Hell's Bane by Yelverton_TheGeek_
Hell's Baneby Yelverton_TheGeek_
Hugo Chance was an explorer, but he never expected himself to be caught in a race against time to find two artifacts that controlled the gates of hell. Now allied with a...
  • truth
  • map
  • death
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The Dragon Chronicles: The Lunar Effect by HalfXenomorph
The Dragon Chronicles: The Lunar Zack-The-Kaiju-Shifter
a Boy just entering his teens named Drake is given a power to turn into the rarest and most powerful dragon. he gets friends who gets new abilities in order to fight the...
  • transformation
  • fiction
  • good-vs-evil
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Once Upon A Star by Evelyn_YT
Once Upon A Starby Evelyn
Evelyn is your typical friendly, sweet teenager. That is, until a secret door in the library leads her to a whole new dimension. A world of magic, good, and sometimes, t...
  • godsandgoddesses
  • powers
  • good-vs-evil
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Solo Sonical [Sonic x reader] by peacockdragon12345
Solo Sonical [Sonic x reader]by peacockdragon12345
Just trying it out don't judge me.
  • hurt
  • poweroffriendship
  • friendstolovers
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Key of Light by Peabody88
Key of Lightby Peabody88
Follow Elora and Lox on their journey to save the Land of Light from the evil King Valdahar. Elora travels to the Earth Realm where she meet Lox the Keeper of Light and...
  • fantasy-romance
  • paranormal
  • fantasyadventure
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