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Paid for by dinahsproperty
Paid forby ♛Dinah Hoez
Morgan Wood is a college drop out who has a shitty job wanting a sugar momma. Carol Aird is a successful woman with a LOT of money. What will happen when Carol is look...
  • lgbt
  • cateblanchet
  • stalker
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Broken yet not Lost by Kashish_J
Broken yet not Lostby Kashish
A story of two broken individuals who are trying to pick up the pieces of their respective lives. Tale of two strangers who unknowingly support one another to move ahead...
  • heartbreak
  • zkm
  • romance
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My Bestfriends Grandfather (BWWM) by Mang_e
My Bestfriends Grandfather (BWWM)by Blah
This is a HOOD story. Karma Brismé. 19 years old. 5 foot 7 brick house for damn sure. Ass to tittie ratio on point. A face so beautiful you could say it was carved from...
  • oldman
  • bestfriends
  • golddigger
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EFINDINGILE 《💖What's best for me💖》 by blisslicious
EFINDINGILE 《💖What's best for me� Hilda. S. F. K. P. Pondamale
Yolanda Nyoni, is willing to do anything she can in order to get out of poverty. Nothing will stand in her way be it her mother's voice of reason or the desperate pleas...
  • zambian
  • stepmother
  • hatred
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That Cliche Waitress by someone_random111
That Cliche Waitressby Naomi D.
"Oh, Kiara, there's one more thing I would like to order." the bitc- -- I mean, the woman smiled once again. "Yes?" I asked, returning her fake smile...
  • cute
  • funny
  • sterotypes
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The Unwanted Wife (Ongoing) by AnamikaGK
The Unwanted Wife (Ongoing)by Anamika G.K.
An eminent politician with ties to royalty, Uday Rajvansh had no use for a wife. Any wife. Clamoring for a respite from her never-ending bad luck, Niyati Mishra was in a...
  • jaipur
  • royalty
  • smitten
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Courageous by Naz_lam
Courageousby Naz♡
"It's okay, I guess we both weren't having a good day." He said, making us both chuckle. "What's your name?" He asked curiously. "Aria." ...
  • teen
  • courageous
  • stopbullying
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family affairs(nsfw) by beerphish
family affairs(nsfw)by no kids allowed
first story.. fuken sux
  • nsfw
  • original
  • golddigger
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Trust Fund Baby ⇴ Jack Avery by youngseaveywdw
Trust Fund Baby ⇴ Jack Averyby 🌠 Ellie
⇴ Book One to the Jack Avery series ⇴ Your average girl, Lisa, grew up with a rich stepdad. ⇴ She was always given things she didn't really want. ⇴ Most people called...
  • fanfiction
  • whydontwe
  • danielseavey
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Selfish Gangster | Verkwan | by YourThursdayLovin
Selfish Gangster | Verkwan |by Jongbae
"Vernon!" "That's my name doll face, don't wear it out." [ When a snow bunny meets a brown eyed fox, all it can do is hope not to be bitten. ]
  • booseungkwan
  • vernon
  • babyboy
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Stories About Women by _eyewrite_
Stories About Womenby EMERIBE OSINACHI
Stories About Women is a collection of fifteen unpredictable short stories that would steal your mind, and transfer you somewhere new. Exploring a range of genres, each...
  • anthology
  • golddigger
  • compilation
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GOLD DIGGER • J.JK by LillyLuvFlowers
⚠️UNDER CONSTRUCTION⚠️ ⚠️COMING SOON⚠️ ------------------------------ Kim Yoona. A gold digger you could call her. Her family isn't in the best situation right now with...
  • weirdromance
  • jeonjungkook
  • smutish
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Auto-Phobia by toodlety
Auto-Phobiaby toodlety
Auto-phobia made me afraid of being alone , neglected and isolated. It's torture for me.... right when i think that my failed relationships was because of my abnormalnes...
  • thoughts
  • playgirl
  • selflove
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Ana and precious... by no_jams_in_your_area
Ana and ●~●
Ana and precious are dating and Sarah starts suspecting that Ana is cheating on precious with lots of things Other ppl come along so it might be confusing plz dont @ me...
  • gay
  • toe
  • golddigger
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Betrayed love by LamyiaPlummer8
Betrayed loveby Lamyia Plummer
NO SPOL ALERTS (but this is a mindless Behavior story)
  • drama
  • golddigger
  • twins
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Beauty Is Pain by xXCloudyCupidWolfXx
Beauty Is Painby xXCloudyCupidWolfXx
Everyone knows that everyone is beautiful but some people don't accept who they are. But this is a famous model family and this is a story about a young woman who is 18...
  • acceptyourself
  • golddigger
  • beautyispain
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GoldDigger//Jonah Marais Imagine by wdw_imagines143
GoldDigger//Jonah Marais Imagineby WDW•WINK•WONK
He scoffs at me... "Do you have a problem?" I question anger boiling inside of me. "Yeah actually," he says, "why are you so needy and selfish...
  • jonahmaraisimagine
  • golddigger
  • corbynbesson
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All started with a one night stand by ShreyasLad
All started with a one night standby Shreyas Lad
Siya was living her life normally with some personal issues...but her life take turns upside down when she entangled herself into one night stand with the stranger. A gi...
  • twisty
  • jealousy
  • secrets
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In love with my boss by BabbygCyrus
In love with my bossby BabbygCyrus
I come from a broken home my name is Destiny and this is my story. See my father died when I was around 15, and at that moment I started to lose my mom too. she started...
  • chrishemsworth
  • adultfiction
  • golddigger
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Craving For Money Or Love by frankyomelette
Craving For Money Or Loveby Frances Kylie Galino
Meet Lexi Nerza your certified GoldDigger na walang ibang iniisip kundi pera dahil para sa kanya "ANG MUNDO AY UMIIKOT SA PERA" She wouldn't waste her lifetim...
  • golddigger
  • shawmila
  • enemies
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