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Soulmates by RefinedJenny
Soulmatesby RefinedJenny
FLY WITH ME is the first fanfiction I have written. It is about the fictional love story of Rhian and Glaiza. It is about their journeys from the first time they have me...
One Thing I Won't Do by thetornprincess
One Thing I Won't Doby TheTornPrincess
SPG WARNING: 🔥🔥🔥 Highest Rank : #2 in Rastro (1/12/2019) #105 in FanFiction (6/16/2018) #280 in LGBT (5/11/2018) 'Sometimes, love is never enough.' "Please Jade...
A FIGHTER'S TOUCH (A RaStro Story)_COMPLETED by ajldlkbv20
A FIGHTER'S TOUCH (A RaStro Story) ajldlkbv20
If loving someone means that you get to be the person who can hurt them most, would you choose to continue what you feel? Or you'd rather be the one who will save them f...
Encantadia: The Revival Of Amihan by GeloHara
Encantadia: The Revival Of Amihanby Gelo Hara
After her relative absence during the remaining part of the TV series, Amihan is back to save the Encantadia from advancing apocalypse. In ancient times, seeress Erenia...
Fly With Me by RefinedJenny
Fly With Meby RefinedJenny
(COMPLETED) Highest rank under fanfiction category: Mar 19 - No. 6 Mar 20 - No. 6 Mar 21 - No. 6 Mar 22 - No. 5 Mar 26 - No. 6 Highest rank under Rastro story From June...
Reel or Real? (Completed) by theprojecteclipse
Reel or Real? (Completed)by theprojecteclipse
are we for Reel or Real? this story is about two female artists Jade and Althea and their feelings for each other, is it Reel? or does it became Real? inspired by TRMD...
Deepest Darkest Secret by AGrantJTM
Deepest Darkest Secretby AGrantJTM
What's your Deepest Darkest Secret? Can you share it? What if all you know has their deepest darkest secret? Will you still stay in their side and trust them? Or leave t...
Same Old Love (Completed) by your_captain
Same Old Love (Completed)by your_captain
In which Althea De Castro came back from Australia then she suddenly bumped into Jade Ramos, her one and only ex girlfriend in the busy street of Manila.
Just For Her by whiyon
Just For Herby Whiyon
Whid at ya own wisk =)
The Bad Girls & The Good Boys by Kyru_blood
The Bad Girls & The Good Boysby Kyru / Ybramihan
New Story.....But not my original :))
To The Beat Of For Keeps by kaonawriteshit
To The Beat Of For Keepsby kaona
Oneshots. Songs. RaStro. JaThea. Lesbian Story.
Taming The Mafia Queen by anonymouskireina
Taming The Mafia Queenby Phoenix
Cassiopeia Quixe Queztefaña. A brutal female assassin. She's silent, but deadly. Quixe will remain silent on anything, but she is a savage girl. Mula noon, hanggang ngay...
Love, RASTRO by theonewhostaysuplate
Love, RASTROby Earthling
One-shot stories ng pinakamamahal na loveteam.
Till The Love and Time Comes part 2 by rhian011glaiza
Till The Love and Time Comes part 2by Rhianglaiza
this story is the continuation of my last story TTLATC I'm sorry that i didn't update the story because of i accidentally uninstall the apps of wattpad then i forgot my...
2103: Martial Law (Love in Dark Times) by SkyWrites102
2103: Martial Law (Love in Dark SkyWrites102
"All I knew was, if you lived another day, I shall marry you." Set in the year 2019, where the current President Rodrigo Duterte announces Martial Law. Two Stu...
(dis)connection by whoisJoey15
(dis)connectionby MJ
A #RaStro One Shot Purely fictional. Rhian Ramos and Glaiza De Castro's thoughts after that Habits production number on Dreams Never End.
Jade by whoisJoey15
Jadeby MJ
A #RaStro one shot
So Happy Together by kaonawriteshit
So Happy Togetherby kaona
Living under the same roof, with an adopted Thai baby and a too expressive extended family, how will Rhian and Glaiza get through the life they both chose?
for when you wake up by whoisJoey15
for when you wake upby MJ
a rastro one shot