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The Ugly Vampire by spo0k1e
The Ugly Vampireby Spo0k1e Awry
This is a book of poems that my biological father, Anthony, wrote. The original book is literally poems my mother @ElleRose69 and father Anthony would write back and fo...
Poems From Nicholas Leonard, The Skeleton Scribe Of Fate by SkeletonScribeOfFate
Poems From Nicholas Leonard, The Nicholas Leonard
An inky smoke is bleeding out from asylums, cathedrals, mausoleums, regal dining rooms and yesterday's campfires, and they're all congealing together in this tar-filled...
 Poetry, Poetry, Poetry by sherwinmago
Poetry, Poetry, Poetryby Sherwin Mago
A Poetry about Poetry's Poetry.
Nova Scotia Gothic by Dragonette_Zombie
Nova Scotia Gothicby Chance
Everything that washes up on shore is already dead. You know better than to wonder why.
Manitoba Gothic by Dragonette_Zombie
Manitoba Gothicby Chance
If the corn has ears then the trees have eyes and they are always listening and they are always watching.
Open Letters To Closed Doors by BruceWilson291
Open Letters To Closed Doorsby Bruce Wilson
A selection of poems from my first three collections with new ones thrown in...
To blow yer son's mind by itsghostugh
To blow yer son's mindby GHØST
Briefly, a stepdad drives his son insane. Many with daddy issues may relate.
The Birthday Massacre: Nothing and Nowhere by angeldiamandis
The Birthday Massacre: Nothing Angel Diamandis
The Birthday Massacre 1. Nothing and Nowhere 2. Violet 3. Walking With Strangers 4. Looking Glass 5. Pins and Needles 6. Imaginary Monsters 7. Hide and Seek 8. Superstit...
A Nightmare's Anthology by ImmortalCharlotte
A Nightmare's Anthologyby ImmortalCharlotte
The brainchild of a dark winter's night. My darkest thoughts on death and morality recovered, compiled and translated into verse. Somewhat grim, infinitely deep and plen...
Hiraeth by Lina_Black_Rose
Hiraethby Lina_Black_Rose
Burning through the 'fault lines' An obsidian rush towards the surface Rising from the depths of deception Departing, radiating in all directions Uncontainable. Poem...
BEHEMOTH  by BabiiStarrr
BEHEMOTH by Evillqueenn
Welcome to the dark side of poetry ~
Gothic Poetry Collection by xbrokenirisx
Gothic Poetry Collectionby Iris
Just some gothic poetry of mine. Give feedback please. It is appreciated.
Vampires and a suicide diary by 222yearsago
Vampires and a suicide diaryby Nazareno P.L.
You are about to start reading a diary that should never have been written or read, flooded with pain and melancholy, drowned in the darkest nightmares that will lead ou...
Poems by Nathansbox
Poemsby Midget
A collection of short poems I have written. New poems added over time. Feel free to comment on any chapter with feedback.
Dark Poetry by XxxBloodRavenxxX
Dark Poetryby XxxBloodRavenxxX
I just wrote these out of boredom, frustration or because I felt tortured and depressed and decided to write these poems instead of cutting myself, which I never had don...
poetry collection  by becky_boo_x
poetry collection by Becky Gevaux
A collection of poetry about death, sorrow, intense emotions and my own personal feelings about the world around me
Love is Dead (Poem) by RizNes07
Love is Dead (Poem)by Riz Nes
In a game called Love, there are always options- is it to Win, Lose/ Live, Die or Love, Hate? Love is Dead.
Swan Song Synthesis  by Lina_Black_Rose
Swan Song Synthesis by Lina_Black_Rose
The 'Swan Song Synthesis' is the process of creation, be it art, music, writing, or whatever, beginning with the rush to grasp or 'bottle' a thought / memory or dream be...