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Mein Hero (Shota male reader x gate) by Slavparvez21
Mein Hero (Shota male reader x nightcore slavic
so this is the fanfiction about gate i use the story' of wolfenstein in special region create by xxjames so i i take read part 8 of his story'.so back to topic what if k...
Fenrir's Leash  by Zsaxwer
Fenrir's Leash by Zsaxwer
With the deception's end, so is the record of the Pride of Leasath. Reborn from the depths of despair, the Airborne Fortress Gleipnir rises as a kansen in the world of A...
Gleipnir Roleplay (Open) by chynnachilders
Gleipnir Roleplay (Open)by chynnachilders
I am disappointed by for there isn't anything for this series. So I decided to fix that by making an roleplay book. I do not own Gleipnir, I only own my ocs used for thi...
Glitter Force: The Devil within by GriffinGower
Glitter Force: The Devil withinby Griffin Gower
Jin Kazama, still struggling to control the Devil Gene travels to a local dojo in Rainbow Hills to lie low, however when fairy tale villains threaten to give the world...
Gleipnir: The Dragon of Galactic Might by GriffinGower
Gleipnir: The Dragon of Galactic Griffin Gower
Yuto Kisaragi was an average high schooler until one day he found a coin and was inadvertently given the ability to permanently transform into Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon...
Fenris, a Short Tragedy by AWholePerson
Fenris, a Short Tragedyby The Fandom Menace
Fenris Wolf, son of Loki, was adopted by the Aesir as a pup, but a prophecy tears them apart, leading to fear and betrayal. Cover belongs to Overly Sarcastic Productions.
Gleipnir: Fulgore by GriffinGower
Gleipnir: Fulgoreby Griffin Gower
After the defeat of Gargos, Fulgore was testing a dimensional teleporter for Ultratech, but the test goes wrong and sends Fulgore into the world of Gleipnir. how will Ul...