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Immortality by DahRadSkeleDude
Immortalityby JJ_loves_Ruru
-VERY ANGSTY- Error gives up. there's no point in fighting anymore.. He gets captured but doesn't care. Ink and the council decides to send Error to prison for life but...
Just a Whole Bunch of Sanscest One-shots by palms-stained-pink
Just a Whole Bunch of Sanscest Roxy Rocks
Will probably not update again whoops It's gay. It's also mostly Pray. The cover was done by notartisticdraw on insta and wattpad :)) If Wattpad isn't your preferred fan...
The weekend with Daddy by DipFall
The weekend with Daddyby .
🔞 Goth's sure his feelings are normal. EVERY son admires their father and gets angry whenever he kisses Geno... Right?.. The weekend he's alone with Reaper, due to Geno...
Sun And Moon [lore] [evil lux au] by LilyLunaetic
Sun And Moon [lore] [evil lux au]by Lunatic
Welcome to the lore of [E.L.A]
Written Out by Firehedgehog
Written Outby Firehedgehog
He... died right? Goth woke amnesic in a multiverse no one knew who he was. What happened? He just has fragments of memories... Yet he was sure he died.
Ask or dare Goth,Raven and Shino(afterdeath family) by blueberry_sans_girl
Ask or dare Goth,Raven and Shino( Elsa Centeno
goth is 16 years old(older brother but he short people think he younger brother look like he 13 but not) raven is 15 years old(younger brother but he tall people think h...
Lost Crown, Lost Self || Captain Palette 2 || part 2 of Cappa!AU || ON HOLD. || by Pixielikestowrite
Lost Crown, Lost Self || Captain Pixie likes to write
// Cover drawn by @_CherryLime_ after such a horrible loss, Palette refuses to give up hope. with the knowledge that his uncle wasn't always the monster he used to be...
My Gothy~ (Paperjam x Goth) {SLOW UPDATE} by JackytheSkeleton
My Gothy~ (Paperjam x Goth) { ghostly★
{If you don't ship it, don't read it} • • • • • Palette and Cray stopped fighting over Goth and they end up dating each other. Goth always had a crush on Paperjam ever s...
Undertale AU's ship children/Kids stuff by BeauBunnii
Undertale AU's ship children/ BeauBunnii
yeah its mostly cringe shit and i neither change their age or gender and all of them are human versions so yeah. pj:(Male/Female) gradient: (Male) Palette: (Female) blue...
Sans Au Zodiac Signs by FringeAssasin
Sans Au Zodiac Signsby Fringe Assassin
Just some Sans au zodiac signs.
Goth sans x reader by Midnight_shores
Goth sans x readerby Midnight_shores
your shy and tend to stay in the back ground of things and because of this people bullied you, it got so bad you parents sent you to monster academy, will you make new f...
Ship and ship kids on cRacK- by Multishippinggod
Ship and ship kids on cRacK-by Alien Queen✨🌸💕
No I am Not On drugs Characters do not belong to me Ships: Drink Poth Errormare Ravenprint Luxdient And more :D Art not mine
goth in a jar. by Lulu_loves_dreammare
goth in a cray
goth in a jar.......
Darkened Love (yandere!raven x blueprint) by Inkydesuchan
Darkened Love (yandere!raven x MoonlightDreamChan
Yeah title the title explains everything well almost JUST READ THIS BOOK TO FIGURE OUT EVERYTHING. Possible lemons
Pothabilities by NoodleBoodles
Pothabilitiesby NoodleBoodles
Poth story! What else is necessary?? :D
Gone? Ship Kid Story  by Heyarandomstuffs
Gone? Ship Kid Story by Heyarandomstuffs
In this story two star sanses 2.0 disappear what will happen find out
Fell Poth/Poth One-shots (Maybe some other ships) (DISCONTINUED) by crowcraft
Fell Poth/Poth One-shots (Maybe craft
Just sum Fell Poth and Poth one-shots I might insert myself in here at sum point
My Art Book! by RevoltingNightmares
My Art Book!by Gods Cornflake
All art in this book is 100% original or may be a collab. Nevertheless, my promise to you is that every piece of art in this book I have the full right to post anywhere...
Date (A Poth Fanfic) by XxX_TownofJade_XxX
Date (A Poth Fanfic)by BlairWidows_608
I will pick three words from each chapter and use them to base the next around. Hope you enjoy^^!
The Secret Of Dreamberry child by Singer_geno_girl
The Secret Of Dreamberry childby daniela centeno geno
I'm making book of different I usually ship cream,errorink or dustberry but it will be different dream and blue have a daughter name dreamberry she has two side nobody n...