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Room x Mates [KilluGon] by Hanakooo-9
Room x Mates [KilluGon]by Hanakooo
Gon and Killua are now freshman in college and have the chance to start new. In this story they have not met yet and are 18 years old KILLUA just wanted to have a normal...
Drawn by Fate by GalacticGroovin
Drawn by Fateby GalacticGroovin .
It has been one year since Gon and Killua went on their own paths. Gon went with his father and Killua went with Alluka. After a year their feelings grew, as did their o...
opposites attract ; killugon soulmate au by lverboy
opposites attract ; killugon soulm...by ♡
in society, everyone is fitted with an electromagnetic bracelet when they enter high school. these bands activate when they reach people reach senior year, and are suppo...
Would you release me from this hell? by starstruck-platforms
Would you release me from this hel...by サローフォリナ
COMPLETED Gon finds a white cat in the woods and decides to take care of it. The cat is actually a cursed human named Killua, which the cause of the curse is because he...
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KILLUA YOU PERVERT by littlegon12
KILLUA YOU PERVERTby littlegon12
Gon and killua are alone in a room it's a challenge so killua gets bored and starts to do some stuff to gon
The Neko - Killua x Gon ||FanFic|| by KoolAid_Weebo
The Neko - Killua x Gon ||FanFic||by KoolAid_Weebo
'Gon woke up to a nice bright summer day. He got out of bed and headed downstairs to where his aunt Mito was cooking breakfast. "That smells great!" Gon shoute...
Aren't you.... 'Only imaginary.? (killugon) by Gon_Anime_Crazi
Aren't you.... 'Only imaginary.? (...by Aha, e n d me
In this world, if you die at a young child age, you are turned into an imaginary friend for other children in need of a friend.. Gon slipped off of a ledge causing him t...
Roommates✓|| Hunter x Hunter by AngelicBerries
Roommates✓|| Hunter x Hunterby AngelicBerries
"Wh-what do you want to know?" Gon asks, leaning back in his chair to stay away from him. "First of all, your age," Killua says, his smile fading. &q...
Train tracks of fate by h8sokaa
Train tracks of fateby Hisokaswife
After getting a tough reality check by Leorio, Killua finally snaps.
Gonkillu One-shots (Completed) by KuraiBlossom
Gonkillu One-shots (Completed)by ❀ℬ𝓁ℴℴ𝓂❀
Just some cute short or long one-shots. Started: March 16, 2018 Completed: July 7, 2018
Baby Gon~ [Completed] by Gonishere
Baby Gon~ [Completed]by Gonishere
♣A magic spell performed by Hisoka went horribly wrong and turns Gon into a tiny infant. Hisoka now has to find a way to turn him back while figuring out how to take car...
KilluGon One-Shots by JokingMaiden
KilluGon One-Shotsby tired
you guessed it, im writing another one shot compilation. Much unlike my Eddsworld ones, these will mostly be focused on happier areas than the show, because the precious...
"I love you, baka." by Asuga-san
"I love you, baka."by Agatha
Gon, stop getting my hopes up.
Gon X Killua - I like seeing you smile by cumeyama
Gon X Killua - I like seeing you s...by bel
Killua is mad for some reason, Gon doesn't like seeing Killua upset,
The Light That You Are {Completed} by macaroniandfanfics
The Light That You Are {Completed}by ✨killuafreecss✨
Killua has experience with hanging out with the wrong people. From popular bratty kids to delinquents that always seek trouble. He feels as though he can never fit in. T...
A Kind Soul With No Purpose  [In edit] by KuraiBlossom
A Kind Soul With No Purpose [In e...by ❀ℬ𝓁ℴℴ𝓂❀
Gon had a deep past since he was 12 years of age. His family was torn apart by his father named Ging. He blames him for everything that he had done and wants to kill him...
What Is This Feeling? (gon x killua)(prince au)[COMPLETED] by kiwis_are_good
What Is This Feeling? (gon x killu...by Ryo
Killua Zoldyck is a soon to be crowned prince but no one knows their secret. his family are secretly assassins. he isn't really interested in that stuff but still has to...
Nexilis by windsQ
Nexilisby WindyQ
"It's just an earthworm, Killua." He goes to pick one up, but Killua's grip is so tight on him, Gon can't really bend over, eyebrows scrunching up in pain. &qu...