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Primal Urge 18+ (DBZ Fanfic) by SupremeVeigar
Primal Urge 18+ (DBZ Fanfic)by UnfunnyName
Once a year, there's a special time Saiyan's get certain...'urges' and...'traits' that make them act differently from their former selves. In a blinding flash of events...
BACK TO THE BEGINNING by nevaeh_kings
BACK TO THE BEGINNINGby nevaeh_kings
Vegeta has been practising instant transmission. One day while he is training, instead of transporting him and Bulma to the bedroom, he sends them back to the Saiyan Sag...
What If? Future Gohan Survived? by FelixFaust452
What If? Future Gohan Survived?by LocalAutisticOddBall
The title is fairly self evident. But for context The Future timeline is played relatively straight until Gohan's last stand against the androids. There, Gohan still los...
Gohan x Videl Preteens by FrostFire1235
Gohan x Videl Preteensby FrostFire1235
Stop reading this garbage please.
Gohan and Videl by GohanIsMine
Gohan and Videlby ash-chan
Do you think Gohan and Videl are a cute couple,if so then this will be the perfect book for you to read. I hope you like it. ENJOY!! By:ashdbz
My Super Saiyan by KroAcrossDimensions
My Super Saiyanby Kro/kev
I do not own any characters in this story. This is all from Videl's point of view. This story has mature content. Only read if you are 18+ years. This story is a "W...
A Day In The Life of The Great Saiyaman by awesomer11
A Day In The Life of The Great Sai...by Johnathan Henry
Gohan and Videl go out for a day dedicated unto each other. However, their day just might get turned upside-down by an unexpected visitor.
Dragon Ball: Heroes of Future (Rewrite) by SuperSaiyanhero
Dragon Ball: Heroes of Future (Rew...by Marouen Khalfaoui
(Story rewritten) After six years since the sacrifice of Son Goku in front of Cell and since All Might was injured by All For One, it's up for Gohan and Izuku to carry t...
Entre el deber y el querer by giuzarpa
Entre el deber y el quererby Giu Zarpa
Debía hacer ciertas cosas, pero quería otras. Mi dilema me lleva a viajar hasta las enseñanzas más simples y olvidadas por la humanidad: oír al corazón y lo que quiere h...
Dragon Ball: Trials of the Golden Warrior by Gohan_Beast
Dragon Ball: Trials of the Golden...by Gohan
After Cell's defeat, our young savior Son Gohan continues training. ChiChi has other plans for our young savior, deciding on sending him to a middle school near Satan Ci...
Gohan&Videl After Marriage by valie242
Gohan&Videl After Marriageby valie242
Gohan and Videl have 2 years married and they have a little girl named pan. They were living a 'normal' life until something catastrophic happened (There are not a lot o...
With the strength of my heart by Gohaku92
With the strength of my heartby Gohaku92
A few days had passed after the Battle of Buu, our heroes enjoyed the peace they had, until a certain event changed their history, a new threat has arrived and one of th...
Dragon Ball: The Sentiments Beneath the Surface  by icecream8114
Dragon Ball: The Sentiments Beneat...by icecream8114
Goku....a saiyan, protector of Earth. Dead for 7 years now. This greatly impacted all of his friends, but mostly his family. Milk can't withstand the grief, while Gohan...
Dragon Ball Z: PRIMAL by DarkShadowGames451
Dragon Ball Z: PRIMALby DSG451
After seven years of peace, Son Gohan, the true savior of the planet continues living his life with his family as the protector of Earth just as his father was before hi...
Dragon Ball Z: The Return Of Creation  by jokerbreaksbones
Dragon Ball Z: The Return Of Creat...by The Anti-Human
(Dragon Ball Super doesn't exist in this story) With Frieza destroyed once more, Earth seems peaceful again. But now a new threat even stronger than Lord Beerus approach...
Still Living? by The-Smallest-Yeet
Still Living?by Banana Milk
Neat little oneshot about what would happen if Mirai Gohan lived and still went to high school. There will still be Gohan x Videl. *DISCLAIMER: DBZ isn't mine and will n...
Dragon Ball: Heroes of Future by SuperSaiyanhero
Dragon Ball: Heroes of Futureby Marouen Khalfaoui
It's been six whole years since the death of Cell and the legendary hero, Goku. Years later, Goku's eldest son, Gohan, have entered the heroes' academy U.A. alongside hi...
Lost love by alyssa_guidry824
Lost loveby alyssa_guidry824
Videl learns some disturbing news after her father goes missing: she must compete in an intergalactic tournament where she can easily loose her match as well as her life...