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Hiro/Tadashi x Reader one shots by Toi_LaBoi
Hiro/Tadashi x Reader one shotsby Toi_LaBoi
Welcome to San Fransokyo! You are entering to a world of the future and meet Hiro, Tadashi, and their friends and experience many you can't resist with the man of your d...
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Tadashi Returns - A Big Hero 6 Fanfiction by bookwriterpoet223
Tadashi Returns - A Big Hero 6 Fan...by bookwriterpoet223
Tadashi Hamada wakes up in a hospital bed with little recollection of what happened to get him there. Many question arise; How did they rescue him? How is he alive? What...
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Scars ~ A BH6 Story by BlackHoleCel
Scars ~ A BH6 Storyby executive smol bean
Pepper Midnight met the Hamada brothers when she was nine. 10 years later, she's attending San Fransokyo Institute of Technology alongside Tadashi- her boyfriend. After...
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Thiếu gia bá đạo của em^^ by Oriole428
Thiếu gia bá đạo của em^^by 过去
Mẹ nó mất trong một vụ tai nạn . Vì 1 vài lí do, nó bỗng trở thành con hầu, đến sống ở nhà đại thiếu gia lạnh lùng, bá đạo. Những câu chuyện xoay quanh hai nhân vật dễ t...
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Large Hiro by Hidashi_Shipper
Large Hiroby Hidashi_Shipper
Someone Is Insulting Hiro That Is Making Everyone Including His Friends And Aunt Cass Go Thinking That He's a Troublemaking Kid, So He Decided To Live In Springfield Wit...
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The One I Trust by Phantomous_Author
The One I Trustby Daiki Nakimura
Penny Forrester decided to quit acting and after she did there have been many weird things happening around her which made her anxious, there seems to be someone stalkin...
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YOLO, PJM by 333rhe333
YOLO, PJMby 333RHE333
My life was so boring until I saw her smile and heard her laugh... Park Jimin Kim Rita Started: Thurs. October 24, 2019 Ended: Updating.. All rights are due to me as th...
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عقاب العالم الاخر PART :2 by Gannahisham
عقاب العالم الاخر PART :2by ҚłM ĠØÐУ
روايه عقاب العالم الاخر 1 2 3 اكشن الشاب:اسمي PT:2 الشاب:اسمي جيمين (يمد يده ليصافحها) كارا:ك. كيم كارا (تصافحه) جيمين:جيد اني وجدتك فصديقي يبحث عنكي كارا:صديقك من ولما...
Pomoz mi by AnanasHD2
Pomoz miby AnanasHD2
Safira Martinézová je 18ti letá studentka, která je slavná na internetu tím, že natáčí videa na youtube z různých her a je stejně utajená jako Gejmr.
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Not like any other Nerd ~ Tadashi x Reader by AngelSavend
Not like any other Nerd ~ Tadashi...by Angel
Tadashi x Reader Love was always a sketchy subject for you, seeing it fail so miserably again and again with you mum. Going to a new school, a school for Technology has...
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Life Living In San Fransokyo (Book 2) by Hidashi_Shipper
Life Living In San Fransokyo (Book...by Hidashi_Shipper
Hira And Hiroko And Their Friends Graduated High School Early, They Got Accepted In SFIT, Di Is Creating Monsters To Cover-up Her Crime As Well As Curing Her Creator, Li...
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Life Living In San Fransokyo (Book 1) by Hidashi_Shipper
Life Living In San Fransokyo (Book...by Hidashi_Shipper
Despite Hira's Protest In Getting Into High School Alone, But Hiroko Got Hira's Back With Helping Her With Getting Graduated Early, But Hira Also Learns a Life Balance B...
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Hira Anderson Meets Big Hero 6 by Hidashi_Shipper
Hira Anderson Meets Big Hero 6by Hidashi_Shipper
Hira Got a Message From Sora, Donald & Goofy That They Need To Go To San Fransokyo For "Something" And They Told Hira To Go To San Fransokyo On This Adventure...
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¡Help Me! (Hirogo) by xfuli-
¡Help Me! (Hirogo)by Vee2019
-Tienes que ayudarme -Fueron las palabras con las que se presentó Gogo en el cuarto de Hiro. Ella tenía que deshacerse de su problema cuanto antes. Y para eso necesitaba...
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Nerds In Love by Pomeranian04
Nerds In Loveby Pomeranian04
Amelia is going to S-fit in San Fransokyo, she is an exchange student from Lance (London + France).... Amelia and Hiro met through an accident, and well they become rea...
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The Winter-Spider of Sanfransokyo. (Rotg/BH6/Brave) by NekuTsukumo96
The Winter-Spider of Sanfransokyo...by NekoDJTeen
Sanfransokyo, a City with many things happening over there, even protected by the "Guardians" who live there with their group in the Tower with many won battle...
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Hiro's Shadow - (BH6: The Series Fanfiction) by Toi_LaBoi
Hiro's Shadow - (BH6: The Series F...by Toi_LaBoi
Hiro Hamada, leader of Big Hero 6 and student prodigy at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, has been experiencing something strange going on as his daily life at SFI...
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Elira Hamada And Bobby Vain In Big Hero 6 by KirstenPalacioLady
Elira Hamada And Bobby Vain In Big...by KirstenPalacioLady
Elira Decided To Visit Her Cousin, Hiro. With Her Arranged Wedding Coming Up She Decided To Find a Way To Prove To Her Parents That She Doesn't Want To Marry Bobby Vain...
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Exceeds Expectations- A HiroGo One-shot Story by Maureenxlle
Exceeds Expectations- A HiroGo One...by MORI
Hiro, Together with Tadashi, Wasabi, and Fred, went on a boys' hangout. But then, one incident happened: Hiro got drunk. Since they are scared of their Aunt Cass, they b...
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