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Quotes, Poems & Sayings by SamaraB127
Quotes, Poems & Sayingsby Clare Parker
This book is all about quotes , poems and sayings..
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CAKAP JE by Ah_syai
[LIT RANDOM WINNER🔥] •FlameAward2018• . [⭕❌WARNING❌⭕] Ayat agak drastik. Singkat tapi bermakna❤ P/s:Duhh,I just wrote what on ma mind der. [10%Alami] [20%pasta] [20%...
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Inspirational Quotes Ali Bin Abi Thalib by syifasavasci
Inspirational Quotes Ali Bin Abi Rheashira
Berisi kutipan kutipan bijak dan inspiratif untuk menginspirasi setiap pemuda-pemudi indonesia di era millenial ini dan mengingatkan kembali bahwa islam dahulu memiliki...
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Kpop & Korean Quotes by minsueta
Kpop & Korean Quotesby .
Kpop Quotes that are in Korean & English❣
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Feel better Quotes  by ReaderwholovesBTS
Feel better Quotes by Writaeings
A book of quotes you should read on days when you feel worthless, a book of Feel Better Quotes. Think about the best times in life.
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01.30 Quotes  by syafff03
01.30 Quotes by 🌸
🌸 From heart to heart.
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QUOTES by Fairyholic
QUOTESby Fairyholic
Quotes I know from real life, cartoons, anime, humble person, etc
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Quotes by A_Superhero_World
Quotesby A_Superhero_World
Quotes of all types! Some of the types you might see: Inspirational Happy Funny Sad Scary The whole mix! Feel free to comment or private message me with a quote if you f...
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Best Life Quotes (#wattys2016) by littledreams12
Best Life Quotes (#wattys2016)by littledreams12
Quotes from Tumblr
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Quotes by LissyTrue2002
Quotesby €£ï$@ßê+H Jåçōß$øñ
Just some quotes from me and other people
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Curhat Pendek-pendek by penikmat_LDR
Curhat Pendek-pendekby kemuning lindra
Kadang muncul di kereta, Kadang muncul di kasur, Kadang muncul pas makan, Asal sendirian, Kemuning mendadak bijak dan banyak quote yang bisa diciptakan. Semoga pemikira...
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Quotes by -hoshily
Quotesby Nasya.
❝ Sometimes, we need to advice ourself that the World wouldn't last long ❞ ⓒ -hoshily
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Quotes, or anything like that by Becckie
Quotes, or anything like thatby Becckie
this will be a bunch of quotes, pickup lines, jokes, and possibly some advice. I'm not sure how this is gonna trun out but let's give it a try!
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FROM THE DEAD  by TheKenMaraj
Sometimes we are pushed to limits where we break down... Only for us to realise.. that we can rise.. over and over again. WIN. CONQUER.
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Inspirational Quotes  by 18Rain18
Inspirational Quotes by 18Rain18
Quotes that will inspire us everyday.
StarCatcher's book of quotes by amongthemultitude
StarCatcher's book of quotesby sid
Just a book of quotes. ((old username in title because nostalgia))
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Quotes Everyday! by AnjaliWaghela
Quotes Everyday!by Anjali Waghela
I shall post daily. 💛 This books contains short poems, quotes and thoughts. They can be really helpful to some readers. Collected ones. 💞💗💛
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moon•struck by Strwbrspie
moon•struckby J
moon·struck /ˈmo͞onˌstrək/ Learn to pronounce adjective unable to think or act normally, especially because of being in love.
Positive quotes for hard times by Elemental25
Positive quotes for hard timesby Elemental25
Happy quotes for those in need!!
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