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Your Cute Adopt (Chucky Fanfic::GLEN) Glen Ray & Reader by ohyeahSCP
Your Cute Adopt (Chucky ohyeahSCP
You recently have adopted a new 'possessed' doll, always having thought those types of things were amazingly cool. He was supposed to be shy and friendly, cute. Right? I...
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The Script Imagines by MissDKennedy
The Script Imaginesby Dayna
Imagines based on the members of the Irish rock band The Script. All the imagines are mine. Hope you enjoy them!
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My Kpop Idol Husband (PJM fanfic) - Editing! by user24867530
My Kpop Idol Husband (PJM fanfic) dionysusserendipity ~
"Loving you is the most wonderful thing that I've ever done in my whole life. Even if I lost all my memories, even if I decided that I didn't want you anymore, and...
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The Walking Dead (negans son and Rick's daughter) by averagegi
The Walking Dead (negans son and averagegi
in a world where Rick had a daughter called Carter along with his son carl. they are twins and very protective off one another and there baby sister Judith. thought out...
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Pandora Hearts x Reader Oneshots by DevilWriter2199
Pandora Hearts x Reader Oneshotsby DevilWriter2199
Just a bunch of Pandora Hearts X Reader oneshots.
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Save Me From Myself by IWriteThings90
Save Me From Myselfby AlessandraA
Alexis goes through hell each day with her boyfriend who constantly abuses her. She knows this relationship is killing her by the minute but she doesn't have the courage...
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A state of fear // Negan Fanfiction  by KittyKatAsh
A state of fear // Negan KittyKatAsh
Trust is something not easily given. When you've been out there for so long you learn that people are worse than walkers.
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Nothing (Danny O'Donoghue) -COMPLETED by charlieexox
Nothing (Danny O'Donoghue) charlotte
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Breakeven by FreedomChildTS
Breakevenby FreedomChildTS
The sequel to This = Love When a heart breaks 💔 It don't breakeven
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Danny O'Donoghue/ The Script Imagines and One Shots by sydscriptette
Danny O'Donoghue/ The Script sydscriptette
Book of one shots, these can be requested!!
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No Good In Goodbye (Danny O'Donoghue) COMPLETED  by charlieexox
No Good In Goodbye (Danny O' charlotte
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I'm Yours (Book One in the Glen Power Series) by emiefaun
I'm Yours (Book One in the Glen Emily
The story of a girl, who falls in love with a Irish guy, and their story.
LOOK UNDER THE BED by RockNRollGirl101
A teenage girl keeps seeing a teenage boy's ghost-like figure everywhere she goes. It's as if he's trying to tell her something........but,what? What is it? The first ni...
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One Night - ... by love-for-fanfic
One Night - Fanficlover
Laura is a Erasmus student attending Trinity College, on her second to last day she goes out with friends to celebrate her birthday and departure, meeting the lads of th...
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The Walking Dead Imagines<3 by LeiraWitvoet
The Walking Dead Imagines<3by Lee-Lee
So yea hey guys this is about the walking dead and if u want an imagine go to the first page of my book and fill out what I need to know about if u want an imagine pleas...
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If You See Kay (Danny O'Donoghue) by Luutje1994
If You See Kay (Danny O'Donoghue)by Luutje1994
Innocent 24 year old Kay thought she would never find love. But when she enters The Voice UK after her mother gave her up, she quickly falls in love with her coach Danny...
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What Would I Do Without You? by LoveRandomnessJay
What Would I Do Without You?by LoveRandomness
"I finally found you darling!" "Long time no see Tiffy" Every since Chucky "died" a couple years ago,Tiffany has been wanting to look for h...
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BeyWheelz Madness by Le_Weirdo_16
BeyWheelz Madnessby Lil' Psycho
there are some forgotten characters hidden around and it seems nobody cares about them at all...... I do and I'll make their lives into a living hell both Team Estrella...
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Walking Dead Imagines and Preferences by AlexxHines17
Walking Dead Imagines and Alexx The Creator
*Request are Open* Take any Walking Dead imagine or preference requests.
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The walking dead humour by shadowwolf70229
The walking dead humourby Daenerys Stormborn of House T...
I love the walking dead, one of the best shows ever to be on TV. If you don't like it them this is not the book for you.
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