Legacies Volume II: A Wisp of a Flame by AnonymousGemini
Legacies Volume II: A Wisp of a ♊️AnOnYmUsIdEnTiTy♊️
The four legacies are back and better than ever. Anil, Drax, Raphael, and Ritz continue their heist (seemingly never ending) for answers to their growing list of questio...
  • urbanfantasy
  • fantasy
  • fiction
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Island Slowly Sinking by Yelverton_TheGeek_
Island Slowly Sinkingby Yelverton_TheGeek_
When Thomas Dale finds himself one of the few survivors of a dystopian world blasted by a series of unimaginable disasters, he must battle for his life as the remaining...
  • fear
  • race-against-time
  • disasters
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Key of Light by Peabody88
Key of Lightby Peabody88
Follow Elora and Lox on their journey to save the Land of Light from the evil King Valdahar. Elora travels to the Earth Realm where she meet Lox the Keeper of Light and...
  • romance
  • magicalrealism
  • fantasy-romance
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The Tale of Slate by dsts09
The Tale of Slateby Donavan Smalley
*A Mekai Story* Another threat looms from the east, leaving death and destruction in its wake. He's angry. He's out for revenge. He is Death. He is Slate. As he leads hi...
  • death
  • blackfantasy
  • mekai
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Remnants of Reality (The Perkins School for Self Improvement #2) by GoldenPen_
Remnants of Reality (The Perkins Nicole Stewart
This description contains spoilers. If you have not read School of Secrets, please do so before continuing. Sixteen-year-old Amber Greene, a sophomore at the Perkins Sch...
  • youngadult
  • students
  • featured
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Ellowen's Journey by GraceEverStillings
Ellowen's Journeyby GraceEverStillings
Chaos strikes Arnathel when a young sorceress attacks the throne, forcing King Malorm to send his daughter into hiding. Sixteen years later, Ellowen is called back to he...
  • archery
  • choices
  • fear
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Level 5 by NightfallShipper
Level 5by Night
Become something more... Cassie is an ordinary student at a regular high school in the middle of a city of normal people. But she has always wanted to be more than that...
  • magic
  • action
  • fantasy
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Hidden scars by Liv3096
Hidden scarsby Inked_Unicorn83
Seraphina Andrea Evangeline Romano, she's a strong, caring, stubborn and has a bit of a temper. When Donatella found Sera she knew she was hers. But what happens when Se...
  • love
  • italian
  • strong-female-character
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Once Upon A Star by Evelyn_YT
Once Upon A Starby Evelyn
Evelyn is your typical friendly, sweet teenager. That is, until a secret door in the library leads her to a whole new dimension. A world of magic, good, and sometimes, t...
  • fantasy
  • enchanted
  • good-vs-evil
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Lady Of The Wall  by Luckystar125
Lady Of The Wall by Luckystar125
I have known since I was a little girl that I wouldn't have a normal relationship. I am nothing like most of the girls from my village. I had shown signs of magic. Ever...
  • love
  • magic
  • good-vs-evil
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Angelophany by GabrielEricLarson
Angelophanyby Gabriel Eric Larson
When Lucifer fell from grace and was imprisoned in Hell, the Angels that remained formed a group named the Grand Order of Dimensions, or GOD, and divided Creation amongs...
  • teleportation
  • telekinesis
  • telepathy
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School of Secrets (The Perkins School for Self Improvement #1) by GoldenPen_
School of Secrets (The Perkins Nicole Stewart
-Highest rank: #162 in fantasy- When high school sophomore Timothy Renner's parents decide to send him across the country to an elite boarding school, he expects a life...
  • students
  • action
  • youngadult
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The City That Never Existed by MusicRocks303303
The City That Never Existedby MusicRocks303303
"You must leave this place, and travel elsewhere!" the voice continued. "I don't understand!" I started. "Where can I possibly go where the evil...
  • good-vs-evil
  • survival
  • atlantis
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Hell's Bane by Yelverton_TheGeek_
Hell's Baneby Yelverton_TheGeek_
Hugo Chance was an explorer, but he never expected himself to be caught in a race against time to find two artifacts that controlled the gates of hell. Now allied with a...
  • death
  • secrets
  • blood
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Witches And Demons by APersonWhoMayExist
Witches And Demonsby Heather(if this is a person)
Lyra Gallin has heard all her life of how witches and wizards are souls of good, and demons cause all evil in the world. When she gets a letter from the school for demon...
  • book-one
  • fantasycreatures
  • magic
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The BlackVeins | Erosian Realm Chronicles : 1 by Violet_Steel
The BlackVeins | Erosian Realm Violet Steel
In a dystopian realm where happiness is merely an illusion, four teens are shaken from their normal lives and into fatal destinies. Markius, Zedarius, Alexander, and Reb...
  • fate
  • evil
  • life-or-death
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The Mei'fwa's Tail - The Mage Series Book 2  by CassieDaniel5
The Mei'fwa's Tail - The Mage Cassie Daniel
----- Hello guys, author here, and this is the second book. If you haven't read the first please do. Nothing will make sense if you don't. ----- Once a little fairy, nam...
  • catpeople
  • goodvsevil
  • legends
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R&R by RowyB03
R&Rby RowyB
*First Book in the R&R Series* "Always the little negotiator", the Devil sneers but he doesn't knock me away. He's looking at me now, really looking. "W...
  • heaven
  • friendship
  • fiction
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REAPERS by HeartsDaydream
REAPERSby Hearts Daydream
all humans have that time were they cross the line but no one really knows what happens to them after that it's one of the mysteries that conclude the human mind but al...
  • childhood
  • lesbain
  • bestfriends
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The Daughter Returns. (Book 2 In the Light Warrior series). by ElishaEnchanted
The Daughter Returns. (Book 2 In L. E. Glazebrook
#Wattys2018 "What's going on in that head of yours?" Nova asked her. "You were uh... 'dream talking', it sounded rather intense." "I.... She nam...
  • adventure
  • featured
  • good-vs-evil
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