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Broken Doctor; Chicago Med *STOPPED* by MarvelAmy
Broken Doctor; Chicago Med * 𝘼𝙢𝙮
Alexander Willams, a Emergency Medicine resident and former Head Trauma Surgeon at St George's Hospital in California. Alex joins Chicago Med after she quits at St Georg...
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{COMPLETED}The ghost boy that stepped in. (Zak Bagans x reader)  by cranky_nestor
{COMPLETED}The ghost boy that Robert Henry
You've just came out of an abusive marriage. Paranormal activity gets in your way. You contact the G.A.C for help. Can Zak help you and your child, Ashley. Please give...
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Dark Salvation (Ghost Adventures) by FearTheInsanity
Dark Salvation (Ghost Adventures)by Marek
(Book 1) Luna Storm, the perfect ghost hunting machine. Raised by concerning parents, Luna set off to discover what true paranormal is. She has dedicated her life to fin...
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I'm Just Trying To Help (A Zak Bagans Romance) by SabrinaMayy
I'm Just Trying To Help (A Zak Sabrina 🌙
Marilyn Anderson always lived in fear of the paranormal. Since she was little, evil things have not only haunted her - but her family. And It didn't help that her mother...
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Our Ghost Baby (Zak Bagans x Reader)  by cranky_nestor
Our Ghost Baby (Zak Bagans x Robert Henry
This is a sequel to The Ghost Boy Who Stepped in. Y/n and Zak start a whole new adventure together. They even bring a child into the world together. But does Dan get in...
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The Ice and the Fire (DISCONTINUED)  by rikiepie
The Ice and the Fire ( Rika
"I hate him." That was the first words to be crossed my mind when I saw Tyler. Yes, Tyler Wright. A student that doesn't even care about anything except himsel...
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Hidden Trust (A Yu-gi-oh 5ds fan fic) [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] by RockinAuthor
Hidden Trust (A Yu-gi-oh 5ds fan Akirya Fudo
~Yu-Gi-Oh Wattys 2014 Winner~ Nestled in the middle of a raging ocean were two islands that were, in Sector Security Director Rex Goodwin's eyes, a reasonable distance a...
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All I Did Was Help (Zak Bagans Romance) Sequel to "I'm Just Trying To Help". by SabrinaMayy
All I Did Was Help (Zak Bagans Sabrina 🌙
When your boyfriend is Zak Bagans – anything can happen. Marilyn and Zak have been through everything at this point. They thought they had everything under control, now...
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Ghost Adventures by MsElijahWood
Ghost Adventuresby Sierra
Summer August has a great life. But it is about to get better. Her dad is best friends, practically and Uncle to the family is Aaron Goodwin of the Ghost Adventures Crew...
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Ghost Adventures Imagines by ChelsOk4
Ghost Adventures Imaginesby Haytham Kenway
Just read it.
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My New step mother is Jennifer Morrison ? by queenoncer
My New step mother is Jennifer Xo_Fan_girl_Xo
favorite actress ? favorite tv show ? favorite blog ? are basic general questions for any 17 year old girl but what if your favorite things became your worst nightmare...
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Lightnig & Rose (Akiza x Reader) by Unknown561907
Lightnig & Rose (Akiza x Reader)by Unknown561907
(Y/N) is new in the city but he has a mission. Although he is a very skillfull duelist it seems he is hiding something. Then a girl steps into his life and changes it fo...
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Duel Dragoness by Auquablitz
Duel Dragonessby Auquablitz
Korusaka has been drugged and imprisoned by Goodwin for years until she finally escapes after he was defeated by Yusei. But why did Goodwin want her in the first place...
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Dealings With Demons (Zak Bagans/Ghost Adventures) by morganlynnm3812
Dealings With Demons (Zak Bagans/ M
24 year old Kristen Cole has long since dedicated her life to the paranormal ever since her first encounter at age 14. The encounters of her teenage years is what drove...
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Connor and Ava's rollercoaster ride by user18693199
Connor and Ava's rollercoaster rideby Rhekker❤️
I just hate how the writers are portraying Ava's character but I still love her and I believe that she and Connor make the best couple so it is Just a random fan fic ab...
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The Lost Memory by blueeyes1971
The Lost Memoryby VampiressOfZaksDreams
Zak Bagans and Angie McKenna were very much in love, that is until Zak broke Angie's heart. After the Ghost Adventures documentary became a hit Zak, Nick and Aaron thr...
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My Ghost Adventure by JKbeanL
My Ghost Adventureby Oh My...
Riley is not your typical 15 year old girl. Ever since she's been 2 years old, she's been in contact with multiple ghost. Some are nice some not so nice. Like take the i...
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A Love Story...A Zak Bagans and GAC Story.... by GraceMedeiros
A Love Story...A Zak Bagans and Grace Medeiros
A GAC romance between two people who's love will be tested as well as their relationship. And unexpected happiness will lead to a tragedy. But with all their challenges...
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Be My Escape (Zak Bagans Fanfiction) by Writing_Life_009
Be My Escape (Zak Bagans 5Sauce_Saved_Me
Lauren Holloway is a girl obsessed with the paranormal, working at Bellpoint Manor, a very well known haunted manor in Massachusetts. What will happen when Zak Bagans an...
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Ghost Adventures Imagines and One shots by JokersGirl666
Ghost Adventures Imagines and Murphy
Title says it all really, this book is of Ghost Adventures Imagines and one shots.
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