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OPEN LATE ;; OSWALD COBBLEPOTby ˗ˏˋ meridian ˎˊ˗
" I guess it wouldn't hurt " // first published september 2015, this book means a lot to me
Psychotically In Love: The Villain and a Hero  by mischiefofloki
Psychotically In Love: The Loki Odinson
Young Billionaire Bruce Wayne finds himself in a rather tragic situation when Gotham's Most famous Villain Jerome Valeska kidnaps him keeping him from his friends and b...
Build a home | Nygmobblepot by loudandsad
Build a home | Nygmobblepotby ace
What if Ed loved Oswald back? What if they started a family? What if the world had it in them, but changed its mind halfway? What if the misery continued in a completely...
~Can't go crawling back to you~ {Nygmobblepot} by stingy36
~Can't go crawling back to you~ { ultragay
Oswald and Ed's relationship has gone downhill and they eventually end up breaking up. Ed takes to the streets. Meanwhile, Oswald tries to pretend he's okay as his frien...
Gotham's Most Wanted by mischiefofloki
Gotham's Most Wantedby Loki Odinson
(BOOK TWO) It's been five years since Bella has had any contact with Jerome. She's moved on to the next chapter of her life, but a strange symbol starts to stare at he...
annie; jerome valeska by ahkmenrad
annie; jerome valeskaby g $
Junior Annie Tahiri just wants to get her required service hours and go about her life like normal. She wants to go see movies with her best friend, Gabby, and cousin Ar...
odelia! [bruce wayne.] by mimeze
odelia! [bruce wayne.]by milla!
IN WHICH... a childhood friend to bruce wayne returns to gotham after years abroad, only to find it in chaos. [gotham,fox.] [season 3-]
BatCat season 5 headcanons by AdelineChabberhart
BatCat season 5 headcanonsby AdelineChabberhart
Beyond the camera of season 5, we don't know what happens between the scenes of Bruce and Selina - but here we do. If you cannot get enough of them, but too little of th...
ARABELLA, a gotham story. by starclustwr
ARABELLA, a gotham no
Before Batman, there was Bruce. And before Bruce, there was Arabella. (I don't own Gotham.)
Fallen Angel by curious-kittens-ocs
Fallen Angelby curious-kittens-ocs
It only took one night with two shots for Riley's life to turn upside down. Heiress turned CEO in less than five minutes. Her brain now plagued with nightmares that she...
Gotham Imagines by Mrs_Crane
Gotham Imaginesby TØP trash
Some Gotham Imagines for your enjoyment ♡ *contains spoilers*
The Rise Of Gotham's Dark Knight  by JauneValeska
The Rise Of Gotham's Dark Knight by JauneValeska
What if Bruce was killed by bane? What if the dark knights first appearance could still happen but much earlier? What if he was the one to single handedly deal with the...
Night Terrors|A Gotham Bruce Wayne Story| by JeromesPuddin
Night Terrors|A Gotham Bruce 🍭🍓🌟🌸
Gotham Season 4 ~~~ Emily Sinclair never thought she was extraordinary...except, when she could sneak out of her father's Gotham City apartment at night and become the f...
Riverdale's Wayne mb\s by JauneValeska
Riverdale's Wayne mb\sby JauneValeska
" The worth trying to save. most of it."
Bat of the Future (MB\S) by JauneValeska
Bat of the Future (MB\S)by JauneValeska
"How can anyone be their own man while living someone else's dream?" (gothamverse\ new earth 99 Terry Mcginnis Batman)
I stop believing that I could ever make things change by JauneValeska
I stop believing that I could JauneValeska
What if Gotham was harsher? If Bruce Wayne was completely alone, if no one stepped forward to comfort or help him in his parent's deaths? if Jim was a coward, If Selina...
Growing up as Ed Nygma~  A Gotham AU Fanfiction by hermionejeanlupin
Growing up as Ed Nygma~ A hermionejeanlupin
Another story written with @eds.riddles from my Gotham Roleplay account @Kristen_Kringle_ this is an AU of Ed's teenage years with Lee Thompkins and Kristen Kringle. WA...