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Scars comic (2doc) (TW: SMUT) by Boreoloverboy
Scars comic (2doc) (TW: SMUT)by Boreoloverboy
This was made by KapuOffical. Not me! I wanted to upload the comic on here because the comic on their website wasn't in correct order so I decided to upload it on here s...
// 2-D X Reader //  by MindlessGorillaz
// 2-D X Reader // by MindlessGorillaz
Just a simple 2-D X Reader for those who love him like I do
Ace Copular x Reader  by Jamiehateseverybody
Ace Copular x Reader by Jamie
Uhh can't find any fanfics of this man so uh here's a green Angel Dust x female reader Anyways, this story is more of a powerpuff girls fanfic, rather than a gorillaz fa...
Throughout the Years Ace x Reader (Re-write) by Wholesome4u4eva
Throughout the Years Ace x Reader...by Wholesome4u4eva
Y/n, Ace, and Murdoc used to be good friends when they were young. Soon you lost contact with Ace and stuck with Murdoc. When all of a sudden, Murdoc is put in jail, a n...
2doc Smutshots  by Str4wb3rryB00z3
2doc Smutshots by MudsIsMyWife
Strictly all bottom murdoc 2doc smutshots, because well.. hes a bottom.. Warnings: ✨ Smut Cringe ✨
Wouldn't you agree?  by whynot124268
Wouldn't you agree? by whynot124268
This is a noodle x reader that will involve smut😏 I don't own the characters or the cover :3 Also in this you guys are obviously of age It's starts out with a fateful e...
Reader X Gorillaz by Justphans
Reader X Gorillazby Skyla Rado
This is my first real story with chapters and stuff.
𝗠𝗼𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗮𝗿𝘆 𝗕𝗹𝗶𝘀𝘀 | 2-D x Reader by christmasgrapes
𝗠𝗼𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗮𝗿𝘆 𝗕𝗹𝗶𝘀𝘀 | 2...by christmasgrapes
It was only supposed to be a one night stand... . . . . . started: 4/23/20 ended: ???
Gorillaz imagines, one shots and preferences by ThatGurlThatWritez
Gorillaz imagines, one shots and p...by ThatGurlThatWritez
*editing all parts-making them longer and getting rid of spelling errors* Some imagines with gorillaz, let's be honest it's mostly 2D and Murdoc but IM TRYING TO INCLUDE...
Confused. - 2doc by mursock
Confused. - 2docby Eli
Murdoc always 'hated' 2D, despised him even. But that was all soon going to change as the pair grow closer and closer together, both realising their feelings for one an...
The Intern: 2d x Reader x Murdoc by DarriyellWashington
The Intern: 2d x Reader x Murdocby Darriyell Washington
My first story, hope u enjoy. Warning: Language, drugs, violence, and sex scenes.
The good in the bad (murdoc x Chubby reader)[discontinued] by otakugirl1645
The good in the bad (murdoc x Chub...by Nay
I don't know i just wanted to make a gorillaz x reader so yeaaaaah let's start
Saving Me (A 2doc Fanfic) by RockingCole
Saving Me (A 2doc Fanfic)by A Little Ghastly
Murdoc comes to the realization that he completely destroyed 2d who had done really nothing wrong and attempts to fix thier relationship, and each other's demons. COMPLE...
2Nu Oneshots by dawnwishes
2Nu Oneshotsby `:•♡°𝒍𝒐𝒗𝒆𝒃𝒊𝒕𝒆𝒔°♡:•.`
Oi this will only phase 3 and up! If you don't like 2Nu, then don't read this. Send in requests in the comments if you'd like~! Will obviously contain NSFW! Credits to t...
The Sweet Smell of Black Coffee (Noodle x fem!Reader) by I_hate_Mayonnaise
The Sweet Smell of Black Coffee (N...by Mayonnaise is nasty
Reader uses she/her pronouns! Reader is 23! Both the reader and Noodle are legal adults! Phase 6 (most recent) I DO NOT OWN GORILLAZ OR THE CHARACTERS OF GORILLAZ!!! I'...
•|| You've Got to Press It on You||• A Noodle x Lesbian!Reader by sp69kah
•|| You've Got to Press It on You|...by o
(Y/N) lived her lesbian life with a homophobic family. She was so scared to come out, due to the fact that her parents would be very aggressive when it comes to anything...
Murdoc niccals smutshots  by plasticbeachwhore
Murdoc niccals smutshots by Ave
may be with members of the band/random characters.
2D x Reader by ImaDebaser
2D x Readerby Obibambam
You accidentally piss of the wrong green monster and end up becoming a maid, more like slave for a band you've never heard of! How long will it last? Will you fall for t...
Gorillaz And Me by Pearl2002
Gorillaz And Meby Pearl2002
Meet Sia, a young girl who was adopted by the Gorillaz after shooting a music video. Fallow her life in this multi-part series. I hope you enjoy. This may contain violen...
Noodle X Reader by weaselbie
Noodle X Readerby ( ͡❛ . ͡❛)
A story full of sleepovers, songs, gee-tah's and dancing. You're welcome.