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Doe Eyes ✧ Gotham [1] #Wattys2019 by flwrgjrl
Doe Eyes ✧ Gotham [1] #Wattys2019by liv♡
"eyes are the windows to the soul. jane valeska's are no different: big, beautiful and innocent; jus...
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Edwald Nygmobblepot One-Shots by InfernoFrost
Edwald Nygmobblepot One-Shotsby Lauren Mazy
Warning: some mature content. (not all mature, though!)Just some one-shots I decided to write in my spare time about the greatest ship I've seen in my life, and thought...
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Crazy Eyes ✧ Gotham [2] by flwrgjrl
Crazy Eyes ✧ Gotham [2]by liv♡
"she was once innocent, with big doe eyes. now she's crazy, with big crazy eyes." in which jane valeska's story continues after getting locked...
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Gotham imagines by LaneTheCar
Gotham imaginesby Lane
Just some oneshots and imagines about the various characters of the ever wonderful Gotham. I will take requests Those included will be: Oswald Cobblepot Jerome Valeska ...
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Insane // J.V by -OHERRON
Insane // J.Vby 𝐊𝐢𝐦𝐛𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐲
"You're insane " " No I love you " Season 1 /2
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The Wendigo and The Lionheart (A Gotham TV: Bruce/Selina fan fiction) by shadychef
The Wendigo and The Lionheart (A shadychef
People in Gotham disappear all the time. Why should Selina Kyle be any different? Selina Kyle/Bruce Wayne
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《Bat ears and cat ears》 by all_bat_ears
《Bat ears and cat ears》by haylycahiii._.
Selina left thinking that being with Bruce wouldn't help, since she was so different from him. She soon finds that living on the streets of Gotham is a lot harder to do...
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You're My Heist by midnightpansy
You're My Heistby midnightpansy
Bruce Wayne needs to destroy the Court of Owls if he ever wants to save Gotham. But there are some things even a billionaire can't pull off alone - so Jim Gordon puts h...
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Agent of Chaos: Jerome Valeska Imagines/One-shots by SolaceEmbrace
Agent of Chaos: Jerome Valeska SolaceEmbrace
What's not to love about our crazed Jerome Valeska? He's got charisma, charm, a lovely smile and an amazing laugh. And god that laugh is just to die for! So are you a fa...
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The only exception || Gotham [editing] by frida_saldivar
The only exception || Gotham [ Sassy bitch
And in the end, we're all broken
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ιи∂єρєи∂єи¢є ιѕ вℓιѕѕ by xXselinakyle9Xx
ιи∂єρєи∂єи¢є ιѕ вℓιѕѕby Ms_Selina_Kyle
¢αт ιѕ συт σf тнє вαg
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Gotham Imagines //on hiatus// by fantua
Gotham Imagines //on hiatus//by kill me plz
Requests open 🔓 Smut 🔞 Fluff 💞
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He's not me by Strixgirl
He's not meby Aeryn Inara
Ed is confronted with the reality that Oswald is moving on. Ed needing to prevent Oswald making his biggest mistake, by marrying someone else, takes action.
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Daggers In My Heart by Strixgirl
Daggers In My Heartby Aeryn Inara
Sequel posted (Loneliness) - Both can be read alone AU: Oswald and Ed have been together for 2 years when Ed suddenly up and left him for a someone else. Oswald is drown...
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Jokers by JeromePlusMe
Jokersby JeromePlusMe
Lara Sirman, an 18 year old psychotic girl get sent to Arkham Asylum and soon Jerome Valeska becomes her friend. Will he take advantage of her and leave her or will he k...
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This could be the start of a beautiful friendship by Strixgirl
This could be the start of a Aeryn Inara
Takes place S01 Ep15 and goes off cannon from there. When delivering his invitation to Jim, Oswald observes the detective throw the invitation out. Rather than be upset...
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A Late Night Adventure by WalkingDead48
A Late Night Adventureby WalkingDead48
Selina takes Bruce out adventuring and the two find a way to keep themselves entertained.
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Loneliness by Strixgirl
Lonelinessby Aeryn Inara
Sequel to Daggers in my heart - both can be read alone AU: Edward fell apart after he broke up with Oswald. He ends up in Arkham and after his released goes to see the o...
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