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The Awkward Boy's Crush (BxB) by excelindreaming
The Awkward Boy's Crush (BxB)by excelindreaming
Marcus told his parents moving now is a bad idea. He told them. Many times. Awkward and weirdo (that's what he thinks of himself), he knew he wouldn't make a lot of frie...
Forever Mines💞 by MiamibabyV
Forever Mines💞by Prettygirl.Ver
Kiana is a 16 year old. Her closet friends are King, Carter, and her brother Tay. She dont like female friends but watch that change. Not good with descriptions just rea...
Mitsuki's Sick Day by pennerjones99
Mitsuki's Sick Dayby Penner Jones
Boruto and Sarada arrive for a routine mission one morning shortly after the end of the Hashirama Cell arc and are told by Konohamaru that they're mission has been assig...
Hey there!! i am writing an adiza ff on their journey from avneil to adiza . Peep in to know about their journey ❤️ (RANKED NO. 1 IN #adiza💞✨)
T U R N E D by softvevo
T U R N E Dby Jace Highland
Ethan wasn't supposed to end up this way, not bite burning and everyone just watching him suffer. Stunned that Jesse actually went through with it. He thought Sarah woul...
The Universe hates Us by theblacksorceress
The Universe hates Usby Samantha
Neil Sanderson gets ready for another meet and greet, he feels different. Usually his happy but this time he was nervous and worried. Summer just a fan of three days gra...
Act of Kindness (TW Thiam One-Shot) by becca_dunbar_raeken
Act of Kindness (TW Thiam One-Shot)by becca_dunbar_raeken
Theo might have changed, but is it enough to take care of one upset beta. TW: Referenced Self-Harm
Spending Time With Our Good Friends by hall1976
Spending Time With Our Good Friendsby Joseph's Girl
This is a story about a woman & her bestie Mel. Spending some time with their good friends Joseph & Chase.
Bring It On, Jerk by ashleers
Bring It On, Jerkby <3
I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING IN THIS BOOK! The owner's account got hacked and the hacker deleted all of her stories. However, I still have it and someone requested to read it a...
Oliver Queen?! [Arrow/The Flash Crossover] {Finally moving on Book 2} by kurenohikari
Oliver Queen?! [Arrow/The Flash kurenohikari
When I decided to go out and have dinner with the West family I did not expect to see the one I consider like a little brother having a romantic dinner with the well-kno...
All That's Fate by Ami_22_07
All That's Fateby Ami
Heartbreak 💔 that's was all that she was feeling right now. The person whom she loved since 8th standard betrayed her by sleeping with his girlfriend on their bed. ~~~~...
Adiza OS  by aleeza_x
Its an adiza os , peep in to know what's it about!👻🚶🏻‍♀️
Different worlds by JoyMarah
Different worldsby JoyMarah
Melissa, an African girl from the province and was sent to a boarding school in the capital city of Eastview. This was after her foster parents had sacrificed a lot for...
Loki X Alexandra by alexandra_092307
Loki X Alexandraby alexandra_092307
Tony Stark's sort of long-lost daughter meets her new family while slowly getting separated from old one. And making friends with some of the Avengers While others aren'...
#flyhighcallum by -sadify
#flyhighcallumby 𝖓𝖆𝖙𝖍𝖆𝖓
On December 20th 2020, we have been informed that our good friend Callum (@Xx_pathfinder_Xx) has passed away due to complications of pneumonia. As someone who knew him f...
⛲Oh That Sweet Baby Bunny...⛲ (Ddlg) by AllieKitten91
⛲Oh That Sweet Baby Bunny...⛲ ( Allie Kitten
Enslaved to her abusive uncle, Myllah, or more popularly known as Bunny Bluebell, searched for a daddy from to save her from her terrible life and take care of her. Duri...
All About Me by Temilola10
All About Meby Kookie Lover
This is a story that shows the trivial of a teenager from grade 7 to grade 9, it all has to do with her starting in a new school to difficulties in making friends and sc...
Chosen by AraricBlue
Chosenby Shana Nadia
Kyla Lovelace is a new girl at Highlights Academy. With new friends and new enemies, she's happy at school. That is, until the bad boy comes along. Now Kyla has to conte...
We're Just Friends, Right? (Markiplier x Reader x Crankgameplays)  by IAm3amSnacc
We're Just Friends, Right? ( Snacc Shacc
Mark and you are dating, living together for 2 years. Unus Annus had ended today.. You were devastated. So Mark saw how crushed you were, and called up his good friend...
Exploration (Jovinki Fic) by michael_bricky
Exploration (Jovinki Fic)by kittenglasses
So I had a dream about Joven and Sohinki. I finally decided to write it out. I don't know if I'll continue this or not, but maybe. Anyways, the disclaimer is in the stor...