Waves To Its Shore by estrein
Waves To Its Shoreby S.E.E.
Words spilling out of the confluence of two dead ends being carried away by the mighty gust of the clamorous aura till the tip of my inky arrow Highest rank in poem #...
  • eternity
  • drowned
  • depression
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can't be gone! by love031715
can't be gone!by secretnoclues
basahin at unawain ❤
  • back
  • love
  • school
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Adrift (#Wattys2018) by JinxScarem
Adrift (#Wattys2018)by Sam and Nat
It's been five years since the sun has mysteriously disappeared. Five years since the world went into chaos. Five years of no laws, no government, and no school. About h...
  • camp
  • gone
  • dead
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Missing You by chloethien2013
Missing Youby chloethien2013
There are seven boys. What they go through is much harder than your life. They smile but deep inside they are broken. They've known each other for long and they're...
  • romance
  • jungkook
  • heavy
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gone by broppynerd
goneby broppynerd/romancenerd
poppy and branch are officially dating, but branch disappeared without a trace. poppy went on a journey to find her lost boyfriend. branch on the other hand is trying to...
  • broppy
  • gone
  • romance
Don't let me go (h.s) by LovemyHazza
Don't let me go (h.s)by XxHazxX
Don't let me go, cause I'm tired of feeling alone. A mix of the memories in the past and the talks in the present.
  • past
  • wattys2018
  • fan
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Light On - No Way Out sequel by Babywolf-Lover
Light On - No Way Out sequelby Elisha
The sequel to No Way Out ~Published first due to popular demand! :3~ Summary: It's been six years since Naru disappeared in the night, wanting answers and leaving her fa...
  • choice
  • ocs
  • morethanfriendship
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Gone From View by EmilyGraceH03
Gone From Viewby Emily Grace
#15 in Disappearance #7 in Gone Alison Martin was 15 years old when she disappeared from her family's summer home in Gravelbourg, Canada. That was two years ago. Her mot...
  • missing
  • gone
  • person
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She's So Gone by Caticorn1234
She's So Goneby Lacey
After getting bullied your whole life you've finally had enough and moved away. 2 years later your back the word spread like wildfire everyone expects the weak old Bever...
  • số
  • gone
  • shes
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poetry from my hurting heart | my hurting heart and soul want a place to speak by ashtynn_
poetry from my hurting heart | my...by ashtyn
if my words cannot be screamed from these rooftops then i will scream my words through here because it's my quiet place my safe place and my only place to go when i'm h...
  • hurt
  • heart
  • gone
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So We're Dreamers by joy_hannah
So We're Dreamersby Hannah-joy
A plague, an illness has spread through the USA, killing almost everyone in existance. Arria is a survivor, not the last one alive, though she doesn't know it. She's alo...
  • gone
  • wipedout
  • society
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The Strangeness Of What Lies Underground  by ly248lol
The Strangeness Of What Lies Under...by Lydia
Where is he? Why did leave? One of the most important people in my life has gone to a place that i not yet know of. I have to find him before its too late... ...
  • scary
  • missing
  • futuristic
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My Poems/Quotes by _ALonelyPoet_
My Poems/Quotesby _ALonelyPoet_
Writing and reading have become my escape. I'm actually proud of most things I write.. in this book I'll share said poems/quotes.
  • relatable
  • love
  • realitycheck
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Dearest I  by BrianxBrianne
Dearest I by Ms.Eleven
A deaf shell of a girl, And a deafening shell of a guy.
  • helpful
  • gone
  • colours
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GONE ° The Maze Runner by Mishka-adv
GONE ° The Maze Runnerby 🌌Negin🌌
°A Maze Runner Fanfiction: Newt° ❝I'm A Goner. I'm MeantTo Be Gone, Sooner Or Later.❞ She was diffrent. She didn't wake up in the same place as the boys did. She wouldn'...
  • mazerunner
  • robbiekay
  • kihonglee
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fretful poetry•🌹 by rainfoll
fretful poetry•🌹by Ruth ❦
Just sharing some of my poems. Writer not a poet! •❤️• Started 01/01/18 Updates every week>
  • anxiety
  • teenfiction
  • teen
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[MIX] [BL] - 난 당신이 그리워요 by Aim_192
[MIX] [BL] - 난 당신이 그리워요by cxx_yi
난 당신이 그리워요 - Anh nhớ em.
  • collection
  • mix
  • sưutầm
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Innocent Love (On-Going) by Ronanggsexy
Innocent Love (On-Going)by RonaSantos
Loving so much can cause you pain , But loving too much can make your heart wound Is loving someone innocent wrong?? Lets find out... Please support...
  • love
  • heartbreak
  • hurt
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Fool me by ImAFighter29
Fool meby lily ferris
Aria was what one would call a perfect child. Perfect grades, perfect looks, perfect job and of course a perfect boyfriend. All the girls at her school either wanted to...
  • boy
  • romance
  • badboy
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When It's Too Late [English Version] [Short Story] Comming Soon!! by Dionderxz
When It's Too Late [English Versio...by dauselessgirl
Do not wait until it's too late ° ° To tell them ° ° That's how much you love them ° ° How much do you care about them ° ° Because ° ° When they're gone ° ° Whether you...
  • gone
  • toolate
  • missing
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