The Secret Admirer |BL| by OmnipotentSadist
The Secret Admirer |BL|by Nic M. Lachowski
|LGBT ROMANCE| When Marcus Berkley discovers that he has a secret admirer, he isn't quite too sure how to react. Surely, the affection held won't go unnoticed and surel...
  • admirer
  • christmas
  • mystery
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[Bách Hợp] Forever is Teacher my love  by keiranhi
[Bách Hợp] Forever is Teacher my
Forever is my love teacher
  • cotro
  • bách-hợp
  • giadinh
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girls like girls. ( girl x girl ) by stefaniescotts
girls like girls. ( girl x girl )by mia ♕
"I opened my mouth to compliment her dancing, but for some reason I couldn't find the right words. She was too perfect for words." - ( parts of the story and...
  • musicvideo
  • girlslikegirls
  • inlove
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Achieving A Grades (GirlxGirl) (Student/Teacher) by TattleTales
Achieving A Grades (GirlxGirl) ( Chloe
"Miss Willis didn't reply. She seemed stuck in place, and it was in that moment I realised she wanted this just as much as me." Seventeen year old Peyton Coope...
  • lesbian
  • gay
  • girlxgirl
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Devin & Kate  by AP54321
Devin & Kate by AP12345
Girlxgirl Devin and Kate have been best friends since high school. Now they are young adults trying to make their way through life, love and everything in between. Will...
  • bestfriends
  • lgbtpride
  • love
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The Skinny Boy Tales (boyxboy) - Completed- by masonmaddness
The Skinny Boy Tales (boyxboy) - Mason Garner
Max, diagnosed with anorexic and bulimic tendencies, is just beyond excited to finally leave the clutches of his overbearing, overly religious mother and her hateful way...
  • gay
  • anorexia
  • manxman
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Transguy things by dannntm
Transguy thingsby Dan
Hi! I'm Dan. I'm a female-to-male teen who has a lot of struggles in life, just like many other people do. I'm here to voice my opinion and share my feelings and give re...
  • cisgender
  • binder
  • glbt
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EDEN (#wattys2016) by AndreaPaganin
EDEN (#wattys2016)by Andrea Paganin
Paul, un giovane finanziere di Wall Street, scopre che la sua identità non è quella di un normale essere umano ma che risale ai tempi della creazione dell'Eden, da cui f...
  • glbt
  • demoni
  • lovestory
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The Boy and the Wolf by bajasa
The Boy and the Wolfby bajasa
(Mature +17) Ethan Lee didn't believe in heaven. Not until he was hit by a bus and able to find a handsome man who loves him. But should he stay with him or find so-call...
  • sad
  • romantic
  • angels
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Gratsu: a long job by KodyAce
Gratsu: a long jobby KodyAce
just another gratsu xD Natsu and the gang try to fit in a job before a festival, but when things get dangerous, Natsu and Gray have to take a hard look at how they feel...
  • fairytail
  • glbt
  • gratsu
Love Me For Me (boyxboy) by RainbowxBoy
Love Me For Me (boyxboy)by Jeh'Cee Raine Oldenburg
Rayne Halliwell is 17 and he is rare hybrid he's half werewolf and half witch succubus. Raynes parents taught him everything he knows and how to control his witch and hi...
  • glbtlove
  • gayromance
  • boyxboywerewolf
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LGBTQ+ by LostInFireAndMetal
LGBTQ+by Scotty
This is dedicated toward explaining what the LGBTQ+ community contains. *warning; homophobic, transphobic, and people hating upon LGBTQ+ people will be muted. Don't be a...
  • agender
  • glbt
  • lgbt
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Girl Crush by TheNewSappho
Girl Crushby bisexuali-tea
Once upon a time, there was a girl. That girl was me. This girl knew that she was asexual, but she was pretty sure that she was heteroromantic because she had had a few...
  • gay
  • family
  • glbt
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Gajeel x Rogue:The Shadows Hidden Desires by teddybear_blast
Gajeel x Rogue:The Shadows AbsolRoseKnight
Would you finally have to courage to talk to him? Or would you stay hidden in you own desires cover in shadows.
  • glbt
  • gajeel
  • drama
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Tales from The Castle (Short Stories) by RenaFreefall
Tales from The Castle (Short Rena Freefall
Short stories that follow the lives of the characters from The Rose Quartet Series. (Warning - contains spoilers - suggested read related novels first) The most common s...
  • disney
  • romance
  • comedy
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Steel Roses - Rewrite by RenaFreefall
Steel Roses - Rewriteby Rena Freefall
This project is a rewrite of my old Steel Roses. ~ When the chance to run arrives, Beldon doesn't think twice about escaping into the shadows of an enchanted castle lock...
  • rewrite
  • fantasy
  • romance
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Camino al Desastre by Btalkrajo
Camino al Desastreby Strauss
Y si en otro universo, ellos se hubieran encontrado primero. Camino al desastre es el camino inevitable de dos personas qué, siempre llegarían al mismo punto sin importa...
  • nakamura
  • trifecta
  • yaoifanfic
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PreTTy BoY√ (BoyxBoy) by Jaileekailee
PreTTy BoY√ (BoyxBoy)by Utsukushii
[COMPLETED] (Previously named Beautiful BoY) "You're such a bad liar, Tai!" He shouted. I hated feeling like this.. Why did he hate me so much..? Couldn't I be...
  • notreal
  • random
  • sadness
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Invisible Boy by FreakyFinley
Invisible Boyby Charles Junsu
true memoirs of a Christian trans boy who tries to balance his faith with his sexuality and gender identity, all the while fighting off depression, anxiety, and a self h...
  • lesbian
  • depression
  • blog
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Freedom And Love ( GxG) by lauston
Freedom And Love ( GxG)by laura stone
Coming from an homophobic society, Donna Retchel, a twenty four years old woman, is dealing with daily struggle warily, but more and more dishearten. She doesn't know th...
  • freedom
  • agegab
  • teenromance
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