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Cameron's Little Sister (jack glinsky story) by armanicute465
Cameron's Little Sister (jack Armanithebanga
When Cameron brings his little sister to meet the msg on family some people instantly falls for her
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Miss Me ? by HgLifeYolo
Miss Me ?by HgLifeYolo
"I love you" I frowned " If you loved me you wouldn't be leaving me" "I'll miss you" I sighed,,"No You will miss me"... #4 in G...
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But That's My Sister... by whydontwejustlove44
But That's My Elizabeth Summer
in which two girls fall in love with the other's brother.
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Reckless heart  by abby_luv
Reckless heart by ✨Abby kilbride✨
Beth's 19 fresh out of highschool and is starting over in the city of los Angles. It's always a party with Beth. She's a mystery, that's what people like about her Jack...
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Good Girl Bad Boy by Mikaelaann12
Good Girl Bad Boyby Mikaela
What happenes when the new girl Lexi has allot of guys falling for her, but only one caught her eye? He is the usual FuckBoy Tall Handsome Cute Jock Funny Has every...
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Texting Magcon/ Instagram  by Mikaelaann12
Texting Magcon/ Instagram by Mikaela
Hope u enjoy like
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Owned By Jack Glinsky and Shawn Mendes by Mendes_Fanfictiom
Owned By Jack Glinsky and Shawn Mendes_Fanfiction
Alexa is the oldest girl in he orphanage, she's 17. She was put there because her parents decided they didn't want to take care of her anymore. She has naturally long wa...
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magcon babysitter by tsagely6721
magcon babysitterby tsagely6721
What happens when Tristan Sagely has to baby site the magcon group will she and Nash hit it off or Cameron what will it be
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I Can't (A Cameron Dallas Fanfiction) by fscxoxo
I Can't (A Cameron Dallas Magcon Fam
Zendra Grier Her heart has been played with many people. She's bullied at school for looking like a nerd' She only has her crazy family. Her brothers Her crazy best frie...
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Bad Boy Glinsky  by JenniferVincent024
Bad Boy Glinsky by Jennifer Vincent
Will Ava change Glinsky's way are will he go back to his bad habits.
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Without You (Jack Gilinsky Fanfic) by 2CuteForYa
Without You (Jack Gilinsky Fanfic)by Raquel
"I don't know what I'd do without you, I don't know where I'd be, you're not just another boy, you're everything to me."
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One More Time (Jack J fanfic) by musicgeek4eva
One More Time (Jack J fanfic)by ash ty
Ashlyn Skyes. Ever heard of her? Of course not. She's only a normal 16 year old Texan girl that has a little over 10,000 subscribers on Youtube. Her brother, Jack Glinsk...
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Jack or Jack. by MagconBabey
Jack or MagconBabey
My name is Sophia and i think that ive fallen in love with both Jack Glinsky and Jack Johnson.Weve been friends for forever but i feel that we could be more....But who i...
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Magcon girl  by alyssa_513_stories
Magcon girl by aye_its_alyssa5
Alyssa Thomas your average teenager age seventeen. Alyssa is very self conscious, quiet and shy. She loves to sing, dance, tumble, and act. One day Alyssa stumbles upon...
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Shadow: Summer Edition *Magcon Love Story* by brienicole
Shadow: Summer Edition *Magcon brienicole
It's been months since Nicole has seen anyone from Magcon, including her boyfriend, Matthew Espinosa. But with the whole summer to spend together, Nicole can't wait for...
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That kid Jack.. by fanficDUH12
That kid 🖕🏽
Michelle has moved to a new state and town and it's her last year of high school and she meets a boy that will soon quickly come attracted to her...will she break him or...
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Omaha boys preference  by Magconsboys112
Omaha boys preference by Magconsboys112
Will the boys make it as dads
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Why am I so shy?  by shaheena_fanfiction
Why am I so shy? by shaheena_fanfiction
I never thought I'd meet them in real life but I guess I was wrong, my dream finally came true!
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daddy : j.g by itskarlaa_01
daddy : j.gby Dirty__who.ress
"Call me daddy "
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Adopted By One Direction (Interracial) by LovaticDirectioner_1
Adopted By One Direction ( Netra
14 year old Ceanna has had a pretty rough life. She had lived in an orphanage every since she was 7 years old. It was pretty hard to get adopted if you weren't a little...
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