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Adopted By One Direction (Interracial) by LovaticDirectioner_1
Adopted By One Direction ( Netra
14 year old Ceanna has had a pretty rough life. She had lived in an orphanage every since she was 7 years old. It was pretty hard to get adopted if you weren't a little...
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daddy : j.g by itskarlaa_01
daddy : j.gby Dirty__who.ress
"Call me daddy "
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Sweet/Dirty Magcon Imagines by MagconKisses
Sweet/Dirty Magcon Imaginesby Alexis Espinosa
This is a book with short and sweet imagines featuring the MAGCON boys And I will also take requests on stories :)
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New state,school,friends and love!! by Luke_Hemings_girl
New state,school,friends and love!!by Rosie le bitch
What happens when rosie has to sit next to the bad boy of the class? Will it be a walk in the park or hell?
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Omaha boys preference  by Magconsboys112
Omaha boys preference by Magconsboys112
Will the boys make it as dads
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The Weight {Shawn Mendes} by LeahMarie400
The Weight {Shawn Mendes}by Leah
Bethany Johnson was a typical girl. She usually was happy and cheerful. but she had a big deep dark secret that would haunt her forever. But she had him, the person that...
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Omaha boys imagines and preferences. by skathan
Omaha boys imagines and Holymaloley
Sammy wilkinson✔️ Nate Maloley
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Good Girl Bad Boy by Mikaelaann12
Good Girl Bad Boyby Mikaela
What happenes when the new girl Lexi has allot of guys falling for her, but only one caught her eye? He is the usual FuckBoy Tall Handsome Cute Jock Funny Has every...
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Why am I so shy?  by shaheena_fanfiction
Why am I so shy? by shaheena_fanfiction
I never thought I'd meet them in real life but I guess I was wrong, my dream finally came true!
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But That's My Sister... by whydontwejustlove44
But That's My Elizabeth Summer
in which two girls fall in love with the other's brother.
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Bad Boy Glinsky  by JenniferVincent024
Bad Boy Glinsky by Jennifer Vincent
Will Ava change Glinsky's way are will he go back to his bad habits.
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Without You (Jack Gilinsky Fanfic) by 2CuteForYa
Without You (Jack Gilinsky Fanfic)by Raquel
"I don't know what I'd do without you, I don't know where I'd be, you're not just another boy, you're everything to me."
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One More Time (Jack J fanfic) by musicgeek4eva
One More Time (Jack J fanfic)by ash ty
Ashlyn Skyes. Ever heard of her? Of course not. She's only a normal 16 year old Texan girl that has a little over 10,000 subscribers on Youtube. Her brother, Jack Glinsk...
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Texting Magcon/ Instagram  by Mikaelaann12
Texting Magcon/ Instagram by Mikaela
Hope u enjoy like
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Miss Me ? by HgLifeYolo
Miss Me ?by HgLifeYolo
"I love you" I frowned " If you loved me you wouldn't be leaving me" "I'll miss you" I sighed,,"No You will miss me"... #4 in G...
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Falling. by _starbuckslover_
#16 whut.
celeberties, haha yeah not her thing. She always thought thwy got there way with things and couldnt have the private life. Until her mom changes jobs, can things change??
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Worth it (Nash Grier fanfic) by LyndseyGrier
Worth it (Nash Grier fanfic)by Linds
Collete Chere Dallas the sister of Cameron Dallas has known her brothers BESTFRIEND since 7th grade. They've all be am really close until 17 year old Collete and 17 year...
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