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The Last Dynasty - Semi-plotted WoF Based Roleplay by Lion_Hawk2411
The Last Dynasty - Semi-plotted Vanilla [Nill]
Live by the code Be an outsider Fight for glory in the arena Raise your young Be whatever your heart desires
  • arena
  • desire
  • wingsoffire
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101 Ways to Kill Queen Glory by Starry-Nebula
101 Ways to Kill Queen Gloryby NebulaTheAvenger
Based off my new follower Honeytail400's 101 ways to kill Hollyleaf! Sorry all you Glory lovers out there!
  • wingsoffire
  • glory
  • 101waystokillglory
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【 GLORY DAYS 】.   𝙧𝙤𝙡𝙚𝙥𝙡𝙖𝙮 by danger-dayz
【 GLORY DAYS 】. 𝙧𝙤𝙡𝙚𝙥𝙡𝙖𝙮by D A N G E R
  • warriorsrp
  • warriorcatsroleplay
  • warriorsroleplay
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Life in the Romano Family || A Mafia Romance by SeppiaXO
Life in the Romano Family || A >
"There is no such thing as love in the underworld -- in the Romano family. There is only loyalty, guns, and power that is earned with the blood of our enemies. That...
  • power
  • jealousy
  • mob
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Glory  by noobmaster69696
Glory by noobmaster69696
Josette Mikaelson is a descendant of a woman who was part of the Salem Witch trials that occurred in the late 1600's. They believe that Josette is a witch as well, in fe...
  • 1800s
  • glory
  • civilwar
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A Different Sunny  by spaz2132
A Different Sunny by DarkRiptide22
everyone who read the wof books 1-5 should know that Sunny was always the calm or the happy one. But what if sunny was hatched differently, still looks the same but can...
  • kestrel
  • riptide
  • webs
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Destroyed by TotallyTuibird
Destroyedby Bookworm!
It's not Hetaria's fault. She wasn't taught any different. Abandoned my her mother; left to die in the wilderness... raised by wolves. The leader of the pack is called...
  • blood
  • abandoned
  • wolves
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Scars & Fears by FlickaLover00
Scars & Fearsby FlickaLover00
Two dragons with pasts they would rather forget. One with intentions as evil as Darkstalker. When fate makes their pasts collide, Will love save them or make them fall...
  • dragonetsofdestiny
  • wingsoffire
  • freeze
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the red throne by RoseV1234
the red throneby RoseV1234
No one can escape destiny...Even you you live in a slum... Sar lived in a dirty village with his aunt for th e past eighteen years....he risks everything in order to ful...
  • throne
  • kingdom
  • bloodshed
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T I R E D by Meri_LC
T I R E Dby Meri_LC
everything u need to know,are u sad and gave up on things?family pressuring you?you want to live life differently?trust me and read this book😊😊only for teens
  • changelifestyle
  • commitments
  • lovestory
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We are the Dragons...(Wings of Fire RP!) by Warrior_Furries
We are the Dragons...(Wings of Galaxie da Furry
Oml I'm so happy
  • dragons
  • seawing
  • nightwing
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My Artwork by FlickaLover00
My Artworkby FlickaLover00
This is a book full of all my art whether from Wings of Fire or from other series. Feel free to give your opinion, but no hate comments got it? Hope you enjoy! I will no...
  • sunfire
  • glory
  • dragonetsofdestiny
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Sacrifice by Official_estringz
Sacrificeby Official_estringz
This is just a story of a boy, who sacrifices him self for his sister
  • joy
  • glory
  • sadness
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God's Avenger  by kyalojunior41
God's Avenger by Kyalo Junior
The book contains bible verses and their meanings together with psalms of praise and worship to our creator. Read along and seek He who brought you into existence and re...
  • care
  • jesus
  • gospel
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|| DEVI MAHATMYA || by Kamalanayani23
|| DEVI MAHATMYA ||by Kamalanayani
"Devi Mahātmyam" truly means "Glory of the Goddess". Traditionally the "Devi Mahātmyam" is a portion of the Markandeya Mahapurana. The De...
  • asura
  • durga
  • lalitha
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I will rule this world - EN by WeAreMereMortals
I will rule this world - ENby WeAreMereMortals
The story takes place in the Middle Ages, between the 9th and 15th centuries, but in another world. The young scientist Gerald Pine ends up having a tragic ending. After...
  • glory
  • king
  • seinen
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Glory - One Shots by gk_456
Glory - One Shotsby Gurleen Kaur
One Shots in war and peace. ENJOY!! ACCEPTING REQUESTS!!!!!!
  • songincluded
  • king
  • war
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The necklace of Deathbringer by Dragonlover990
The necklace of Deathbringerby Mist the dragon
Did you guys wonder how and what happened for 7 months of Deathbringer's death? Well, I'm here to explain it all! Not only what happened for 7 months, but what happened...
  • tsunami
  • deathbringer
  • sunny
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