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love goes a long way by smallmaniac1407
love goes a long wayby smallmaniac1407
(NOW COMPLETED!) drink,poth, afterdeath
Goth sans x reader by Midnight_shores
Goth sans x readerby Midnight_shores
your shy and tend to stay in the back ground of things and because of this people bullied you, it got so bad you parents sent you to monster academy, will you make new f...
The weekend with Daddy by DipFall
The weekend with Daddyby .
🔞 Goth's sure his feelings are normal. EVERY son admires their father and gets angry whenever he kisses Geno... Right?.. The weekend he's alone with Reaper, due to Geno...
Immortality by DahRadSkeleDude
Immortalityby JJ_loves_Ruru
-VERY ANGSTY- Error gives up. there's no point in fighting anymore.. He gets captured but doesn't care. Ink and the council decides to send Error to prison for life but...
Just a Whole Bunch of Sanscest One-shots by palms-stained-pink
Just a Whole Bunch of Sanscest Roxy Rocks
Will probably not update again whoops It's gay. It's also mostly Pray. The cover was done by notartisticdraw on insta and wattpad :)) If Wattpad isn't your preferred fan...
•Sun Isn't Always Bad & Moon Isn't Always Good• [evil lux au] by LilyLunaetic
•Sun Isn't Always Bad & Moon Isn' °Lily°
Lore.... THE LORE!!!!!!! Haha the book is finish! Though I will make some side stories
Palette x Cray (Short Stories) by Notartisticdraw
Palette x Cray (Short Stories)by Notartisticdraw
A lot of short stories centered around the relationship of Palette Roller and Spray Cray. Stories are divided with chapter dividers. Palette Roller never expected his li...
Stop  by queen150791
Stop by ಥ_ಥ
(A Palette x Goth fanfiction) I love Palette. I love him sooo much. But he won't stop saying 'Best-Friend' and 'Buddy' God, I want it to stop.
Ship and ship kids on cRacK- by Multishippinggod
Ship and ship kids on cRacK-by Alien Queen✨🌸💕
No I am Not On drugs Characters do not belong to me Ships: Drink Poth Errormare Ravenprint Luxdient And more :D Art not mine
Fell Poth/Poth One-shots (Maybe some other ships) (DISCONTINUED) by genocidallygay
Fell Poth/Poth One-shots (Maybe geno
Just sum Fell Poth and Poth one-shots I might insert myself in here at sum point
Ask or dare Goth,Raven and Shino(afterdeath family) by blueberry_sans_girl
Ask or dare Goth,Raven and Shino( Elsa Centeno
goth is 16 years old(older brother but he short people think he younger brother look like he 13 but not) raven is 15 years old(younger brother but he tall people think h...
Gone? Ship Kid Story  by Heyarandomstuffs
Gone? Ship Kid Story by Heyarandomstuffs
In this story two star sanses 2.0 disappear what will happen find out
Art Book(2020) by YourSinsWillNotDie
Art Book(2020)by nhbghbgh
motherfuckers deleted my new art book, bitch
Date (A Poth Fanfic) by XxX_TownofJade_XxX
Date (A Poth Fanfic)by BlairWidows_608
I will pick three words from each chapter and use them to base the next around. Hope you enjoy^^!
Lone Star | Afterdeath story by R0tt1ng_R4bb1t
Lone Star | Afterdeath storyby Zero V
" Goodbye future, once so bright, meet my pregnant girlfriend! Watch my bank account run dry, 437 dollars spent to put things back to the way they used to be. Still...
Love is not the answer  by Cutedragon2_0
Love is not the answer by M,A,T Studios
"I love him with all my heart but I have to leave I'm so sorry Goth" ❤
Unknown War by Heyarandomstuffs
Unknown Warby Heyarandomstuffs
In this book there is two kingdoms the star sanes and bad sanses. The ship kids hate the fact that they gave to stay in thier side of the border. The border was in the t...
if your lonely by ghostwitchcat
if your lonelyby ghostwitchcat
this is for if your lonely. i could have definitly have used this many times i always need something like this i am always lonely.
The Secret Of Dreamberry child by Singer_geno_girl
The Secret Of Dreamberry childby daniela centeno geno
I'm making book of different I usually ship cream,errorink or dustberry but it will be different dream and blue have a daughter name dreamberry she has two side nobody n...