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Brutal Horrors by OurToxicLoveThings
Brutal Horrorsby Anna
Do you love the spine chilling sensations you get when you read a good horror? Well, if you do, then this is the book for you. This is a collection of short horror and g...
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Searching for Kenshin Himura  by otakugirl1228
Searching for Kenshin Himura by otakugirl1228
Ayumi and her adopted father have been living together for 15 years and she has finally mastered the Hiten Mitsurugi-ryu style. After nearly killing her father from lear...
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The Alpha Ghoul by ReviewKamenRider
The Alpha Ghoulby mysterion
Kamen rider Amazon and Tokyo Ghoul I don't own neither of them other then my Oc
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Unwinding Fate (Daniel x David) by Quirkyne
Unwinding Fate (Daniel x David)by Aunalicia
"He loves he, he loves me not." Daniel spoke quietly, anger pumping through his veins. "He loves me-," Pausing, he plucked one of the ravishing purpl...
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 Sans x Reader Horrortale by PsychoFreak101
Sans x Reader Horrortaleby the dweeb
Horrortale sans x reader Reader is 18 years of age The world is messed up, its changing and it happens only rarely. You cant help but run from this creature, this monste...
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Identity V Oneshots by Bebe_OR30
Identity V Oneshotsby Bebe_OR30
Just some oneshots for those who are bored :] I'm taking requests of any ship (not too weird, p l e a s e) in any genre. Maybe except lemons or smut... ...for now ( ͡ ͡°...
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This Heartless World || Jeff the Killer x reader x Eyeless Jack by animeAUlover
This Heartless World || Jeff the K...by animeAUlover
You are (Y/N). A girl that had some... issues in the past but is "alright" now. You have "friends" now, and no, they're not fake. They genuinely care...
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Papyrus x reader Swapfell by PsychoFreak101
Papyrus x reader Swapfellby the dweeb
Papyrus has gone for so long, torturing you whenever he wanted, knowing you'd come back like always. He always thought you'd come back. But you have something else plann...
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《Dark Russita》You should appologzie by DarkAph
《Dark Russita》You should appologzieby Jean Wilson
Feliciano vargas makes the mistake of stepping on Ivan's scarf and is made a young slave due to it. He is forced to do many things, one being release a man he had been t...
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Criminals  Mochi (Jimin) FF  by MinJJ726
Criminals Mochi (Jimin) FF by JJ
Your life was always hell as a child until Park Jimin came in it...sadly he had to move making you go back to that hell life of yours until someone brought you to a meta...
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Jurassic park the last Dilophosaurus by Ironprime100
Jurassic park the last Dilophosaur...by Ironprime100
what happens when every Dilophosaurus in Jurassic park is dead but henry wu makes one more and turns out to be a t-rex/raptor/Dilophosaurus hybrid well read this to find...
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The True Story Of Homicidal Liu by SilentPonders
The True Story Of Homicidal Liuby silentPonders
Liu was just an ordinary kid and so was his older brother jeff. Liu looked up his brother. But Jeff got shot with a flare gun in his face and it completely obliterated h...
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Gamzee x Reader FanFic~ by vilemint
Gamzee x Reader FanFic~by vile
I wrote this story for a friend of mine, so I decided to upload it here because well I just feel like it would be a good read X3 . Some of the parts are confusing, yes I...
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SKIN TICKET by Xero_Poptarts
woah, something that's totally weird amrite? [COVER IS A WORK IN PROGRESS]
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The end by neganspettt
The endby neganspettt
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Nicholas Sparks only with More Guts: The Notebook by PurpleHair
Nicholas Sparks only with More Gut...by PurpleHair
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Anarchy Angel by Mewcifer
Anarchy Angelby ✝Yuna✝
:3 WOOOOO finally ^.^ ~I do own the creepypasta Anarchy Angel~
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Yellow Face by LizziU
Yellow Faceby LizziU
One in the morning, that was when they came for me...
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Rot And Ruins by satanic_hedgehog
Rot And Ruinsby satanic_hedgehog
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