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GodFall by PaladinDaiShi
GodFallby Xion Shishiokami
This is the Rebooted Version of our previous story CODE-Z: A Survival Story. To all our returning readers, Welcome back. And to any of our New Readers, Hello, Hi, Welcom...
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The Seven Deadly Sins/The Knights of The Round Table by TeamWhiteRose100
The Seven Deadly Sins/The TeamWhiteRose100
This is the story of The Seven Deadly Sins but I use it as a lead into The Knights of The Round Table stories I'm going to tell within The Seven Deadly Sins universe. Th...
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Ordinary People (Weekly Updates) by sophie9630
Ordinary People (Weekly Updates)by Sophie
By day she's Lucy Tempest, civil engineer major. By night, or whenever she has time not studying, doing projects, or maintaining a social life... She's Lady Lightning, h...
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The lost prince by lucaspearl
The lost princeby lucaspearl
Fifteen year-old, miss-fit Archy used to have someone who understood him, which in the harsh Kingdom of Brigonia was very rare indeed. But one day, she goes missing...
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Destiny: Lost In Confusion by Chaosofvampires
Destiny: Lost In Confusionby Chaosofvampires
"Who am I without a memory? Who am I without someone to hold my hand through such hard times?" "You are mine just like i am yours, I will hold your hand a...
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Tales Of A Werewolf by LightAndDarkness2603
Tales Of A Werewolfby LightAndDarkness2603
Codi and Olly are both Alphas of their packs. The Elders decided to unify the packs to make them one, but what struggles will the pack have to face because of this? Evi...
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Little Mermaids. by SillyQueen123
Little SillyQueen123
This is a book inspired by Mako Mermaids and H2o: Just Add Water, in my book they're two types of mermaids,the good and bad, the bad mermaids have weather powers and the...
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the warriors within by JasmineWray0
the warriors withinby Jasmine Wray
poem's about the warriors that live within us and how we can use them
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Rewind by VoiceOfEmotions
Rewindby ‏‏‎ ‎
A middle-aged man had a messed up life and was about to himself, but something appeared in front of him sucking him to the past. The past that he thought was normal. Po...
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Not a Hero by PortalesMajorio
Not a Heroby PortalesMajorio
Everybody wants to be told they're special, and Oliver is no exception. He's desperate to make a name for himself and find his place in the world. Unfortunately, he's ju...
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fire bird. by -toxically
fire xx
MAY THE STARS ALWAYS WATCH OVER YOU . . . •-•-•-• The people of Aureole can control fire. Astrea is no exception, in fact, her powers are stronger than everyone else's. ...
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The magic of the forest (Jamilton) by Ashtonthestranger
The magic of the forest (Jamilton)by Ashtonthestranger
Thomas Jefferson goes to collage in a small boring city. Nothing interesting ever happens. He has his friends Aaron burr and James Madison and a roommate that he always...
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Mona Greene and the Sisters Salem by rapunzelina664
Mona Greene and the Sisters Salemby Katelyn Avery
It is the year, 1692. During the Salem Witch Trials, Mona Greene, an innocent girl, is accused of Witchcraft. After an unfair trial, Mona is burned to death at the stak...
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The Tale of Kasya Bravana by Jbass3122
The Tale of Kasya Bravanaby Jordan Bassett
The world has ended, destruction come and gone. But that's hardly important now, as what remains of humanity rebuilds. In a new Dark Age, new lands clash against each ot...
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Turner Tales: The story begins by Pickle18squiggles
Turner Tales: The story beginsby Pickle18squiggles
Five ninjas try to defeat their evil older sister who's an evil witch in control of the whole world. Clean and appropriate.
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The Adventures Of Elizabeth & The 6 Goddesses(Season 2) by Haruka547
The Adventures Of Elizabeth & Patsy Derrell
In the land of Olympus, humans live typical lives in the modern villages and kingdoms. But overseeing their lives are the mythical Greek Gods/Goddesses, the kings and qu...
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Tremma Love Story by Ella_Daly
Tremma Love Storyby Ella_Daly
5 Rangers Against The Aliens. Troy And Emma Begin To Fall In Love... But Will The Aliens Use That To Their Advantage?
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Xsoldonos: Revival of the Four Kings! by TylerMadden9
Xsoldonos: Revival of the Four TylerM.
After the fall of his home and the creation of the "Great Winter," that ensued. Maida lost all of lost his memories and was taken in by a caring couple and ren...
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A New Time // Merthur by winchesteratheart
A New Time // Merthurby Emo Rat ;)
Hundreds and hundreds of years had passed since King Arthur's demise. Merlin still wandered the Earth, waiting for his best friend's return. When he least expected it, t...
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