (Spongebob Oneshots) by ILOVECHOCOLATESALOT
Kiss The Cook (Spongebob Oneshots)by 🍫
Some beautiful short stories of alternate SpongeBob universes Sample: --------- Spongebob x Sandy: -------- Glancing sideways, his breath caught in his throat as he beh...
vsoo ; shemomedjamo by eomchintal
vsoo ; shemomedjamoby ® for rice
많이 드세요 - hãy ăn thật nhiều vào nhé
Strawberry Milk [COMPLETED] by BonbonLove
Strawberry Milk [COMPLETED]by BonbonLove
[#1 in Trueheart 2/22/19] After enrolling in a Japanese prep-school for rich teenagers, a sloppy and tomboyish girl glows-up to fight back against snobby bullies and sur...
Recetas De Cocina - Gourmet by kia_hemmings
Recetas De Cocina - Gourmetby Kiara Hemmings
Recetas fáciles y sencillas, para aprender a cocinar desde lo más básico
Eat A Treat! Foodie Recipes  by Yusa_A
Eat A Treat! Foodie Recipes by Yusa_A
Are you a lazy person that wants to prove they could at least cook scrambled eggs? Are you a food enthusiast that wants to start out easy before they get to the tough on...
SHREDS & Leftovers (english) by mapingzuo
SHREDS & Leftovers (english)by mapingzuo
A Failed Project Collection from past to present
Retour à Versailles by MarquiseDeLaVibrisse
Retour à Versaillesby Marquise de la Vibrisse
Caramel, Marquis de la Vibrisse a reçu une missive de Louis XIV qui a besoin de ses conseils politiques et stratégiques. Il se réjouit de revoir sa Majesté, mais Félix e...