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10 Mates?! by SeriouslyMessedUp23
10 Mates?!by SeriouslyMessedUp23
Fourteen year-old Ruby White has lived with her father all her life, so when he passes away Ruby is sent to live at Werewolf Academy. What happens when she learns that s...
  • wizard
  • fairies
  • story
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Little nightmares x reader oneshots by tigermania24
Little nightmares x reader oneshotsby tigermania24
I haven't really seen a lot of these and I have become obsessed with the game so why not, also some of the shots will include Six(yellow dorito girl) The janitor( the we...
  • twinchefs
  • thejanitor
  • reader
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Gnomeo x reader  by sugarskull1480
Gnomeo x reader by sugarskull1480
I don't own gnomeo and Juliet and this is an x reader I hope you like it and shout out to me and that would be a huge help for me to continue writing and tell me what yo...
  • gnomes
  • fanfiction
  • fantasy
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Sherlock Gnomes x Reader by 29times
Sherlock Gnomes x Readerby 29times
You're welcome.
  • gnomeo
  • kawaii
  • fan
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Life Of Being Garden Leaders by Gnomegirl95
Life Of Being Garden Leadersby Gnomegirl95
This is what happens after Sherlock Gnomes. Gnomeo and Juliet are now leaders of the garden but it isn't as easy as it looks, it comes with big responsibility hop into t...
  • love
  • downs
  • ups
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Out of the woods (Pinescone) by LivCipher2
Out of the woods (Pinescone)by socrates
This is (obviously) an AU (Alternative Universe). (I'm not quite good at writing funny stuff, but I'm good at writing things full of feels and cute couple moments, and t...
  • yaoi
  • otgw
  • greg
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Battle is an Art by ThomasLoud
Battle is an Artby ThomasLoud
Herah was many things: a master artist, a zealot Cendruex, a brutal fighter, and now, an unwilling participant in a deadly game known as Recompense. As one of her Maker'...
  • aliens
  • featured
  • modern
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[Little nightmares] Secrets of the Maw by GlitterReptile
[Little nightmares] Secrets of [REDACTED]
Little Nightmares X Reader Oneshots Step into the Maw, a place of nightmares, a place of darkness, a place of dread, a place of internal hunger. But soon, you see the...
  • thelady
  • gnomes
  • maw
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Goblin's Hollow Curse of the Silver Mushroom by jessicalminor
Goblin's Hollow Curse of the Jessica Minor
The empress ,enjoying a night with her new friends the warlocks when a goblin enters the pub desperate for help. Something is causing a death like illness followed by on...
  • gargoyles
  • magic
  • youngadult
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A New Adventure by Gnomegirl95
A New Adventureby Gnomegirl95
After saving all of London's garden gnomes, Gnomeo and Juliet are now the leaders of their garden. But when some new gnomes move in one may cause trouble for our young c...
  • juliet
  • gnomes
  • gnomeo
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War of the Seasons, book one: The Human by JanineSpendlove
War of the Seasons, book one: Janine Spendlove
“Are you alright?" The corner of Eirnin’s mouth quirked up with a hint of a smile, probably remembering her reaction when he’d asked her that a moment ago. Story s...
  • action
  • gnomes
  • fantasy
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The Son of Sin by DarrachLoddesol
The Son of Sinby Darrach Loddesol
Leaf is an elvish barterman with a passion for simplicity and a deep disdain for people. When an Elder of the Ailillian Temple sends him across the neighboring empire fo...
  • magicpunk
  • fiction
  • magitech
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Beyond the Known: The Outcasts by queen_of_the_woods
Beyond the Known: The Outcastsby Queen of the Woods
Evelenda Tiyrathian is an Elven princess running from an arranged marriage. Orean Clawrine is an escaped slave of the feared Ydon Cely. When their paths collide, the two...
  • fantasy
  • elves
  • friendship
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Serendipity  by supreme_diabla
Serendipity by supreme_diabla
Serendipity~ Finding something good without looking. Imagine a world where small events that happen on the other side of world, inflict the biggest moments on the other...
  • forest
  • beautiful
  • love
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Little Nightmares: a separated family  by SpringBonnie3146
Little Nightmares: a separated SpringBonnie3146
There's evil beyond who you would think.... Six and Seven must race through the Maw discovering what force as turned everyone against them. I do not own little Nightmare...
  • littlenightmares
  • mystery
  • nomes
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Mythical Spirits: Once Upon A Time by rosellaofficial
Mythical Spirits: Once Upon A Timeby Rosella Wu
If you love any magical books or shows such as Rainbow Magic, My Little Pony, Miraculous Ladybug, Winx Club, Sailor Moon, Harry Potter and W.I.T.C.H., Mythical Spirits i...
  • dark
  • fantasy
  • snow
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Mystical Creatures  by Dragonmaster_Gigi
Mystical Creatures by Gigi Taniskishayinew
In a world full of Mythical Creatures. A boy named Dakota is kidnapped by Ariana, last of the genies race. His friends must save him before Ariana use him for her evil p...
  • love
  • friendship
  • wattys2019
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World Of Beauty (Arula: Four) by Berbear2000
World Of Beauty (Arula: Four)by Amber
The Arula series book four: A disease has spread over the elven clan, elves are falling sick and dying, and Omar is one of those elves who had fallen ill. Karma, Jason...
  • adventure
  • gnomes
  • disease
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strawberries and cigarettes (sherlock gnomes x watson) by local-leech
strawberries and cigarettes ( sound check
there's not enough sherlock gnomes x watson fics like i get it ok sherlock became very toxic towards watson over time but i really think he can change guys please i'm cr...
  • gnomes
  • love
  • slowburn
11:11 Sherlock Gnomes X Reader by gutsnibba
11:11 Sherlock Gnomes X Readerby retard
A lonely girl finds herself in love with a garden gnome.
  • fanfic
  • gnomes
  • sherlock