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My Gulf ❤️ by ArunniSekari
My Gulf ❤️by Arunni
stay save ... stay healthy ... pakai masker jaga jarak rajin cuci tangan / jaga kebersihan
DKB  imagines, reactions and dating doors✨✨  by yuujis_brown_sugar
DKB imagines, reactions and datin...by #Black lives matter
Requests are closed sorry requests are taking me too long to make , don't forget to vote, (Slow updates And enjoy reading💘 ❤️✨peace✨❤️
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My Girl by Kenson41
My Girlby GK Kenson
A boy and girl have had an on going feud for two years. Now it's their senior year, and things have changed. Elizabeth Conner discovers that the man she hates actually...
Love Sick - a Harry June fanfic by DKBsthetic
Love Sick - a Harry June fanficby Jam Jam
What happened When Park Jaehwa, a 15 years old girls, moves all the way from America to Korea alone, just because of her dream of being a kpop idol, and not a romantic r...
D K B  O N E S H O T S ✓ by dkb_bee
D K B O N E S H O T S ✓by ♡
i love my boys and thats why i write this♡ os every ship ONLY boyxboy ⓓⓐⓘⓛⓨ Ⓤⓟⓓⓐⓣⓔⓢ stream mianhae eOmMa~ i wAnT a sAmSunG~ bAbYgiRL i'M r...
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Kenson Says? by Kenson41
Kenson Says?by GK Kenson
Kenson says. Author GK Kenson shares things that she would like to share. I may give advice. Read below before you start "Kenson Says." WARNING!!!! I am not a...
DAILY KNOWLEDGE by laurelbtsgirl
DAILY KNOWLEDGEby queen_karma
"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." ~Nelson Mandela Build up a n...
Secrets & Lies *ON HOLD* by Erzadragneell
Secrets & Lies *ON HOLD*by Erzadragneell
Things happen simply because they were bound to. Destiny is cruel and plays its cards when someone least expects it. ~~~~~~~~~ Life gave him a second chance. An angel br...
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The Tale of the Fairy Forest by Kenson41
The Tale of the Fairy Forestby GK Kenson
A girl named Ember goes into the forest with her friend Emma. They play hide and seek with fairy friends Ben and Aria. When the day of hide and seek is over they all go...
My Grave tells a Story by Kenson41
My Grave tells a Storyby GK Kenson
This is about a college aged girl named Addison. Throughout this book is Addison's story. Even though her story does have some ruff patches, she still gets up and brushe...
Geechan||Blue and Grey by bunnysvtdkb34
Geechan||Blue and Greyby YOUR BUNNY💕☁️🐰
جي كي.. "نظر لى وعينة تملئها الدموع" ماذا!! أنا أسف لك ارجوك لا تبكى ....
Rollercoaster (94% Match ⠀ 2020 ⠀ 1+ ⠀ 1 Book) All media used belongs to the respective owners
Golden Kamuy x readers by x8MILKY8x
Golden Kamuy x readersby x8MILKY8x
A collection of gk imagines, headcanons, and story's either requested or just for self indulgence.
This is Thanksgiving by Kenson41
This is Thanksgivingby GK Kenson
A poem about a common holiday, Thanksgiving. If your a fan of Thanksgiving then try reading this poem. Enjoy!
Glitched (a GK999 Fanfiction) by Sieturtle8029
Glitched (a GK999 Fanfiction)by Sieturtle8029
This is a fanfiction based off the Gameknight999 series by Mark Cheverton. -- Thomas Feynman isn't a special kid... he's short, unathletic, and a perfect bully target. E...
Tony Lopez 💕😘 by georgiacarter123
Tony Lopez 💕😘by Dixie Kardashian
Constantly Torn. by Georgina_kamfer
Constantly Torn.by Georgina_kamfer
My different perception.