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Static Bubbles | Glam x Ches by pruvira
Static Bubbles | Glam x Chesby dondon
Glam is a reserved and private person, struggling with past trauma and a relationship that feels empty. When Ches, a regular customer at his workplace, unexpectedly show...
 Glam el hijo de la luna (Glam x ches) by espinozadalia
Glam el hijo de la luna (Glam x adileneesmeralda
Glam es un joven de 18 años que sufre de violencia pero en un bailé se encontrará con el amor de su vida
Sensations  by Ilovegaymanga0
Sensations by RAY
Ok so this is a fanfic of glam x ches(I think his name was) from metal family ok so hear me out I am devistated what you people have done to glams poor boys but that's a...