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The Lady of The Flame by _ELS_______
The Lady of The Flameby ♡
HarryPotterxLOTR crossover FemHarryxGlorfindel ^ Because there are not nearly enough of those. ⋆┈┈。゚❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ❁ུ۪ ❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ゚。┈┈⋆ Azalea Potter was tired. Cursed - an im...
Tolkien Elven Imagines and Headcanons by SavvySavage
Tolkien Elven Imagines and Savvy
A collection of my Tolkien imagines and headcanons on my tumblr called The Elven Haven!
Tolkien Elf Imagines by coffeeconsumer37
Tolkien Elf Imaginesby Erin runs on coffee
Love The Silmarillion, The Hobbit, or The Lord of the Rings? Send in a request for your favourite elves! All characters mentioned unless specified, belong to Tolkien.
Of The Fountain by thatdamnuchiha
Of The Fountainby thatdamnuchiha
Before she was Ecthelien she was someone else, but that didn't matter. Her new parents loved her and all her strange ways. Everything was peaceful, everything was conten...
I Woke Up Like This by -lulaa-
I Woke Up Like Thisby lulaa
• When Lauren woke up in a forest she didn't recognize, in a body she didn't recognize, she did what any normal person in her situation would do; she cried. And then she...
TOLKIEN; imagines by _kenobii
TOLKIEN; imaginesby ˗ˏˋ sin ˊˎ˗
Estel | Aragorn Fanfiction by jesseknows
Estel | Aragorn Fanfictionby jess
Eleniel, daughter of Finwe, sister of Finarfin has lived a long life. She had lived through it all. The coming of her people to Arda from Valinor. The First War against...
Tolkien Silmarillion Oneshots and More! by xxWhiteKittenxx
Tolkien Silmarillion Oneshots xxxAlaskaNekko144xx
Hope you guys enjoy these oneshots with your favorite elves and others from Tolkien. I will happily accept requests.
The Perils of Dimension Hopping | A Naruto/LOTR Crossover by thatdamnuchiha
The Perils of Dimension Hopping | thatdamnuchiha
Being dragged into a different dimension while in the middle of a war isn't the thing Sakura had in mind - so obviously she grabbed onto something to try and stop hersel...
Her Foresight | Aragorn Fanfiction by jesseknows
Her Foresight | Aragorn Fanfictionby jess
They haunted her dreams. Wizards. Warriors. Kings. Dark Lords. Beings of ethereal beauty. Flying cars. Protective trees. Adara's dreams were always so vivid. She blamed...
Chances Are (Avengers & LOTR crossover)  by sexylegolas
Chances Are (Avengers & LOTR Natalie Rushman
LOTR & AVENGERS CROSSOVER. ROMANCE. WANDA X ELROHIR. Wanda Maximoff was a world class failure. Things are fixed but never the same. Chances are, she gets tangled into an...
Finding Family | A Naruto/LOTR Crossover by thatdamnuchiha
Finding Family | A Naruto/LOTR thatdamnuchiha
Trolling people is Kakashi's way of dealing with his new situation. Running away is Sakura's answer. Sasuke's solution involves hiding, and Naruto just wonders what his...
Home by elvenprincesscher
Homeby E.P. Cher
As the heir to the Elvenking's throne, Legolas has been groomed to be a renowned warrior, combat strategist, and emissary. After the events of the Battle of the Five Arm...
A Rather Chaotic Revision of The Fellowship by Levyhome
A Rather Chaotic Revision of The The Elusive Levy Creature
(ON HOLD) As far as Morifinwë Carnistir was concerned, release was supposed to be impossible. That was what he'd been told, what he'd nearly taken for granted, since the...
The Wood Elf and The Peredhil by Elfies37
The Wood Elf and The Peredhilby Kathryn Rogers
*COMPLETED* Elladan and Legolas are to be wed. Neither of them quite wants it, at first. Their fathers want to bring Rivendell and Mirkwood together. But when Elladan fi...
Elfling of the night sky by 4gardiean
Elfling of the night skyby 4gardiean
Thanguriel is the fourth child of the lord and lady of Imladris. When she was little she was abducted by a traitor and left on a different world. Years later she and her...
Ask the Elves! by The_Owlery
Ask the Elves!by Helena
Ever wanted to know something about Legolas, Thranduil, Elrond, Galadriel, Lindir, Tauriel, Celeborn, Glorfindel and all the other elves? Yes? Well this is the book for...
Outlander (Elrond x Reader) by Fireheart1920
Outlander (Elrond x Reader)by Fireheart1920
" Love is rare in Middle Earth and in perilous times we must fight for it". "You may not be from Middle Earth but I have been longing for you". &qu...
Enduring Wind and Fire (LOTR) by herwriteness
Enduring Wind and Fire (LOTR)by ness
Anneth has long clung to her dreams, though sorrow has threatened to murder them again and again. There was a time when sorrow made her hopes only sweeter, but as Sauron...
The Weight of Shadows by thatdamnuchiha
The Weight of Shadowsby thatdamnuchiha
It's her last chance to make amends in that world, before she starts burning up her body at birth. With every cycle past, her mortal form in Arda grows that much more un...