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My Little Bunny (Glamrock Bonnie x fem reader)  by noone_knows81
My Little Bunny (Glamrock Bonnie Marie
y/n works as the bartender in the bowling alley and also runs errands for her best friend Bonnie the bunny. Kind of like a personal assistant but with your bestie! Shes...
More Then Meets The Eye ( glamrock Freddy x reader ) by sugargirl432
More Then Meets The Eye ( sugargirl432
An abusive father tries to keep his daughter isolated from the world ,but she gets out anyway and tries to secure a future for herself. She ends up working at the most p...
Monty x (Female) Animatronic Reader !-WARNING: GORE, DEATH, swearing and all that, after all it won't be a FNAF story without a bit of that but I WILL remind you if you...
My little superstar (GlamRock Freddy x Femreader)  by Agent_storys
My little superstar (GlamRock Agent
art by: Selyn on twitter Description: Your a 23 year old worker who's been working at the Freddy Fazbear's pizza Plex for a good 2-3 years as a mechanic along with a Cl...
FNAF SB - New and Old Friends by XxLeagueOf7xX
FNAF SB - New and Old Friendsby Lunar Productions
Note: Credits to Scott Cawthon and Steel Wool Studios Cover Not Mine- Credits to rightful owner Warning : Contains Spoilers and some disturbing descriptions Gregory just...
(On Hiatus)Gregtrap[security breach au] by LilyLunaetic
(On Hiatus)Gregtrap[security Lunatic
Gregtrap x Reborn Mike :D x CassidyPrincess theory Gregory an orphan who was possessed by a child murderer, William Afton. William thought he can take a full control of...
fnafverse oneshots/HeadCannons by project517
fnafverse oneshots/HeadCannonsby project 51
oneshots/mini stores/au's of the fnafverse! stories that I hope you all will enjoy :3 And my headcanons
Oh, the joys of animatronics! What was that? Karens? Ah, shoot. by joce2e
Oh, the joys of animatronics! idioticIRL
The pizza plex needed repairs, and so did the animatronics themselves. Thank God that they had extras on-hand! Or, well, an order away!
My FNAF Imagines by clumsyenby
My FNAF Imaginesby zèro • they/them
Five Nights At Freddy's x Gender Neutral! Reader REQUESTS CLOSED! Come and join in the fluff and fun! :^) Also on Tumblr and AO3 - @clumsyenby *I DO NOT OWN THE BOOK COV...
Mega Fnaf AU by 0-Glamrock_Ft_Fred-0
Mega Fnaf AUby 😕
This AU I've told no one about, but I finally decided to write it down Xd Multiple chapters will explain a bunch of things, and hopefully, the whole AU will be understa...
I can fix you by The_one_that_likes
I can fix youby The_one_that_likes
Bonnies disapearence was a shock to all the Glamrocks but to Freddy it was like losing the will to live as bonnie and Freddy had just found out that they had liked each...
Sun/Moon Oneshots! by Blo0ky_
Sun/Moon Oneshots!by Blo0ky_
Fazbear entertainment would like you to please give it up for the one, the only, DAYCARE ATTENDANTS! --(Fazbear entertainment is not responsible for anything published o...
Vamp!eclipse x moondrop  by idkfanficmaker1
Vamp!eclipse x moondrop by Random stories
Idk I'm just goofy ahhh And they are all animatronics in this>:)
Gregory's father by giyuushippertwo
Gregory's fatherby Emily
What if Gregory was the son of Michael Afton? What if Michael was Henry and William's child? men can get pregnant in this au @94sasha had this idea before me please re...
The Night Frights (CURRENTLY BEING REWRITTEN) by BunnySlice
The Night Frights (CURRENTLY jannyjan
(Hello readers! Just to let you know I'll be rewriting this story chapter by chapter, doing so I've taken inspiration from the FNAF novels) Lynne, a 10 year old girl, li...
-Emotions- (sun/moon x reader) by Melanie201666
-Emotions- (sun/moon x reader)by This one simp
(HELLOOO, Little flowers! I'm sorry but this will not contain smut!) You will have the info of the story is on the next page so yeah! By the way your name is gonna be we...
Fnaf Sun and Moon Oneshots by stars_r_cool_
Fnaf Sun and Moon Oneshotsby star
this will contain oneshots of sun and moon. I DO NOT DO SMUT. Fluff, angst, whatever, just not smut. 👍👋 I DON'T OWN ANY CHARACTERS OR ANYTHING, I'M JUST A FANFICTION W...
Distorted Senses by Shadowjumper33
Distorted Sensesby Shadowjumper33
When a Faz. Ent. engineer-lab assistant goes missing, leaving behind his family and unanswered questions, his young daughter goes on a mission to look for answers into h...
Sundrop and Moondrop Instagram by Lolbit_likes_fun
Sundrop and Moondrop Instagramby Please Stand By
why not? Plus iltsm Different versions of Moon and Sun are in this as well
[A Shining Light at Both Day and Night].~A Security Breach x Reader fanfic. by yourLocalSimpLmao1
[A Shining Light at Both Day and yourLocalSimpLmao1
in a world where "Fantasy and fun come to life", there isn't much our(beautiful/ handsome/other)mate (Y/N) here can do as an adult, it all seems so....dull. Bu...